Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day Baby

Today is Labor Day.

Ostensibly a day to raise awareness amongst working class sheep(BF, see previous post's comments) about economic inequality, the history of the labor movement, & the power we, the people, have to shape the world as we see fit, these days it's degenerated into another excuse for porcine(there BF, we on to pigs now) America to shovel gobs of overcooked meat into its voraciously greasy maw as it fuels up for those massive Labor Day sales where it can purchase, on the cheap, carts full of goodies made by indentured servants & slave labor.

The irony is so black even my irony blackened lungs keep trying to cough it out.

Maybe I shouldn't be so cynical. Maybe labor really isn't as dead as the middle class.
Let's see what the AFL-CIO has to say:

Jesus, this sounds like a State Farm commercial.

With so much imagery to choose from, imagery that could rub America's face in its own fecal hypocrisy, the AFL-CIO opts out & makes a totally toothless pep talk. I suppose I shouldn't expect much else from a labor movement that inundated me with pre-election pro-Obama phone calls telling me how Mr. Obama would, upon election, "protect our wages."

I wonder how those 30 million unemployed Americans are enjoying their "protected wages." Then again, maybe that's what labor meant. After all, zero wages seems to be the easiest wages for a president to protect. If that's the case, labor's money was well spent this presidential go-round.

Oh well, I've rambled on enough. Time for a few burgers, a few hot dogs, and a fast trip to Wal-Mart for some blood drenched bargain items and a long wait in line.

Yee-fucking-ha baby!


ericswan said...

I'm in a union. We are negotiating a contract that expired 13 months ago. I will check the union page and see where we're at..hold on...

We are having a general membership meeting on the 13th. Yawwnnnnnnnnnnnn.

Not a word about Labour Day. Who woulda thunk it.

ericswan said...
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just_another_dick said...

Well E, I'm in a union, and, as of October, will have worked 12 months without a contract.

If past picket history is any kind of indicator, I'd bet my union will finally call a strike for days when it's really fucking cold.

I always look forward to begging in the snow. Maybe the union thinks it will make us look even more pathetic than we already are...