Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Pt. Winnie The Two

Sitting at work tonight as the two new guys, both 19 years old(the lucky bastards), sat around in a funk because they missed Lady Ga-Ga, I started pondering immortality.

Well, actually, my first thoughts revolved around the wisdom shown by Lady Ga-Ga & her handlers when they removed the g from the end of each Ga.

Anyway, I started imagining me, as an immortal, still trapped in the same dead end butt fuck of a job, only, say, 200 years in the future.

In this new, brighter tomorrow, I've no doubt that my employer would still be tossing a dime at me, only this time it would ricochet off my forehead with a loud THWONK!, landing smack dab in the middle of my little tin cup.

(I'm hoping that, after 200 years, my union will have gotten around to issuing tin cups.)

I'll say
"Thank you sir. May I have another?"

& he'll say,
"Fuck off, ya little weasel. & get back to work. There's shit to clean & spittle ripe for human spittooning. Let him hit ya in the eye & I might just slip ya another penny or two. Then again, maybe not.(snicker) Oh wait. Check it out. That guys got an inch deep brown puddle under his chair. Ha! You guys are so screwed."

MO, September 3, 2010 - Small UFO in house with alien beings in windows of craft. MUFON Case # 25273.

The witness called this in to me today and wants to remain anonymous.

He went to bed at 12:30 AM this morning and was awakened by a bright flash in the room like a camera flash. He opened his eyes and saw a small disc-like UFO in the corner of the room with a large dome on top of it with windows all around the dome. The disk was a light grey metallic color with black around the windows, it was lighted on the inside and there were no lights on the outside, except the one the kept flashing from the front of the vehicle. The witness watched the 12" diameter craft move about the room from corner to corner, flashing the strobe-like light (he believes it is a camera of some sort), then it hoovered over his bed.

He tried to remain as still as possible while shaking his wife and getting her to wake up. She also saw the craft just as it moved into postion near the foot of their bed. He noticed a very low humming sound. It then moved slowly forward and that is when they saw the tiny beings inside the craft looking out at them - they both sat up in bed and the beings looked surprised, then the craft took off very quickly towards the closet/chimney area and dissappeared. They could not get a good look at the beings inside the craft, but the witness claims that they had large heads for their small bodies, and they looked humanoid. All he could see was a kind of grey skin color and he thinks the eyes looked more like human eyes, not large almond shaped eyes that are like the typical greys.

Later, after they had fallen asleep again, the witness again woke up and saw a white-gloved hand floating approximately 10" above his head. He only saw this for a couple of seconds, then it dissappeared. He jumped out of bed to investigate but could find nothing in the room.

The couple has seen similar things in the past.

Was this Another Close Range Encounter with a Thunderbird Near South Greensburg, Pennsylvania?

By Researcher Stan Gordon

On the evening of August 26, 2010, about 8:10 pm, there was a sighting of a monstrous bird in South Greensburg, PA. Just as it was getting dark, four people were sitting around in the yard having a barbecue and enjoying the beautiful weather when suddenly, their attention was drawn skyward by a sound like a “swish” or a “swoosh” or as one witness stated, “like air coming straight down.”

Several of the observers at almost the same time yelled out some exclamations including one man who said, “What the hell is that?” They were all startled to see a tremendously large bird that was flying over a tree in the yard about 30-40 feet overhead. The man who was doing the cooking turned and looked up to see the creature fly above him at a distance of about 40 feet away. As the bird passed the tree, it veered slightly to the right and went straight down the road ahead, maintaining its low level path.

When first observed, the massive wings of the creature were in an upward position and were beginning to drop slowly, almost as if they were rolling to the bottom. The swoosh sound could be heard when the wings were moving. The powerful bird had flown about 125 yards down the road, at which time the wings were coming back up. The creature was observed as it continued to move steadily down the road, passing just above the roof top of a house with its wings flapping slowly and steadily about 3-4 time until it reached a group of trees about ¼ mile away, where it was lost from sight. It took about 20 seconds to go the ¼ mile distance.

