Friday, August 6, 2010

Trailers, Dumpsters & Air Conditioners Oh My....

It is a gloriously cool August night here in the HOME OF THE FREE & THE LAND OF THE BRAVE. At times I almost feel like bursting into song just because Americans are so fucking cool & I'm so American & it is so fucking cool to be American.

Shit, I can't resist...

Man, that felt good. How do those lyrics go?

"21 guns, a box made of pine,
A letter from the government sealed & signed
Delivered Federal Express
On your mother's doorstep"

Hey, wait a minute.
These Clutch bastards seem to be casting aspersions on the good ol' US of A & its glorious (I love that word) war effort.

Shit, what do these liberal fucks want anyway?

Not only are we pulling out of Iraq but we're kind enough to leave them a bushel full of our neat consumer goodies.

FALLUJAH, Iraq — The remnants of the US occupation of Iraq are being sold to the highest bidders in yard sales across the country.

The outskirts of cities like Baghdad, Fallujah, and Ramadi — once bastions of the Sunni insurgency — are now destinations for bargain hunters interested in items such as generators and trailers. As the US military draws down to 50,000 troops by the end of the summer, the junk left behind is quickly becoming part of the Iraqi landscape.

Just outside Fallujah, Iraqi merchants Mohammed Issawi and Abu Saif sat recently on plastic chairs in the blistering sun. Broken generators, trailers, dumpsters, and air conditioners graced the dirt lot behind them. Some of the items were emblazoned with the red, white, and blue flag of the United States.

After all that the US occupation has taken from Iraq, Issawi said, Iraqis deserve to get something back.

“These are our things,’’ he said. “They took these things from us, and now we are selling them back. They occupied our country by force.’’

Families buy $1,000 trailers once fashioned into sleeping quarters for soldiers and Marines. Base latrines have become cheaper alternatives to traditional dwellings made of brick and concrete. Air-conditioner units and large generators that can stave off Iraq’s blistering summers are sold at half-price.

Merchants say they come across the goods in different ways. Some was found, some was stolen, and some was sold to them. Much of it, they say, was just given away.

At his auction outside Balad, north of Baghdad, Ahmed Adnan showed off a hodgepodge of merchandise. He sells blast walls to the provincial government in northern Iraq’s Nineveh province, where explosions remain a threat. Civilians can buy items such as iPods and laptops.

See that? There isn't anything more American than a flea market or a yard sale, is there?
These people are learning the simple joys of capitalism. Plain & simple.
These days, Americans seem to be staging flea markets everywhere.

Despite tough economic times, many flea markets are in boom times.

That's because flea markets carry increased cache during such downturns, said Mark Blakewood, executive director of the National Flea Market Association. "Consumers are looking for ways to maximize their spending dollar. The industry as a whole has seen increased traffic flow."

There are an estimated 2,500 flea markets in the United States, and the number is growing.

"People want to earn money any way possible," Blakewood said. "Just like the phrase says, 'One man's junk is another man's treasure.'"

"One man's junk is another man's treasure."

Did y'all here that?
Not only did we free the Iraqis from the oppressive yoke of a big stinky bad guy, but we gave them "treasure" too. How cool is that?

Let me answer that: it's American cool baby.

Not only that, but, in our tried & true method of leading by example, our glorious (oh yeah) invasion of Iraq has also inspired many of those poor heathens to seek out the mother lode of all mother lodes: The United States of America.

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Ahmed is desperate to get out of Baghdad, after Islamists threatened to kill him or his children because he worked for Western media after the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Like thousands of others, he hopes to land a U.S. refugee visa to escape bombings, shootings and death threats in his homeland.

"Fundamentalists told me over the phone: if you don't quit work we will either kill you or one of your children," said Ahmed, a father of a son and two daughters who said he was afraid to give his full name.

The journalist hopes to join over 4.7 million Iraqis who have left their homes since 2003, in what the United Nations refugee agency, the UNHCR, calls the worst humanitarian crisis in the Middle East since 1948. Some 700,000 people, half the Arab population of Palestine in May 1948, fled or were forced to flee from their homes after Israel was created.

Violence has ebbed in Iraq since the height of sectarian warfare in 2006-07 but bombings and shootings still occur regularly. The number of civilian deaths from violence almost doubled in July compared to June, according to government figures.

Not all Iraqis flee abroad. Half of the 4.7 million displaced persons took refuge in other parts of Iraq, some squatting in public buildings, according to the UNHCR.

Ahmed hoped for better when he returned to Iraq after finishing a year as a visiting teacher in the United States in 2008. His dreams were quickly dashed.

