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Finally, Some Good News

The newest poverty numbers are in and only 1 in 7 Americans are living in poverty these days.

Heck, that's only a bit over 44 million people.

The Washington Post, a bastion of the "liberal media," tried the Negative Nora approach:

"We talk to many people on Capitol Hill who do believe poverty is important and is a blight on our nation," said Weinstein, executive director of the Coalition on Human Needs, an alliance of national organizations that advocates for the poor. "But we are also up against a general recognition that poor people don't vote in great numbers. And they certainly aren't going to be making campaign contributions. That definitely puts them behind many other people and interests when decisions are being made around here."

Oh, quit whining ya big crybaby.

Everyone knows poor people are poor because they're not "right with God."
The Big Yah do love the moneyed motherfuckers bitch.
So what?

If the poor weren't such shiftless lazy motherfuckers, they wouldn't be poor, now would they?

Some other crybaby was recently whining about how 77% of Americans are living pay check to pay check, only one catastrophe away from total ruin.
That's only about 249 million people.
That leaves 61 million who are doing just fine.

Okay, so maybe some of those people are only 1 1/2 catastrophes away from financial ruin.
So what?

I like to look at it with the clarified glare of the Holy Spirit. Much like Job, God is just testing their love for Him. This way 249 million Americans have the rare chance to physically demonstrate their love for God by taking a high hard one straight up the ol' economic poop chute. So no whimpering y'all, God's watching.
Look at the bright side, at least God didn't blind you folks & cover y'all with pus filled boils.

It's all good with the Holy Yah baby.

Once they successfully navigate this unavoidable maze of economic buggery, I think they'll find the RADIANT GIFTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT will shower down upon them like a summer rain.

Evidently the Pentagon doesn't see things my way. Nathan Friers, a professor at the Army War College, published a paper entitled Known Unknowns: Unconventional "Strategic Shocks" in Defense Strategy Development.
In it, he talks about possible Pentagon responses should the economic crisis lead to civil unrest. He says:

Widespread civil violence inside the United States would force the defense establishment to reorient priorities in extremis to defend basic domestic order … An American government and defense establishment lulled into complacency by a long-secure domestic order would be forced to rapidly divest some or most external security commitments in order to address rapidly expanding human insecurity at home.

DoD might be forced by circumstances to put its broad resources at the disposal of civil authorities to contain and reverse violent threats to domestic tranquility. Under the most extreme circumstances, this might include use of military force against hostile groups inside the United States. Further, DoD would be, by necessity, an essential enabling hub for the continuity of political authority in a multi-state or nationwide civil conflict or disturbance.

Balderdash! Americans would never stoop to "civil unrest." That would just make them appear disgruntled, & everyone knows disgruntled people are crazy.

Americans are a God a fearing crew, full of noble ideals bestowed upon us by a kind & loving God when he blessed our country, killed all the Injuns, & gave us American Idol & Veggie Tales to keep us occupied.
Americans love their Jesus, they most surely do.

Although, given the results of the latest Pew survey, they probably spell it "Geezass," but that's all good baby. The Hung He-Yah doesn't weh our souls on a spelling scale.

It's what's in our hearts that counts.

& let me tell ya brutha, our hearts are pure.


Okay, so I lied. Everything sucks.

Hell, I didn't even mention how the IMF is quietly urging the world to stop using the dollar as the currency of choice or how we're facing water shortages or how 10 states are nearing bankruptcy or how 1 out of 2 children in America need food stamps to eat or the estimated 3 million homeless or the coming collapse of the meager social safety net that the corporatist politicos haven't gotten around to with their scissors yet or how the IMF is recommending that meager safety net's dismantling...

To further compound your misery, I give you a recent list of disturbing headlines that
may even cause Edwin Starr to rise from the dead.