I interviewed two of the witnesses at the scene and they were able to provide a detailed description of the giant flying creature. As it passed over, it appeared as though it was peering below, with its head and beak positioned downward. It was estimated that if the bird was on the ground it would stand between 4 ½ to 5 feet tall. The entire body was the same dark color, either darkish brown or black. The body width was about 25-30 inches wide. One witness said the body, “was very bulky and husky.”

The head was oval shaped, and the beak was short for the size of the animal, about 8-10 inches long. The tail was about 2 feet long and came out wide to a point. It was the size of the wingspan of the creature that impressed the witnesses, which they estimated at 10 feet or more in length. When asked why nobody thought to take a picture, they pointed out that while there were cell phones lying there with camera functions, all involved were mesmerized by the encounter. One fellow I talked with said that after the experience he felt as if he was “almost in shock.”

It was later learned that another witness who lived along the road where the big bird flew over also reportedly saw the creature. One witness has been a long time hunter and is very familiar with birds native to the state and is certain that he saw something quite unusual. The area where these observations have taken place, while surrounded with some wooded locations, is well populated, and nearby Route 119 is a highly traveled roadway.

There has been a long history of sightings of giant birds with oversized wingspans in Pennsylvania as well as other sections of the United States and elsewhere. Many refer to these giant flying creatures as “Thunderbirds.” It is interesting to note that over the years around the same general area as this sighting, other residents have reported a similar strange “swoosh” sound, as though a huge bird had passed overhead, but nothing was seen.

Now years later, here is another detailed close range observation of a huge flying creature just a short distance away from the location where in 2001, a similar observation had taken place. It was on September 25, 2001, that a witness reported seeing a huge, dark colored bird flying about 50-60 feet above the traffic along Route 119 in South Greensburg. The observer was drawn to look upwards when he heard a sound, “like flags flapping in a thunderstorm.” That witness was stunned by the wingspan of the flying creature which he estimated was between 10 and 15 feet.

Reader Submitted Report
Where - Pittsfield NH

When – 8:30pm – Nov 2nd 2008

Weather – Clear starry sky. Temp-58

Witness - My wife saw it after I alerted her to come out… I don’t think anyone else I our community saw it.

How did I feel? What an interesting question. Bear with me as I will expand beyond the intension of your question… I felt a heightened sense curiosity and awareness to analyze what I was seeing (no fear).

The strongest possibility is that UFO’s are the result of undisclosed black research projects accomplished via decades of secret budget quantities utilized to fund lead scientists like Boyd Bushman and the like.

History has always demonstrated that power wins wars and does what it pleases. I certainly hope there is an exception involving this technology should it be terrestrial.

I also believe that intelligent extraterrestrial life exists and I guess at this point in my life I’m interested to collaborate with other to compare perspectives.

Above is what we saw… this is the underside of the object as seen over our house. I heard a rumbling sound outside (kinda like the same sound on the Star Wars movie where that huge reflective jet craft rumbled as it slowed down when approaching the planet) so I stepped out onto my deck and the object was about 1500ft in the air right above my house. The object then proceeded in a Northerly direction at about 100 mile an hour (for such a large craft the visual of it in my opinion was that it was moving slow) for about 2 miles and then curved/turned Westerly towards Loudon… probably just short of the NHIS Speedway as the crow flies.


ericswan said...

I'm going to blurt.

Kennedy was killed by one of the four sniper teams supposed to protect him.

The Sphinx is 52,000-54,000 years old.

On Dec. 22, 2012, the continent of North America will be covered by a tidal wave 6,500 feet high.

There will be three waves. The largest is last.

Morocco Bama said...

On Dec. 22, 2012, the continent of North America will be covered by a tidal wave 6,500 feet high.

Where do you plan on being that day, Eric? That would certainly explain the Seed Vault....at least partly explain it.

