Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Chemtrails & Advertising & Mind Controlled Zombies, Oh Shit

I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, an expert de-bunker or believer in chemtrail theories, but, given the carefully controlled nature of all advertising, one can't help wondering about their appearance in TV ads.
The first one is practically a primer for Internet chemtrail fears, isn't it?

So, WTF?


Morocco Bama said...

I was on the Chemtrail kick several years prior. Like you, as you may remember, I was noticing the preponderance of the phenomenon in the sky and couldn't help reporting my observations. I also knew that the theories surrounding the phenomenon smelled like pure disinformation. What's interesting is that since that time, at least in the skies over Atlanta, the Chemtrails are rarely seen anymore. Only occasionally....meaning rarely......especially since Obama was elected.

By the way, your embedded youtube videos are getting cut off on the right edge.

What we have had in Atlanta for the past two months the majority of the time is fog that lingers until 2-3pm in the afternoon. I have lived here eight yeasr and have never witnessed chronic persistent fog, if that's what it is, like this. Very strange.

Anonymous said...

"So wtf?"

You posted it on your blog, didn't you?