• US to Fund Israeli Purchase of 20 F-35 Joint Strike Fighters
• US Waging ‘Shadow War’ in Dozen Countries
• S.Korea, US to stage massive joint war games
• US Military Offensive Against the July 2011 Af-Pak Timetable
• China PLA warns U.S. over fresh military drill in region
• The dangers of mounting US-China rivalry
• America’s Biggest Jobs Program — the U.S. Military
• US Arms ‘Bonanza’ in the Middle East
• Chinese Military: The Chinese People Won’t Stand for US Provocation
• Israel bulldozes Muslim graves in Jerusalem
• U.S. Supersizes Afghan Mega-Base
• US concerned other countries won’t respect Iraq’s ‘sovereignty’
• US cuts $100m aid to Lebanon military
• U.S. won’t leave Iraq’s energy reserves untended
• US plans to sell F-15 jets to Saudi Arabia: report
• Blackwater: $220 million in new contracts
• Congress Spends Another $600 Million for Border Militarization
• U.S. worried by Hamid Karzai’s attempt to assert control over corruption probes
• Palestinians Denied Access to Water
• Gates: Iraq occupation could go on
• Petraeus beats the drums for endless war in Afghanistan
• Israel-US Increase Military Cooperation, Hold Biggest Joint Infantry Exercise Ever
• US, South Korea to Stage Another Military Exercise
• The Philippines: America’s New Launchpad for the Militarization of Southeast Asia
• U.S. and UK help train Kazakh troops in Russia’s backyard
• India to order large number of Javelin anti-tank missiles from US
• More US-NATO Military Bases: US Armed Forces in Central Asia
• US, Vietnam step up defence co-operation amid China concerns
• Speculation, debate over possible strike against Iran
• Russian Foreign Minister defends Iran nuclear power plant
• Colombia Court Blocks U.S. Military Accord Behind Regional Fight, Restricts Access to 7 Military Bases
• Venezuela says it will still send gasoline to Iran
• Venezuela threatens oil cut to US
• Iran: Venezuela Risks US Action
• Ch├ívez and China: Challenging U.S. Interests | AEI
• Canada-Russia airspace ’showdown’ over Arctic
• Canada intercepted two Russian bombers near Arctic
• Japan, US plan naval drill near disputed islets: report
• China Restricts Exports of Rare Earth Minerals by 70pc,Tension with US escalating on several fronts
• Moscow warns US on issue of Israeli aerial strikes against Iran
• U.S. Global Strategy Targets Any Potential Challenger In Eurasia
• Obama Signs $600M Bill to Increase Militarization of US-Mexico Border
• Castro Warns of Nuclear War; Admiral Mullen Threatens Iran; US-Israel Vs. Iran-Hezbollah
• Doesn’t Appear Washington Wants Diplomatic Relations With Venezuela
• US talks Israel out of attacking Iran (for now)
• US stresses military role in Iraq, combat brigades under different name
• US Withdrawal Plan Marks “Privatization of Military Occupation”
• U.S. Military Intervention in Africa: The New Blueprint for Global Domination
• Ahmadinejad vows global response if Iran attacked
• Iran Opens Its First Nuclear Power Plant With Russian Help
• In Mideast Talks, Scant Hopes From the Beginning
• Iran hopes Russia’s next step will be delivery of S-300 missiles system: MP
• Iran working against Iraqi democracy: US general
• US combat brigades still in Iraq: report
• Karzai Stands Firm on Disbanding Private Security
• Iran’s new drone bomber is ‘messenger of death for the enemies of humanity’
• Costa Rica: US Warships Cause Unease
• Israel Knesset Member Declares “We Are Preparing For War”
• Pakistanis Nabbed Taliban Boss to Stop Peace Talks
• Iran condemns possible US military action
• Iran Calls for Formation of Islamic Union to Start New World Order
• Four Israeli air strikes on Gaza
• Two Minutes to Midnight? The Bomb-Iran Debate From Hell
• The last chance to avoid a global trade war
• Al-Shabab vows ‘massive’ Somali war
• We Must Be Ready for War With China
• Mass Assassinations Lie at the Heart of America’s Military Strategy in the Muslim World
• US deplores ‘particularly outrageous’ Mogadishu carnage
• Philippines: Pawn In U.S. Encirclement of China
• Global Food Security and Sovereignty Threatened by “Land Grabs” in Poor Countries
• US to spend $1.3 billion on Afghanistan bases
• America’s top Marine challenges Obama’s Afghan pullout deadline
• CIA sees increased threat from al-Qaeda in Yemen
• U.S. Weighs Expanded Strikes in Yemen
• JSOC is Hiring Interrogators and Covert Operatives for ‘Special Access Programs’
• Report: Kim Jong-Il Goes to China
• Canada Intercepts Russian Bombers — Again
• Kim Jong-il Visits China as Carter Waits in North Korea for Talks on Imprisoned American
• China Slams Pentagon Report
• Mexico Drug War Violence Rages, 28k Killed
• Tensions emerge between Rwanda and Western backers, China’s influence grows
• “Alarm bells” ring for Australian government over deepening China-East Timor ties
• US lawmaker urges France not to arm Lebanon army
• Chairman Of Joint Chiefs Of Staff Says National Debt Is Biggest Threat To National Security
• 18 nations wrap up mock terror exercise in Panama canal
• U.S. Bid To Control Whole Korean Peninsula Threat To China, Russia
• Canada Opens Arctic To NATO, Plans Massive Weapons Buildup
• China announces navy drill ahead of U.S. show of force
• Putin slams West for deceiving Russia
• Putin: U.S. Rearming Georgia
• Israel preparing to attack Syria: report
• China Deploys Troops In Pakistani Kashmir
• Israel Threatens War with Lebanon
• U.S. expands sanctions on North Korea
• Hamas targets Israeli-Palestinian talks by killing four Israelis
• US drones will patrol entire southern border
• Yellow Sea: U.S. Aegis Destroyers, S. Korean Subs In New Round of Drills
• Pentagon report underscores rising US-China tensions
• CIA Training Intelligence Agents For ‘State Sponsor Of Terrorism’ Sudan
• Tony Blair: military intervention in rogue regimes ‘more necessary than ever’
• France steps up military intervention in Sahel, Western Africa
• German military report: Peak oil could lead to collapse of democracy
• U.S.-Venezuela Links Teeter on the Brink
• Pakistan’s Taliban threaten attacks in U.S., Europe
• EU austerity policies risk civil war in Greece, warns top German economist
• India to acquire advanced U.S.-made anti-ship missiles
• Middle East Loses Trillions As U.S. Strikes Record Arms Deals
• Is War About to Break Out on the Israeli-Lebanese Border?
• NATO asks for 2000 more troops for Afghanistan
• US ‘likely’ to keep troops in Iraq after 2011
• U.S. Military Continues to Invest Hundreds of Millions in Iraq Bases
• UN nuke agency warns monitoring of Iran hampered
• Mideast talks a cover for US war preparations
• Land grabs, biofuel demand raise global food-security risk
• Anthrax War - the Malaysian Connection
• Defense Contractor Money Fueling Push to Militarize the US-Mexico Border
• US Government Report Argues for Police Force for American Interventions Overseas
• 730 F-35 planes to be sold to Britain, Italy, Netherlands, Turkey, Canada, Australia, Denmark, Norway
• U.S. to wrap up $2.5 billion Israel F-35 deal, Japan deal next
• Cheney’s Oily Dream - Redrawing the Map of the Middle East
• US and China at odds over North Korea
• Pentagon says USS George Washington to join military drills off Korean Peninsula
• Clinton: Mexico drug war bordering on ‘insurgency’
• Land Grabs in Poor Countries Set to Increase
• India: troops on alert as border dispute with China heats up
• India: U.S. Completes Global Military Structure
• Report: US must deal with domestic radical problem
• Experts: Terrorism threat to U.S. now more homegrown
• New York Times Pushes Confrontation with Iran
• Largest US arms deal ever: Congress to be told of $60-billion US-Saudi arms deal, shoring up Arab allies against Iran
• China-South Africa deals highlight great-power rivalry in Africa
• German armed forces “reform” reflects growth of militarism
• IMF fears ’social explosion’ from world jobs crisis
• US embassy in Jordan warns of ‘imminent threat’ around Aqaba
• Record level of US airstrikes hit Afghan militants
• Hamas: Israeli aircraft strike Gaza as leaders talk peace
• Obama’s Generals Push War for Yemen
• US drones prowl Mexico
• China’s currency manipulation: Flipping off America
• Asia: Pentagon Revives And Expands Cold War Military Blocs
• U.S. And NATO Strengthen Positions Along Russia’s Southern Flank
• Russia vs Canada: Race for Oil-Rich Arctic Seabed
• Economic crisis threatens to unleash global currency wars
• Saudi king meets top US, Canadian counter-terror officials
• China, Energy, and Global Power
• Somalia, The Next Afghanistan? UN’s top envoy warns on growing insurgency
• Pentagon to funnel US arms to Yemen
• China-Japan Tensions Escalate, As China Breaks Off High Level Contacts, Japanese Flag Burned In Protest
• Gulf States Order $123 Billion of U.S. Weaponry to Counter Iran
• Massive US Military Buildup Planned for Guam