"The security breaches turned from car bombs and roadside bombs into silenced guns, assassinations, zero services, no water, no power," he said. "I am concerned about my children's safety when they go to school."

Obviously a bunch of left leaning Iraqi whiners.
Let's see if we can find someone who appreciates the red white & blue...

"I couldn't believe that I was going to the States and that my dream was coming true," said Basheer Rasheed Mahmoud, who works as a cameraman for CNN, the U.S. cable news channel.

"But all these feelings turned around when the plane landed in New York airport. Reality is not like what I see in movies or what I hear from friends. It was a state of alienation. I was astray, feeling choked," he said.

Mahmoud, 22, had applied for a U.S. visa after getting death threats from al Qaeda. Disappointment set in after two months in Texas.

"The culture, community, life, all is different to my country," Mahmoud said. "I met some Iraqi friends who tried to lure me to stay but I just couldn't.

Fuck, another whiner.
"A state of alienation" he says?
Well Hadji, that's why we make fucking Prozac, isn't it?

Oh well, I think he'll get the point eventually. Someday he may be medicated enough...ooops...meditative enough to even thank us.

LONDON -- Saddam Hussein's leading lieutenant accused the United States of abandoning Iraq and leaving the country to die, according to a British newspaper interview to be published Friday.

Tariq Aziz, whose long tenure as Saddam's foreign minister made him the international face of the Iraqi dictator's regime, was quoted by The Guardian newspaper as saying that he was hopeful about President Barack Obama at first.

"I thought he was going to correct some of the mistakes of Bush," the paper quoted Aziz as saying from his jail cell in north Baghdad. "But Obama is a hypocrite. He is leaving Iraq to the wolves."

The Guardian said that Aziz slammed the planned withdrawal of U.S. forces from the country, saying that both America and the United Kingdom had an obligation to make sure Iraq was back on its feet before exiting.

"We are all victims of America and Britain," Aziz said, according to the paper. "They killed our country in many ways. When you make a mistake you need to correct a mistake, not leave Iraq to its death."

Aziz, who was handed over to Iraqi authorities by the United States several months ago, refused to condemn his former boss, who was executed in December 2006.

"If I speak now about regrets, people will view me as an opportunist," he told the paper. "When I am free and can write the truth."

He used to watch over the little baby dinosaurs
Now he keeps his eye on America.


Morocco Bama said...

This is depressin...but I stills gots my teeths.

just_another_dick said...

That's right Mr. Geddon, keep your eye on the positive.

Personally, I've jettisoned all that "the shit's gonna hit the fan any day now" negativity.

What you're witnessing is the "rebooting of Dick." An epic affair that will make the Overton Window look like the
Overton Porthole.

I've decided that doom & gloom is for pansies.

If all those unemployed folk wouldn't have wasted their precious work lives surfing Internet porn, they'd still have jobs.

What goes around comes around, I always say. & while the hard worker gets the honey, the dullard often times gets the pink slip.

It's the wisdom of the market writ large in permanent marker right across the slack-jaw's foreheads.

A new Scarlet Letter for the scofflaw & lay-about.

My dialectics are quite logical Mr. Geddon.
Much like Occam & his bullshit slicing Razor, I've developed Dick's Beaver Cleaver to hack through the steaming chunks of misinformed offal continually lobbed at us my THE LIBERAL MEDIA.

In the coming months I'm launching my BUSH FOR GOD website in an effort to raise the man to the heights he so richly deserves.

Mr. Bush had a way of encapsulating the numinous in simple, everyday phrases like



"mushroom cloud."

Oh my, and when he elevated the phrase "smoking gun," & goosed it onto another, almost liminally sanctified plain I thought I would bust a wad in my knickers.

Thank God for UTube.

Now that I've seen the light & heard the call I can traipse back at will and relive those moments I had heretofore disparaged Mr. Bush, & redo them. I can almost smell the beatified odor of him through the itty bitty view screen.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again Dick for the articles.

Here's part of a speech by Erica Goldson, top of her class, during the graduation ceremony at Coxsackie - Athens H.S. on June 25, 2010.

...While others sat in class and doodled to later become great artists, I sat in class to take notes and become a great test-taker. While others would come to class without their homework done because they were reading about an interest of theirs, I never missed an assignment. While others were creating music and writing lyrics, I decided to do extra credit, even though I never needed it. So, I wonder, why did I even want this position? Sure, I earned it, but what will come of it? When I leave educational institutionalism, will I be successful or forever lost? I have no clue about what I want to do with my life; I have no interests because I saw every subject of study as work, and I excelled at every subject just for the purpose of excelling, not learning. And quite frankly, now I’m scared...