I'm thinking I may move to the Himalayas....the wife and I can start a school there.

I definitely think JFK was triangulated by sniper teams. It was one of the most professional hits on a VIP ever, if you think about it. It was meant to send a message for those in a position to receive that message. It was a ritual sacrifice for the Plutocratic Oligarchy.

Morocco Bama said...

Eric, is blurt a place you go when you've been naughty...kinda like hell.

Oh shit....I'm going to blurt!!!

Or, is it something brown, odoriferous and gelatinous you accidentally do in your pants....or, if you're one of Richard's clients you do purposely on the floor for Richard to clean up?

Morocco Bama said...

Richard, did you see where the Hive Mind over at RI suspended undead for taking the victim, hava, to task over the MDMA/Ecstasy debate?

People repeatedly run roughshod over HMW and ridicule him incessantly, yet undead speaks plainly and gets suspended. Precisely why I would never sign up to that group think forum. They go there to jack off on each other.

Bigfoot said...

Enough with the sheep shots, I cant help the fact the woolly devils are everywhere down here. They're in the paddocks, on supermarket shelves in pieces, bleating in stadiums, malls, and sniffing the fragrant arse of our esteemed political "leaders". You yank's could be a lot nicer to us clean & green kiwi's, after all, we made your Agent Orange for yiz during Nam man.

And on behalf of all the sheep here, sorry about this-


They shall be water-boarded.

ericswan said...

I take umbrage at your comments bf. I have a mind to contact Richard to see if we can have your comment bleeted out.

Shrub..the truth is stranger than you want to hear these days..

Dr. Atrueott.com was saying just yesterday that the reason they can't find a birth certificate for the main man is that he is a clone. His interview with "Liz" went on to say that a few of the mkultra/artichoke/monarch types came back from the future with amero coins featuring an african/american and the year 2018? 2028? on the coin.

The data for the big wave of 2012 comes from Patrik Geryl. He bases this crisis on a cyclical occurance that was recorded by Egyptian/Mayan docs which he supplies and interprets. His interview with project camelot is interesting.

His books are better but the free interview on the net covers all the bases. He has a group of "survivors" building shelters and boats in the southern hemisphere. He says there is no hope for North Americans.

Anyway, I do have a plan. If I'm missing anything it's an M-10 gas mask which the Americans can get but we in Canada, cannot. I'm not a young man and see no reason for me to struggle too hard to be a survivor but I have all the materials required to make a go of it. It's made more complicated by the super CME's which come first, the polar shift and tidal waves second and no way to know how to beat the ice age or which way is warm. Geryl's synopsis is just a few hours for this to take place and of course there are massive earthquakes, 400 mile an hour winds and it's all happened before.

Boogfit said...

Hey Eric, Richard wont have a baa of it. Now there's a secret knock for the backdoor of Denver Airport I hear-

Morocco Bama said...

Eric, does Geryl expect any of that to interrupt cable, cell phone and internet service? So long as they keep that in tact, they can do what they want in 2012.

Also, what is a bleat? Is it related to a blurt?

So long as we're at it, what is a paddock? Is it some sort of fish? Underwear?

Finally, what is a yank? Someone who pulls his pud preponderantly?

just_another_dick said...

Eric & Shrub, you're both way off on the JFK deal.

Mary Pinchot Meyer had slipped Kennedy a DMT laced cocktail as he lazed around in the post coital haze that comes after a man cocks some tail.
This experience retuned JFK's brain to receive the emanations of ultraterrestrials who dutifully infested JFK's body like a swarm of bees(Shrub, this is the real origin of "hive mind.").

After the infestation occurred, the UTs directed all of JFK's subsequent actions, from firing Dulles to pulling out of Vietnam to pronging Marilyn (Well, wouldn't you?).

These sudden course changes in US foreign policy so alarmed right wing America that JFK's death was all but guaranteed.