Monday, September 27, 2010

Swoosh-sticka, Swoosh-tika, Be My Friend, Manipulate Me Till The Very End

I see that Nike is engaging in a little "renaming & rebranding." I was treated to this little bit of marketing joy 16 times while at work on Sunday.

It looks like "Just Do It" is out & "BOOM" is in. This is, I think, a very astute marketing move on Nike's part since the latest projections have 75% of America mooing its over-sized bovine behind into the SUPER-SIZED category by 2020. Consequently, I doubt there will be much "doing" going on that doesn't involve a comfortable TV & a well stocked snack tray.

This new BOOM mantra is much more flexible, offering a varied palette of uses to the crafty marketer.

Here's just three:

One BOOM can easily couple with another BOOM to make BOOM BOOM, as in "Super-Sized Baby Man Make Boom Boom," an experience the average American will find exceedingly familiar.

Hell, since TV journalism involves someone talking out their ass in an effort to blow smoke up my ass, I can envision that guy up there as a future Walter Cronkite, babbling incoherently as, each morning, he crushes another unsuspecting & innocent toilet, while telling me nothing of any importance whatsoever.

Then we also have the endless marketing possibilities surrounding any future nuclear explosion in a major American city. Whether "true flag" or "false flag," America's eyes will be glued to their TV screens by the sheer horror of the event & also, by that time, they'll be too pudgy to do much else but glue their eyes to their TV screen, allowing Nike copious amounts of airtime to insert their marketing worm into the heads of a terrified & suggestible America.


Thirdly, should any one of a number of projected Hollywood zombie holocausts come true, Nike can strategically embed a big BOOM into, what will most likely be, a growing number of instances of an overweight America pathetically incapable of outrunning dead guys.

(Personally, I'd place the big BOOM right at the point the fat guy kisses turf.)

On the upside, should I find myself on the slavering bloodthirsty flesh eating side of the fence, I'll be guaranteed a proverbial smorgasbord of opportunity.

Honestly, I get a veritable anticipation boner just thinking about the uses of the word


in the days, weeks, months, & years to come.

It's good baby.

It's all good.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More "Ass 2 Mouth" For Serf America

You have to love the Federal Government. When times are tough, they step up & help the little guy, eschewing those wealthy naysayers who continually whimper in their ears that lovely "socialism will kill us" mantra.

Okay, I'm kidding.

Today, the Federal Reserve said that it's "prepared to provide additional accommodation" to help the economy.

WASHINGTON – The Federal Reserve signaled Tuesday that it's worried about the weakness of the recovery and is ready to take further steps to boost the economy if needed.

This bit of news sparked a 60 point rally on Wall Street. Woo-hoo! 60 whole points?
We're fucking saved.

Ummmmm...just kidding.

As rallies go, 60 points doesn't seem indicative of much.

But Obama said this on Monday,

"If you're out of work right now, the only thing that you're going to be hearing is, when do I get a job? If you're about to lose your home, all you're thinking about is, when can I get my home?"

Supposedly this bit of "duh, ya think?" was seen as Obama acknowledging "the economic hardships many Americans are enduring."
Mr. Obama went on to say:

"Even though economists may say that the recession officially ended last year, obviously for the millions of people who are still out of work, people who have seen their home values decline, people who are struggling to pay the bills day to day, it's still very real for them."

Back in 2009, a momentary dip in unemployment had President Obama declaring "the worst may be behind us."

Mr. Obama went on to say on that lovely August afternoon in '09:

"We have a lot further to go. As far as I'm concerned, we will not have a true recovery until we stop losing jobs. I will not rest until every American that is looking for a job can find one."

I suppose it's nice Obama was in an acknowledging mood this go round. I'm not sure what that does for people like this:

Patricia Reid is not in her 70s, an age when many Americans continue to work. She is not even in her 60s. She is just 57.

But four years after losing her job she cannot, in her darkest moments, escape a nagging thought: she may never work again.

College educated, with a degree in business administration, she is experienced, having worked for two decades as an internal auditor and analyst at Boeing before losing that job.

But that does not seem to matter, not for her and not for a growing number of people in their 50s and 60s who desperately want or need to work to pay for retirement and who are starting to worry that they may be discarded from the work force — forever.

Since the economic collapse, there are not enough jobs being created for the population as a whole, much less for those in the twilight of their careers.

Of the 14.9 million unemployed, more than 2.2 million are 55 or older. Nearly half of them have been unemployed six months or longer, according to the Labor Department. The unemployment rate in the group — 7.3 percent — is at a record, more than double what it was at the beginning of the latest recession.