...And now here I am in a world guided by fear, a world suppressing the uniqueness that lies inside each of us, a world where we can either acquiesce to the inhuman nonsense of corporatism and materialism or insist on change. We are not enlivened by an educational system that clandestinely sets us up for jobs that could be automated, for work that need not be done, for enslavement without fervency for meaningful achievement. We have no choices in life when money is our motivational force. Our motivational force ought to be passion, but this is lost from the moment we step into a system that trains us, rather than inspires us.

We are more than robotic bookshelves, conditioned to blurt out facts we were taught in school. We are all very special, every human on this planet is so special, so aren’t we all deserving of something better, of using our minds for innovation, rather than memorization, for creativity, rather than futile activity, for rumination rather than stagnation? We are not here to get a degree, to then get a job, so we can consume industry-approved placation after placation. There is more, and more still.

The saddest part is that the majority of students don’t have the opportunity to reflect as I did. The majority of students are put through the same brainwashing techniques in order to create a complacent labor force working in the interests of large corporations and secretive government, and worst of all, they are completely unaware of it. I will never be able to turn back these 18 years. I can’t run away to another country with an education system meant to enlighten rather than condition. This part of my life is over, and I want to make sure that no other child will have his or her potential suppressed by powers meant to exploit and control. We are human beings. We are thinkers, dreamers, explorers, artists, writers, engineers. We are anything we want to be – but only if we have an educational system that supports us rather than holds us down. A tree can grow, but only if its roots are given a healthy foundation...

Morocco Bama said...

I read that, Belliosto. I have to disagree with her on this part.

The saddest part is that the majority of students don’t have the opportunity to reflect as I did.

No, that's not the saddest part. The saddest part is realizing this system for what it is, and not being able to do a damn thing to change it. Every action you take only serves to perpetuate it. Not even killing yourself results in a get out of jail free card. No, the architects of this quagmire have tipped their hat too many times now with movies like Inception. The message is clear.....there's no way out, and considering that, ignorance is bliss. Oh, you're not ignorant....well, that's too bad, it was our one gift to you, but instead you took the apple and bit it. Now you must live the rest of eternity with the knowledge that you are in hell and powerless to escape this fate.

ericswan said...

I have worked in a uranium mine. We shipped millions of pounds of that stuff around the world. Our little tourist operation would sell a few ounces of yelllow cake to anyone who wanted a souvenir for a couple of bucks. I suppose that could be considered a WMD by today's standards.

There was a blocky chunk of raw rock outside the museum with the claim that there was enough energy in that breadbox sized rock to power a household for two and a half years.

Most of the component parts of yellow cake have nothing whatsoever to do with uranium. It's fill and it's there to keep the stuff from achieving critical mass.

ericswan said...

I've come to the conclusion that the net is not worth the struggle it takes to get a word in edgewise. First thing I will do is cancel cable. The next thing is cancel internet. The last thing I will do in this, the year of the tagger,....

just_another_dick said...

Mr. B., that would be have been an impressive bit of incite from a 45 year old, let alone an 18 year old.

On the other hand, that is the kind of incite that only comes from privilege.

I took a virtual trip around the area where the school is located & it looks like a nicely kept American town.

I doubt that her quest for test taking excellence was marred by any drive by shootings.

I'd also have to disagree with the sugary "we're all unique individuals that need our uniqueness nurtured" line of shite.

It implies some external nurturing agent that, in my opinion, doesn't exist.
I think one's uniqueness can only be nurtured by oneself.

Furthermore, if people craved anything other than the homogenizing effect of mass culture, they'd turn it off.

Here in the Pittsburgh area we're plummeting into the time of mass homogenization better known as football season. Where everyone around here magically sprouts $100 "authentic" Steeler jerseys to hide their love handles & every Sunday night news telecast begins with a recap of that day's game, as if it's the most important story of the day.

As one talk radio jock babbled one year before a "big game," "Everybody who is anybody in this town cares about this game. Oh there may be a few kids in a library somewhere who don't, but who cares about them."

I watched football as a kid & I played football as a kid, but I'm not a kid anymore, & I don't have the lifetime to waste on kindershit.
I can see the damn graveyard off in the distance & it's approaching faster than I'd like. If my last days were spent ruminating on the hours I sat in a chair staring at a little box, watching other folk do shit, I think I'd be pretty damned depressed.

Needless to say, I'm waaaaaaaaaaaaay in the minority on this one, & nobody is nurturing my "uniqueness," but my response to rabid fans who want to proselytize generally revolves around variations
of, "Y'know, I really don't give a shit."

It hasn't always made me the most popular guy in the room, but I really don't give a shit.