Oswald really was the assassin. The head shot that disorients researchers wasn't from a bullet. It occurred when the infesting UTs, fearing for their own lives, forced their way out of Kennedy through the back of his skull. Normally UTs exit through the asshole, but Kennedy's opiate usage, taken to counteract his chronic back pain, caused a serious blockage (opiates often cause chronic constipation) at Kennedy's nether porthole.

After the assassination, the UTs urged Meyer to attempt the same scenario with LBJ, but she kept insisting that she couldn't possibly "do it" with a man who looked like "a sheep raping warthog."

At the time of her death, the UTs were close to convincing her, which leads me to believe that the military industrial complex has discovered the UTs presence amongst us.

This has been proven, I think, by the spate of military abductions disguised as aliens acting like sheep raping warthogs, that have been used to discredit the UT presence in America.

Of course, there have been other attempts to subtly alter presidential agendas, but these have failed miserably. Republican presidents seem genetically programmed to reject the UT presence.

For example, Nixon's famous 18 minute tape gap was deleted when it was discovered that a Puerto Rican rent boy had coated his anus with DMT in an attempt to infect Nixon.
Supposedly the sound of Nixon laughing in genuine childlike joy caused more than a few Secret Service folk to defecate in their pants.

Also, Hinkley's bullet wasn't really a bullet, but the UT presence just addled Reagan's already addled brain.

& Bush the Elder wasn't vomiting over bad sushi. Evidently DMT, when used on the cocks of prepubescent Asian boys, mutates into an emetic.

The last attempt was made on GW, but the UTs were so terrified at the utter blackness of the void inside Mr. Bush, they inadvertantly blocked his windpipe in their frenzy to escape "the horror."

I hope this clears things up for you guys.

Morocco Bama said...

I appreciate the analysis, Richard, but I still don't know what the hell a blurt, Geryl, paddock, bleat or yank are.

Sorry if I'm being sheepish.

just_another_dick said...

"I appreciate the analysis, Richard, but I still don't know what the hell a blurt, Geryl, paddock, bleat or yank are."

That's easy Shrub.

First you find a "Geryl"
then "bleat" pathetically at her
till she agrees to "yank" your "paddock"
until you "blurt."

Happens all the time.

just_another_dick said...

Eric, here are my thoughts on the epic adventure foreseen by the sacred, holy & ultraconnected deities we know as the Mayans:

Interdimensional ultraterrestrials will spurt out of every available human orifice. Laughing maniacally they will circle the globe, raining gifts of clarified butter, Oreos & scented body wash down upon all of the faithful who have diligently bought & credulously swallowed every 2012 book, theory, & film. At one minute to midnight on Dec. 21st, the ultraterrestrials, having triangulated themselves according to ancient Mayan astronomical knowledge coupled with Pat Robertson's secret Masonic phone number, will drop their pants, en masse, & destroy us with a biological attack unseen since the beer & taco fueled frenzy that obliterated Whiskey Joe's back in 74.

My advice is to buy as much Pantene shampoo as you can fit into a Humvee, 300 quarts of Ragu Parmesan spaghetti sauce, the collected works of Dostoevsky, & every Link Wray CD still in print, then furiously race to the middle of the nearest desert, strip naked, & repeatedly chant Ed McMahon's "HEEEERE'S JOHNNY" mantra, over & over, until the danger has passed.

You've been warned!

ericswan said...

It was to be expected. You've missed the point. www.atrueott.com is on www.themicroeffect.com radio program in an hour. He has been brain scanned and will have forgotten all about what he said yesterday because we know that yesterday is just a projection from the space this planet occupied before it moved along.

Bigfoot said...

Haha! thanks Richard, I bought Sunsilk Moisture Plus, for dry & damaged hair, better for desert washes. Morocco, pud? I'd never heard of that word before but thank god I did, an online search led me to this...and I could use this-


My ma & pa had me cut at an early age, apparently "everybody was doing it". I'm a circumcision fashion victim.