After other recent downturns, older people who lost jobs fretted about how long it would take to return to the work force and worried that they might never recover their former incomes. But today, because it will take years to absorb the giant pool of unemployed at the economy's recent pace, many of these older people may simply age out of the labor force before their luck changes.

since it appears that his vow to "not rest" could lead to some sleepless years ahead. "Never" has a certain ring of hopeless finality about it, don't you think? I doubt that Mr. Obama's hope/change hoodoo gives him the power to raise the dead. I suppose that's why Mr. Obama was in an "acknowledging" mood this time instead of a "making pointless vows" mood. "Hope" seems to have an incredibly hard time meshing with "hopeless." In a Star Trek universe, I suppose hopeless would be the "anti" to hope's "matter," their coexistence making a big BOOM! We all know, as does Mr. Obama, that big BOOMS are to be avoided. Vows are so yesterday anyway.

Lately, "the mindless banter of soulless talking heads" has been telling us that we should prepare to extend our work life by pushing back our retirement age. Now we have this ladled on us like rancid stew.
I wonder if there's an investment bonanza to be had in the pet food industry as more & grandpas & grandmas are forced to steal Rover's vittles.

In a way it's murder. The murder of the Middle Class.

This current list of jobs that may never recover oozes Middle Class.

1. State and local government jobs
2. Construction
3. Installation, maintenance, and repair
4. Automotive manufacturing
5. Pharmaceuticals
6. Big Telecom
7. Newspapers
8. Airline Employees
9. Realtors
10. Bank Tellers

We were too uppity & too ignorant of our own frail limitations to see the shiv coming at us. We stood there laughing & smiling, hypnotized to the end.

But hey, there's always that "Service Economy," eh? After all, being a servant is better than starving, isn't it? Who needs freedom anyway? We just frivolously piss it away on nothing.

I'm calling dibs on "elite bathroom attendant." I've got years of experience & a velvety touch. Hell, if the tips are good I might even toss in a prostate rub. If the tips are really fucking good, I'll dispense with the surgical gloves & do Mr. Money Bags bareback.

Hoo-ha baby...

Is the land of motherfucking opportunity or what?

So You Say You Want To Go To Heaven,
Well I Got The Plans.
Kind of Walks Like Sasquatch
But It Breeds Like Kubla Khan.

In Original Dialect,
It's Really Quite Cryptical.
There Are Many Copies Around,
But This My Man Is The Original.

It's Given Me Powers,
But Kept Me Low.
Many Have Scorned This,
Modern Day Pharisees Fat With Espressos.

Be Leary Of Timothy,
Clear Light And All That.
If You Want Light Go Stare At The Sun.
Hell, That Boy Don't Know Crap.

If You Want To Know Paradise,
And You Want To Know Hell,
Want To Drink That Cool Clear Liquor,
Better Dig A Little Deeper In The Well My Friend.

If You Want To Know Paradise,
And You Want To Know Hell,
Want To Drink That Cool Clear Liquor,
Better Dig A Little Deeper In The Well My Friend.

You Want A Mantra?
You Want To Know?
You Want That Mantra?
Well Here You Go.

One For The Money,
Two For The Show,
And A Knickknackpaddywack
Give The Lord A Handclap.


Still Want That Mantra?
Still Want To Know?
Still Want That Mantra?
Well Here You Go.

It Is Written.
I Have Spoken.
So Put This In Your Pipe
And Smoke It.

Ooeeooahah, B-I-N-G-O,
Ooeeooahah, E-I-E-I-O.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Land Of The Glue Sniffers, Home Of The Thinner Huffers

This neato article was on Huffington Post & my Yahoo page, so you know it's chewy good. I found it full of unintentional wisdom.

The American dollar is in bad need of a makeover. Thanks to the Dollar ReDe$ign Project, we may now have some options.

Organized by creative strategy consultant Richard Smith, the Dollar ReDe$ign Project is soliciting ideas for the dollar bill of the future. "Our great 'rival', the Euro, looks so spanky in comparison it seems the only clear way to revive this global recession is to rebrand and redesign," the project notes on its website.

Rebrand & redesign, eh? At first, this left me a bit slack jawed. I was quite astounded that someone would have the audacity to apply puddle deep corporate marketing strategy to economic problems as large as those America faces.
But then I realized that gift wrapping turds is one thing America does well so why shouldn't we apply that talent to money also.

This vertical bill is the leading design.

Why vertical you ask?

"When we researched how notes are used we realized people tend to handle and deal with money vertically rather than horizontally," they note on the Dollar ReDe$ign Project's website. "You tend to hold a wallet or purse vertically when searching for notes. The majority of people hand over notes vertically when making purchases. All machines accept notes vertically. Therefore a vertical note makes more sense."

I see the logic here. We have a mass of people slipping quickly towards complete mental retardation, so they obviously need easy tasks downgraded to "so easy an imbecile could do it" levels. File this with GPS systems & cars that park themselves.

This one is a bit puzzling:

Is the subtle message here, "Yes my red skinned corpses, we built our entire economic sandcastle on your blood & bones. Y'all died so we could steal your land & build a big Pyramid Scheme on it."

This one does capture the Disneyland make believe nature of America:

For me, its appeal comes down to the sub-texts.
In other words, Hollywood makes illusions & our dollar is an illusion. As a nation we worry more about Hollywood & its denizens then we do about anything even remotely resembling reality. Not to mention the simple fact that so many of our children have been raised by Hollywood, taught to think by Hollywood and, with the advent of reality TV, grown into adulthood with the overwhelming desire to debase themselves in any way that gets them, even temporarily, into Hollywood-Land.

I don't know, even with the sub-texts, this all seems a bit much.

We already have a quite popular fake money design. It has, over the years, stood the test of time much better than our worthless greenback.

Here it is:

The Monopoly money works on so may levels, doesn't it? Most notably, the history behind the Monopoly Game is a perfect metaphor for an America that has allowed its conscience to be murdered by greed.

