Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Hoodoo Obamanator

Oh, I seen him walking
Plowing down that road
He got a broken white man
With a heavy load
Oh, Lord have mercy
Upon my foolish soul
It is so cold & dark
Behind these eyes of coal

Its the Hoodoo Obamanator

When a tribe teeters on the brink, it finds itself forced into the orbit of the nearest Hoodoo Obamanator, a shamanic trickster with magic wand & fairy dust, one part magician, one part witch doctor, who has the power to step between raindrops & alter the past.

"We have met our responsibility," Obama said. "Now it is time to turn the page."

Here, the Hoodoo Obamanator takes rivers of blood and pallets of lost treasure and alchemically transforms this dross into pyrite nuggets of honorable promises met, and complicity to forget.

"The United States has paid a huge price to give Iraqis the chance to shape their future.

This time the Hoodoo Obamanator sprinkles corpse dust from his gris-gris bag onto an illegal invasion. Slowly the image of this crime wavers, like heat rising from asphalt, slowly beginning to glow with zirconia like nobility.

"Winding down Iraq will allow the United States to apply the resources necessary to go on the offense in Afghanistan."

Using the arcane wisdom of "The Football Cult," whose adherents have mastered the ages old ascetic discipline known as "The Way Of The Fat Drunken Couch Tater," he mutates invader into defender & defender into invader.

"It's well known that he and I disagreed about the war from its outset," Obama said. "Yet no one could doubt President Bush's support for our troops, or his love of country and commitment to our security."

The Hoodoo Obamanator, scrying mirror in hand, calls up the image of the tragic king, now vanished in the mists of history. Muttering outre spells in Enochian double talk,
he remolds & reshapes the vanished king's reign of blood & callous disregard into a myth for our new, well earned tomorrow.


Morocco Bama said...


What's amazing is that this cocksucker (or his speech writer's, that is) laid it all out, craftily, in his inaugural address. Of course, I saw through the ruse that is him way back in 2004 when they made him the keynote speaker at the Democratic National Convention. My wife and I both looked at each other and said he would be the next president.....and, of course, he was, and is.

In the inaugural address, though, he essentially praises the last 230 years of ass fucking and promises that the ass fucking will never end, and the ass fuckers will not apologize, let alone acknowledge the ass fucking.

Here's an excellent analysis and break down of his inaugural address. The author sees the hologram that is Obama in very much the same light we see him. An illusion on which to project one's delusions.


I love this line best of all, because it's now a requirement for the head cheerleader (whether it be Dubya or Bama) to say this like it's a pledge of allegiance.....which, of course, it is.

We Will Not Apologize For Our Way of Life.

The black husband and wife across the street told me several months prior that they believe that Obama is doing marvelously and that he was "sent by God." I kid you not. Oh, and they also voted for him because he was black....that was in their own words.

Not sure if you have ever caught any Chappelle, but here's a skit from 2004 entitled Black Bush. As I said before, Satire and Reality are merging as the Singularity of everything, including hilarity, is upon us.



ericswan said...

Well, no one's paying attention so it don't matter what he says.

Morocco Bama said...


Eric, I would agree that many aren't paying attention, but I wouldn't say everyone isn't paying attention. Considering your statement, though, why does he say it if no one is paying attention? Surely, according to your worldview, he and his puppet masters and cohorts would understand that most aren't paying attention, and yet they prepare the words and utter them.....for who? Each other? Posterity? The few of us who are paying attention, see it all for what it is, and resist in any and every way we can? A message to all the Cool Hand Lukes out there that it's not over....it goes on....the race is not over.



just_another_dick said...

You must have a better scrying tool than I do Shrub, because I didn't think this country would "try black."

Supposedly, once you try black, you never go back.

Unsurprisingly, Tony Blair published his memoir yesterday. Evidently it's filled with the same level of humor that spiced up Obama's speech.

LONDON (Reuters) – Former British prime minister Tony Blair said on Wednesday he could have not have imagined what he called the "nightmare" that unfolded in Iraq but still did not regret joining the U.S.-led invasion.

In a political memoir Blair echoed previous statements that the 2003 invasion was justified because Saddam Hussein posed a threat and could have developed weapons of mass destruction.

The self-penned volume "A Journey" was published on the day the United States formally ended combat operations in Iraq after a conflict that claimed more than 100,000 deaths, most of them civilians.

Blair, 57, said he felt "desperately sorry" for the lives cut short, but said the mistaken belief that Saddam was hiding weapons of mass destruction was an "understandable error."

"I can't regret the decision to go to war ... I can say that never did I guess the nightmare that unfolded," said Blair, referring to the years of political and sectarian bloodshed in Iraq that followed the invasion.

