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William Mortensen

Ansel Adams called Mortensen "the antichrist." I think he's brilliant.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Why does HuffPost exist?

Here's the headline:
Famed Physicist Shuts Down Moon Landing Conspiracy Theorists In 1 Brilliant Tweet
Here's physicist Brian Cox's "brilliant tweet:"
I've said it before and I'll say it again - if you don't think Apollo 11 landed on Moon you are a colossal nob end & should get a new brain
So, I'll say it again, why does HuffPost exist? It churns out a never ending stream of pointless blather, day after day, week after week...? All of it written by depthless pop culture obsessed pseudo journalists who literally write about nothing. Having spent some time chatting with conspiracy theorists, I'm almost positive that that tweet won't change anything, yet it's a "news" article. The mind boggles. Here's how I picture a typical day at HuffPost:
OMG, someone famous tweeted something...let's make it an imaginary news article...& let's clickbait the headline with annoying fake revelation drama, gearing it to appeal to cubicle dwelling office workers who apparently have little or nothing to do that resembles work...they're always suckers for this category of informationless infotainment....let the ad revenue roll in....

Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Human Shit Sucker Blues

DETROIT (AP) — Police in Detroit are searching for men who allegedly robbed two young couples at gunpoint in separate attacks two hours apart and gang-raped the women while forcing the male victims to watch.The attacks happened Thursday night along a major street on Detroit's northwest side, police said. In each case, the couples were out walking when their attackers, armed with handguns, approached them.

"It's horrifying," police Deputy Chief Charles Fitzgerald told reporters Friday.

Six men took part in the first attack and all six of them raped the woman, Fitzgerald said. There had been no arrests as of Sunday afternoon, police Sgt. Cassandra Lewis told The Associated Press.

"One of the suspects produced a gun, pointed it at both victims and advised them to go to an alley," Fitzgerald said. "Both victims complied. They were forced to the ground. The male victim was forced to watch the female victim get sexually assaulted. Their clothing was taken."

The second attack happened about two hours later and was almost identical to the first, except this time there were only four men who took part, the deputy chief said. Like in the first attack, they walked up to a young couple and one of them showed his handgun and ordered the couple into an alley. The suspects took the couple's clothes and raped the woman, he said.

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