Monopoly was first known as the Landlord's Game. It was developed by Georgist activist Lizzie Maggie who wanted to demonstrate the "evils of landlordism."
Eventually the game was swiped by Charles B. Darrow, and sold to Parker Brothers.
In other words, a game designed to undermine the monetary system ended up glorifying it.

Oh well, time to surf my way towards more pointless Interbutt twaddle. Then again, the "off" button is seductively winking at me while she grinds her posterior into my crotch.

"Off" button it is.

C'mere ya saucy little tart...

Friday, September 17, 2010

Is It Live Or Is It Memorex

While I wish that I could do my best Colin Clive impersonation here

I'd be a liar if I did.

That lovely manta ray, or Fluidic Muscle, is the creation of the Festo Group.

Now we don't have to worry about our polluted oceans killing off all those sea critters. We can just make artificial ones now. Cool.

And, in case the birds still complain, Festo has a potential solution to that bitchy avian conundrum.

So you see, it's all good. Utopia is on the way. Just make sure you have a change of undies. & maybe a granola bar or two. Oh yeah, please remember to leave your angst, your neurosis & psychosis, your sexual dysfunction, & your poverty ridden whining at the door.

Thank You.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Real National Anthem

Fuck all that "bombs bursting in air" bullshit. They burst on the ground now, and limbs tend to scatter everywhere. Glorifying homicide is just bad form. If we're going to worship death let's be a little more honest about it. Here's my nomination:

A howling wind is whistling in the night
My dog is growling in the dark
Something's pulling me outside
To ride around in circles
I know that you have got the time
'coz anything I want, you do
You'll take a ride through the strangers
Who don't understand how to feel
In the death car, we're alive
In the death car, we're alive

I'll let some air come in the window
Kind of wakes me up a little
I don't turn on the radio
'coz they play sh*t, like... you know
When your hand was down on my dick
It felt quite amazing
And now that, that is all over
All we've got is the silence
In the death car, we're alive
In the death car, we're alive
So come on mandolins, play

When I touched you
I felt that you still had your baby fat
And a little taste of baby's breath
Makes me forget about death
At your age you're still joking
It ain't time yet for the choking
So now we can see the movie, and know each other truly
In the death car, we're alive
In the death car, we're alive
I want to hear some mandolins

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The One Percent

I put these up for my own benefit, but if you haven't seen this, give it a spin.

My 911 Tribute (3 days late) Or A Big Heads Up To Our Gullib...Oops...Brave Boys In Uniform

From September 9th, we have this lovely bit of patriotic ephemera, guaranteed to warm the cockles of the little red white & blue Uncle Sam in all of us.

WASHINGTON - Twelve U.S. soldiers face a variety of charges in what military authorities believe was a conspiracy to murder Afghan civilians and cover it up, along with charges they used hashish, mutilated corpses and kept grisly souvenirs.

Five soldiers face murder charges, while seven others are charged with participating in a coverup. All of the men were members of a 2nd Infantry Division brigade operating near Kandahar in southern Afghanistan in 2009 and 2010.

According to the military documents, Staff Sgt. Calvin Gibbs and four other soldiers were involved in throwing grenades at civilians and then shooting them in separate incidents. Three Afghan men died.

Authorities allege Gibbs kept finger bones, leg bones and a tooth from Afghan corpses. Another soldier, Spc. Michael Gagnon II, allegedly kept a skull from a corpse, according to charging documents. Several soldiers are charged with taking pictures of the corpses, and one - Spc. Corey Moore - with stabbing a corpse.

Staff Sgt. Robert Stevens is charged with lying to investigators about the deaths, saying the civilians posed a threat.

Other soldiers are charged with assaulting Afghan civilians by shooting at them, and several soldiers face charges of failing to properly account for and dispose of weapons.

Eight of the soldiers also are charged with using hashish and beating a junior soldier in an attempt to stop him from reporting them for misconduct, including hashish use.

Heavens! That's bad. Or, more appropriately, that's hashish smoking bad apples bad, eh?
It's also a bit Gein-dishly fiendish too.
But isn't that always the way? A few over-achievers spoil a war every fucking time, don't they?

Look soldier boys, we don't mind if you kill people. Hell, it's what we pay you fuckers for, isn't it? Personally, as a good American, I understand that the preparation of democracy omelets requires more than a few broken eggs. In war people will die. That's inescapable. If we didn't mind dead folk here the US of A, we wouldn't have mortgaged our great great grandchildren's future stockpiling all these weapons, now would we? And, when you think about it, there isn't anything on God's green Earth more democratic than death, is there?

But Jesus, keeping souvenirs? What are you people? Sociopaths?

So, it's a good thing we Americans have such a sane grasp on this "Kill 'Em All" policy we wield like a pre-teen offing pigeons with his B-B gun. Y'see, there's accepted killing, like, say, lobbing white phosphorous shells into a known terrorist haven. Oh, we may off a few women & children, but that's covered under Subsection 24, Article 6, entitled "COLLATERAL DAMAGE."

Or, you could carpet bomb entire cities, which is covered under Subsection CNN, Article 34, entitled "SHOCK & AWE."

But you must never ever ever wander about, popping caps into random civilians & then commandeering their bones as souvenirs. It's just bad form guys. It makes us look like cannibals instead of your average everyday mass murd...oops...freedom fighter.

Look, I understand. You're under a lot of pressure. Shit happens. I mean, just this morning, this little faggot cut me off on the way to work, and maaaaaaaaaaaaaan would I have loved to hang his finger bones from my rearview.

But did I?

No. There are rules, my man. There are rules.

& last week, when this n...(ahem)...negro ran out & tried to clean my windshield with his dirty fucking water, I started reaching for the Glock I keep under my seat, picturing his head bursting open like a ripe melon...

Look, I envy you. Somebody fucks with you so you waste him. Simple & clean. Here it isn't so simple. Hell, I'd join you in a New York minute, but...ummmm...I have this bad back & all...and, well, to be honest, I'm more career oriented. After all, the homeland needs guarding too, y'know?