"I have often reflected as to whether I was wrong. I ask you to reflect as to whether I may have been right."

Blair was the closest ally of former U.S. President George W. Bush over the decision to invade Iraq.

The decision was the most controversial of Blair's 10-year premiership, provoking huge protests, divisions within his Labour Party and accusations he deceived Britons over his reasons for war when weapons of mass destruction were not found.

"I feel words of condolence and sympathy to be entirely inadequate," Blair wrote of the war's casualties.

"They have died and I, the decision-maker in the circumstances that led to their deaths, still live."

So, how hard do you think he was laughing while he penned that last bit. You can almost hear him muttering 'suckers" under his breath as he typed.

just_another_dick said...

By the way Shrub, I really don't expect much else in this country.

We are forever "turning the page" on our bullshit.

How else would we get to the next bullshit filled page if we didn't turn the page on the last one?

This is only shocking if you're young enough to think 911 & the Bush years were some kind of epic course change for the US ship of state.
Always looked like business as usual to me.

Same with Obama's speech. It isn't any more absurd than Reagan, after
"liberating" Granada from 40 Cubans," sputtering out that "this signals the end of the Vietnam Syndrome."

Or some such nonsense.

We love nonsense here in CartoonLand.

Just look at Iraq as one big animated pratfall, laugh heartily, and move on to the next sight gag.

Morocco Bama said...

Oh, there are many pages, Richard, and turning of pages, but all of the pages say the same thing over and over again.


Morocco Bama said...

By the way Shrub, I really don't expect much else in this country.

I don't expect much else from any country.

The only hope is future generations by planting those seeds now....the seeds of critical, independent thought, inquiry and creativity. It may be improbable.....a pipe dream, if you will, but it's not implausible.....and it is absolutely mandatory of there is to be any hope. We'll never live to see it, that's for sure, but at least I know I will die trying.

just_another_dick said...

Just to clarify Shrub, I wasn't insinuating that you think it's shocking. I know you're old enough to know better.

I'm just constantly amazed at the level of outrage the left has shown over the last 10 years.

I don't lump you in with them.

I read the Znet piece & I just wanted to ask the writer if the speech really deserved a point by point critique with footnotes.

Seems like a lot of time wasted on stating the obvious, given the fact that the folks who populate the Znet echo chamber are probably aware of its absurdities.

I bring it up because I just read an issue of Mother Jones, which I haven't done in years, & I was struck by how alien I find popular leftist thought.

The magazine lionizes minorities, yet all pictured contributors were white, as were the editors. They "exposed" Glenn Beck's Goldline sponsor while simultaneously appearing to debunk claims that the US currency is in trouble.
They even have a section where they "de-bunk" conspiracy theories.

The Mother Jones folk seem like quintessential liberals who are genetically incapable of seeing past Obama's skin color, much like your black neighbors.
I also suspect that these quintessential liberals live far away from black drive bys & black drug gangs, preferring "civilized" upscale black folk as neighbors, while saving the po' folk for photo spreads in their magazine.

Morocco Bama said...

I didn't think you were lumping me in with the Liberals and Progressives, Richard. If anything, and I deplore having to be something, I would say I lean more towards Anarchy, but even that's too formal and committal for my tastes. I think the ZNet article picked the speech apart well enough, but I also am of the same persuasion as you and that is you want to say to these morons "what did you expect?" Those same morons laughed at me for two years leading up to the election when I told them exactly what this prick would do. Now they want to own my preemptive criticism without any form of contrition. No dice.

just_another_dick said...

Just clarifying things Shrub. Now that you mention it, I do remember that you were a bit irate at their treatment of you.

Anarchist sounds good to me. My problem with clubs is that the members often expend more energy defending "the club" than they do searching for "the truth."

Robin Ramsey, the publisher of Britain's Lobster, once said that the left is incapable of backing any conspiracy theory promoted by the right, no matter how much the evidence says different. The same holds true fro the right.

Mother Jones and their braying about the strength of the dollar underlined Ramsey's point quite nicely.
I suspect a Republican president would utterly change their assessment of the US currency and its problems.

Which brings us back to that nostalgic "divide & conquer" strategy, doesn't it?

Every anti-government tea party supporter I know thinks the solution is another Republican.
Which is why I found Tea Party rhetoric so self serving.

Love to keep chatting, but I'm off to lose an eye for Christ.

ericswan said...

I'm a communitarian. We the people accept the fact that 10 percent control 90 percent of the wealth. We the people realize the only thing we can change is ourselves. But we can't change what we are, where we live, how we make a living or what our neighbours do, say, act or not act. All we communitarians can do is love each other. Maybe, we should try that and see how it changes the 10 percenters.

Anonymous said...

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