Personally, I think that you gentlemen need to reflect back to "The Greatest Generation." After all, these men were thrust, much as you were, into a freedom preserving war of epic proportions, yet they exhibited conduct becoming an American. They never stooped to such atrocities.

“Arizona war worker sends her Navy boyfriend a thank-you note for the Jap skull he sent her.”

Okay, okay. So "The Greatest Generation" had their "bad apples" too. But he was reprimanded, spanked & sent to bed without his supper. Hopefully, we've learned a little bit more about war & the necessity of the Geneva Convention.

WASHINGTON — A federal appeals court on Wednesday ruled that former prisoners of the C.I.A. could not sue over their alleged torture in overseas prisons because such a lawsuit might expose secret government information.

The sharply divided ruling was a major victory for the Obama administration’s efforts to advance a sweeping view of executive secrecy powers. It strengthens the White House’s hand as it has pushed an array of assertive counterterrorism policies, while raising an opportunity for the Supreme Court to rule for the first time in decades on the scope of the president’s power to restrict litigation that could reveal state secrets.

By a 6-to-5 vote, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit dismissed a lawsuit against Jeppesen Dataplan Inc., a Boeing subsidiary accused of arranging flights for the Central Intelligence Agency to transfer prisoners to other countries for imprisonment and interrogation. The American Civil Liberties Union filed the case on behalf of five former prisoners who say they were tortured in captivity — and that Jeppesen was complicit in that alleged abuse.

Judge Raymond C. Fisher described the case, which reversed an earlier decision, as presenting “a painful conflict between human rights and national security.” But, he said, the majority had “reluctantly” concluded that the lawsuit represented “a rare case” in which the government’s need to protect state secrets trumped the plaintiffs’ need to have a day in court.

While the alleged abuses occurred during the Bush administration, the ruling added a chapter to the Obama administration’s aggressive national security policies.

Its counterterrorism programs have in some ways departed from the expectations of change fostered by President Obama’s campaign rhetoric, which was often sharply critical of former President George W. Bush’s approach.

Among other policies, the Obama national security team has also authorized the C.I.A. to try to kill a United States citizen suspected of terrorism ties, blocked efforts by detainees in Afghanistan to bring habeas corpus lawsuits challenging the basis for their imprisonment without trial, and continued the C.I.A.’s so-called extraordinary rendition program of prisoner transfers — though the administration has forbidden torture and says it seeks assurances from other countries that detainees will not be mistreated.


Speaks For Itself

This fascinating animation by Isao Hashimoto demonstrates the geographic spread, and frequency, of the 2053 known nuclear detonations around the globe since 1945, beginning with America’s Manhattan Project and ending in India and Pakistan – North Korea’s 2006 and 2009 tests are not currently included.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

More Like A Prolapse

I just finished watching Collapse, Mike Ruppert's 90 minute interview. Quite amazing.
Quite convincing. If he was bullshitting, he's an accomplished bullshitter.

He mentioned one small factoid that struck me as odd, namely, Saudi Arabia's sizable off-shore drilling array. As Ruppert points out, why would Saudi Arabia spend so much money extracting oil from under water if they really had the oodles of oil they insist they have?

Just out of curiosity I did a quick google search. This page has 13 openings with Saudi Aramco for offshore drilling rigs.

Then there is this page at a place called Rig Zone. I found the article's opening paragraphs to bode ill for the internal combustion beastie.

The world's largest oil company in terms of proven reserves, Saudi Aramco is the state-run company for the Middle Eastern country of Saudi Arabia. Onshore and off, Saudi Aramco has a total of 100 major oil and gas fields and 267 billion barrels of proven oil reserves.

In fact, the NOC holds the world's largest offshore field, Safaniya, with an estimated 20 billion barrels of oil and daily production of 1 MMbopd. Other major producing offshore fields for Saudi Aramco include Zuluf, which has a daily production capacity of 500,000 bopd, and Marjan, which produces 270,000 bopd.

In a five-year plan starting in 2009, Saudi Aramco is increasing drilling exploration and investment in the oil sector, which includes increasing drilling by a third. A priority has been placed on offshore areas, and the company is presently investing in an effort to increase production capacity by 20%. That includes both development to achieve first production and re-development of producing fields. Major upstream projects include works on offshore fields Berri, Zuluf and Safaniyah. Also under development, Manifa is expected to hold between 10 and 20 billion barrels of oil and is scheduled to come on-stream by the third quarter of 2011.

Significant Increase in Offshore Activity

Saudi Aramco has not always been very active offshore or focused on its offshore resources. At the start of the decade, the NOC only had one rig working in the waters offshore Saudi Arabia, and it was a rig that the company owned. That number increased over the next year to four rigs by the close of 2001. Following that pattern of increased offshore activity, the number of rigs Saudi Aramco contracted from 2002 through mid-2005, continued to increase with nine rigs contracted in June 2005.

I don't know. I think Mike's a little confused about the way the world works.
As I understand it, our material prosperity is a gift from God, cause he likes us soooooooooooo much, and we're cute, and personable, & build neat nuclear weapons.
Anyone who says different is A COM-MU-NIST IN-FIL-TRAITOR, or, even worse, a TER-ROAR-WRIST IN_FIL-TRAITOR, sowing dissent & undermining God's divine plan for a red white blue future filled with chewy caramel goodness &...ummmmmm....frankfurters. That's right, frankfurters. Lots & lots of fucking frankfurters.

I also have it on good authority that every night, while all His little children slumber in the bosom of His sanctity, God steps up to the Earth, unscrews the polar ice cap, inserts his massive, rotund & perfect Manly Member into the Wo-Manly Hall's & Wo-Manly Bowels of the Earth mother, uncorking a stream of black, oily God jism that would lube up a crankcase as quickly as it would grease the dried up innards of your ol' Granny just so Grandpap can get his nasty on once before his ticker finally sputters to a stop.

If God is good enough for Ann Coulter, you'd better be damn sure that God is good enough for me.

If God is good enough for Glenn Beck, then, dang gummit, God is good enough for me.

Mike needs a Bible. It's all there.

God HAS a plan motherfucker. & don't you forget it.

Allah Akbar!!!

Babar The Elephant!!!

Praise Jesus!!!



Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Pt. Winnie The Two

Sitting at work tonight as the two new guys, both 19 years old(the lucky bastards), sat around in a funk because they missed Lady Ga-Ga, I started pondering immortality.

Well, actually, my first thoughts revolved around the wisdom shown by Lady Ga-Ga & her handlers when they removed the g from the end of each Ga.

Anyway, I started imagining me, as an immortal, still trapped in the same dead end butt fuck of a job, only, say, 200 years in the future.

In this new, brighter tomorrow, I've no doubt that my employer would still be tossing a dime at me, only this time it would ricochet off my forehead with a loud THWONK!, landing smack dab in the middle of my little tin cup.

(I'm hoping that, after 200 years, my union will have gotten around to issuing tin cups.)

I'll say
"Thank you sir. May I have another?"

& he'll say,
"Fuck off, ya little weasel. & get back to work. There's shit to clean & spittle ripe for human spittooning. Let him hit ya in the eye & I might just slip ya another penny or two. Then again, maybe not.(snicker) Oh wait. Check it out. That guys got an inch deep brown puddle under his chair. Ha! You guys are so screwed."

MO, September 3, 2010 - Small UFO in house with alien beings in windows of craft. MUFON Case # 25273.

The witness called this in to me today and wants to remain anonymous.

He went to bed at 12:30 AM this morning and was awakened by a bright flash in the room like a camera flash. He opened his eyes and saw a small disc-like UFO in the corner of the room with a large dome on top of it with windows all around the dome. The disk was a light grey metallic color with black around the windows, it was lighted on the inside and there were no lights on the outside, except the one the kept flashing from the front of the vehicle. The witness watched the 12" diameter craft move about the room from corner to corner, flashing the strobe-like light (he believes it is a camera of some sort), then it hoovered over his bed.

He tried to remain as still as possible while shaking his wife and getting her to wake up. She also saw the craft just as it moved into postion near the foot of their bed. He noticed a very low humming sound. It then moved slowly forward and that is when they saw the tiny beings inside the craft looking out at them - they both sat up in bed and the beings looked surprised, then the craft took off very quickly towards the closet/chimney area and dissappeared. They could not get a good look at the beings inside the craft, but the witness claims that they had large heads for their small bodies, and they looked humanoid. All he could see was a kind of grey skin color and he thinks the eyes looked more like human eyes, not large almond shaped eyes that are like the typical greys.

Later, after they had fallen asleep again, the witness again woke up and saw a white-gloved hand floating approximately 10" above his head. He only saw this for a couple of seconds, then it dissappeared. He jumped out of bed to investigate but could find nothing in the room.

The couple has seen similar things in the past.

Was this Another Close Range Encounter with a Thunderbird Near South Greensburg, Pennsylvania?

By Researcher Stan Gordon

On the evening of August 26, 2010, about 8:10 pm, there was a sighting of a monstrous bird in South Greensburg, PA. Just as it was getting dark, four people were sitting around in the yard having a barbecue and enjoying the beautiful weather when suddenly, their attention was drawn skyward by a sound like a “swish” or a “swoosh” or as one witness stated, “like air coming straight down.”

Several of the observers at almost the same time yelled out some exclamations including one man who said, “What the hell is that?” They were all startled to see a tremendously large bird that was flying over a tree in the yard about 30-40 feet overhead. The man who was doing the cooking turned and looked up to see the creature fly above him at a distance of about 40 feet away. As the bird passed the tree, it veered slightly to the right and went straight down the road ahead, maintaining its low level path.

When first observed, the massive wings of the creature were in an upward position and were beginning to drop slowly, almost as if they were rolling to the bottom. The swoosh sound could be heard when the wings were moving. The powerful bird had flown about 125 yards down the road, at which time the wings were coming back up. The creature was observed as it continued to move steadily down the road, passing just above the roof top of a house with its wings flapping slowly and steadily about 3-4 time until it reached a group of trees about ¼ mile away, where it was lost from sight. It took about 20 seconds to go the ¼ mile distance.

I interviewed two of the witnesses at the scene and they were able to provide a detailed description of the giant flying creature. As it passed over, it appeared as though it was peering below, with its head and beak positioned downward. It was estimated that if the bird was on the ground it would stand between 4 ½ to 5 feet tall. The entire body was the same dark color, either darkish brown or black. The body width was about 25-30 inches wide. One witness said the body, “was very bulky and husky.”

The head was oval shaped, and the beak was short for the size of the animal, about 8-10 inches long. The tail was about 2 feet long and came out wide to a point. It was the size of the wingspan of the creature that impressed the witnesses, which they estimated at 10 feet or more in length. When asked why nobody thought to take a picture, they pointed out that while there were cell phones lying there with camera functions, all involved were mesmerized by the encounter. One fellow I talked with said that after the experience he felt as if he was “almost in shock.”

It was later learned that another witness who lived along the road where the big bird flew over also reportedly saw the creature. One witness has been a long time hunter and is very familiar with birds native to the state and is certain that he saw something quite unusual. The area where these observations have taken place, while surrounded with some wooded locations, is well populated, and nearby Route 119 is a highly traveled roadway.

There has been a long history of sightings of giant birds with oversized wingspans in Pennsylvania as well as other sections of the United States and elsewhere. Many refer to these giant flying creatures as “Thunderbirds.” It is interesting to note that over the years around the same general area as this sighting, other residents have reported a similar strange “swoosh” sound, as though a huge bird had passed overhead, but nothing was seen.

Now years later, here is another detailed close range observation of a huge flying creature just a short distance away from the location where in 2001, a similar observation had taken place. It was on September 25, 2001, that a witness reported seeing a huge, dark colored bird flying about 50-60 feet above the traffic along Route 119 in South Greensburg. The observer was drawn to look upwards when he heard a sound, “like flags flapping in a thunderstorm.” That witness was stunned by the wingspan of the flying creature which he estimated was between 10 and 15 feet.

Reader Submitted Report
Where - Pittsfield NH

When – 8:30pm – Nov 2nd 2008

Weather – Clear starry sky. Temp-58

Witness - My wife saw it after I alerted her to come out… I don’t think anyone else I our community saw it.

How did I feel? What an interesting question. Bear with me as I will expand beyond the intension of your question… I felt a heightened sense curiosity and awareness to analyze what I was seeing (no fear).

The strongest possibility is that UFO’s are the result of undisclosed black research projects accomplished via decades of secret budget quantities utilized to fund lead scientists like Boyd Bushman and the like.

History has always demonstrated that power wins wars and does what it pleases. I certainly hope there is an exception involving this technology should it be terrestrial.

I also believe that intelligent extraterrestrial life exists and I guess at this point in my life I’m interested to collaborate with other to compare perspectives.

Above is what we saw… this is the underside of the object as seen over our house. I heard a rumbling sound outside (kinda like the same sound on the Star Wars movie where that huge reflective jet craft rumbled as it slowed down when approaching the planet) so I stepped out onto my deck and the object was about 1500ft in the air right above my house. The object then proceeded in a Northerly direction at about 100 mile an hour (for such a large craft the visual of it in my opinion was that it was moving slow) for about 2 miles and then curved/turned Westerly towards Loudon… probably just short of the NHIS Speedway as the crow flies.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day Baby

Today is Labor Day.

Ostensibly a day to raise awareness amongst working class sheep(BF, see previous post's comments) about economic inequality, the history of the labor movement, & the power we, the people, have to shape the world as we see fit, these days it's degenerated into another excuse for porcine(there BF, we on to pigs now) America to shovel gobs of overcooked meat into its voraciously greasy maw as it fuels up for those massive Labor Day sales where it can purchase, on the cheap, carts full of goodies made by indentured servants & slave labor.

The irony is so black even my irony blackened lungs keep trying to cough it out.

Maybe I shouldn't be so cynical. Maybe labor really isn't as dead as the middle class.
Let's see what the AFL-CIO has to say:

Jesus, this sounds like a State Farm commercial.

With so much imagery to choose from, imagery that could rub America's face in its own fecal hypocrisy, the AFL-CIO opts out & makes a totally toothless pep talk. I suppose I shouldn't expect much else from a labor movement that inundated me with pre-election pro-Obama phone calls telling me how Mr. Obama would, upon election, "protect our wages."

I wonder how those 30 million unemployed Americans are enjoying their "protected wages." Then again, maybe that's what labor meant. After all, zero wages seems to be the easiest wages for a president to protect. If that's the case, labor's money was well spent this presidential go-round.

Oh well, I've rambled on enough. Time for a few burgers, a few hot dogs, and a fast trip to Wal-Mart for some blood drenched bargain items and a long wait in line.

Yee-fucking-ha baby!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Another Exciting Episode Of Mr. Obvious

BOSTON (Reuters) – As U.S. companies shed millions of workers during the recession, the CEOs who laid off the most people brought home pay that was significantly higher than that of their peers, a study released on Thursday found.

The CEOs of the 50 U.S. companies that laid off the most workers between November 2008 and April 2010 were paid $12 million on average in 2009, or 42 percent more than the average across the Standard & Poor's 500, according to a study by the Institute for Policy Studies, a Washington think tank.

The companies in the list range from ones that were hard hit by the slump, such as General Motors and Citigroup Inc, to better-positioned businesses including Verizon Communications Inc and Caterpillar Inc.

The cuts also came at a time when the companies were increasing profit -- 72 percent of companies announced planned layoffs even while earnings were rising, the study found.

"There is still this general notion that when CEOs slash a lot of jobs they are being the tough guy, making the hard decisions necessarily to make their company lean and mean and that it's going to be a good thing for the bottom line," said Sarah Anderson, global economy project director at IPS and the study's primary author.

"We are trying to encourage people to think long-term, that there are all kinds of costs to mass layoffs, in terms of morale problems with remaining workers, in terms of when you may have to rehire and train workers if conditions improve ... It was more a way to boost their profits in the short terms and line the pockets of their CEOs," she said.

Who's your daddy now bitches?

Seriously, they had to commission a study?
Does the study's author really believe that CEOs aren't aware that there are "all kinds of costs to mass layoffs?"

Do they print these articles for the same reason Wal-Mart has 20 check-out lanes but only opens 3 at a time? So we can silently stew in our own juices?

On a lighter note, it looks like my old neighborhood hasn't lost any of its charm:

Two arrested in Lawrenceville drug bust
Thursday, September 02, 2010
By Moriah Balingit, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Two people were arrested last night after Pittsburgh police said they discovered $9,000 worth of heroin in their Lawrenceville home.

Police said Freddrick Gravely, 31, and Malika Roebuck, 35, will be charged with possession of a controlled substance, possession with intent to deliver and criminal conspiracy.

Plainclothes detectives from the Zone 2 police station executed a search warrant at the pair's home in the 100 block of Almond Way around 5 p.m. Wednesday. There, they found 900 stamp bags of heroin with an estimated street value of $9,000, three cell phones and $526 in cash. They also found evidence that tied the two to the residence.

Both were being held at the Allegheny County Jail Wednesday night awaiting arraignment.

That would be 1/2 block from my mom's house/my brother's house/soon to be Bank Of America's house. I hope the BOA folk enjoy it there as much as I did.

Chemtrails & Advertising & Mind Controlled Zombies, Oh Shit

I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, an expert de-bunker or believer in chemtrail theories, but, given the carefully controlled nature of all advertising, one can't help wondering about their appearance in TV ads.
The first one is practically a primer for Internet chemtrail fears, isn't it?

So, WTF?