In my opinion, most people who seem to want some mass education experience that is also unique rarely seem to have any clue as to how this should be accomplished.

Corporations call the shots because they foot a huge chunk of the education bill. They bribe their way into our schools because we let them. We gobble up each tax cut & whine uproariously at each tax increase, insanely expecting this magical "education system" to pay for itself.

Personally I'd shelve the "unique individual" crap for a well designed school curriculum that taught kids how to maintain decent relationships or how to be good parents.

After a few generations of success in that area, some of the other shit we've dredged up from our societal shadow would probably just naturally flush itself away.

just_another_dick said...

As it stands now, we live in a world where there seems to be a huge dichotomy between how people say they live and how they actually live.

About 10 years ago my union gathered some steam in drawing public attention to the relatively low wages paid to people who do what I do.
There was a big meeting with the mayor & city council where workers could tell their stories about what they do. My chapter president even asked me to speak but I declined, mainly because I knew exactly how it would end.

They had the meeting, workers sang the blues & tugged at public heart strings, and many promises of additional public funding were made right up until additional taxes were proposed to pay for our wage increase. Needless to say, the tax increase was soundly voted down & our promised wage increase re-joined Frodo & The Incredible Hulk & James Bond in the Land Of Make Believe.

For me, a good yardstick to measure my crybaby ratio has been spending a few minutes contemplating the life of some of the MR folk I work with. More specifically, the 20, or so, on campus who can't move any body part but their eyes.
To me, the young lady should be thanking her lucky stars that she has a fucking choice. Some don't.
None whatsoever.

Reality isn't always fair & it isn't always nice & it most definitely is not often nurturing.


Got me pal.

And given her description of her schoolmates, it sounds like the only one the system failed was her.

In my opinion, schools serve as a more subversive teaching system to those kids astute enough to notice.
By their bureaucratic nature they demonstrate, quite vividly, that bureaucracies are utterly useless & one should rely on one's own gut.

As much as this girl rails against the system, it sounds like she's just disappointed that it hasn't mapped her life for her.

So, she's scared, eh?

Welcome to adulthood.

Enjoy your stay.

Morocco Bama said...

For those who don't like football, there are other entertainment venues. For example, The 2010 Annual Ritual Abuse, Secretive Organizations and Mind Control Conference (with information on Satanic Ritual Abuse). I heard these are real throw downs.....people get really trippy and wild....kind of like Carnival in Brazil, or Burning Man in North Dakota.

I know it's too late for this year's festivities, but there's always next year, and if you're lucky, you may even be offered an assignment on one of the planning committees.

Here's a link:

Richard, I know this is right up your alley. No need to thank me, Godfather.

Morocco Bama said...

What's the latest hot stock pick? The economy of the future? The stock the Elites want to get their hands on? That's right, you guessed it....Garbage, or Refuse for the euphemistically inclined. In otherwords, there's a hell of a lot of clean up in our case you didn't already know.

Gates already owned 29 million shares of waste management company Republic Services (NYSE: RSG) going into 2008. He then bought the stock on 23 different occasions in 2008... and bought it another 39 times in 2009. He now owns 55 million shares.

And Warren Buffett is just starting to load up on the same stock. Berkshire-Hathaway (NYSE: BRK-A) first bought 3.6 million shares of Republic Services between June 30, 2009 and September 30, 2009... then bought another 4.7 million shares between September 30, 2009 and December 31, 2009... and then bought another 2.5 million shares between January 1, 2010 and March 31, 2010. Berkshire now owns 10.8 million shares.

All told, at today's prices, Buffett and Gates now have just over $1.9 billion in this stock.

Morocco Bama said...

Things that make you go hmmmmm....

Matt Simmons passed away yesterday from a heart attack in his pool then night. At least it wasn't a two shots to the head with a shotgun suicide.

Remember how Colby died? Very similar circumstances, it seems. Like leaving a glove or calling card.

On April 28, 1996, Colby was reported missing by neighbors. Neighbors
became suspicious of Colby's whereabouts after noticing his car still
in the driveway late Sunday. Investigators suggest that on April 27,
1996, at midnight Colby left his dinner (clams and white wine) on the
table, left the computer and radio on, left the light on, left the door
unlocked, and went out in his canoe on a rough and windy river without
a lifejacket. Then he had a heart attack, slipped into the water and
drowned. According to his family and friends, William Colby was an
extremely orderly man (a meticulous man). Colby does not go canoeing at
night. He does not go canoeing on a rough and windy river. He always
uses his lifejacket. He does not leave the plates on the table before
to leave the home. He always turns off the radio, computer and the
light before to leave his home. He always locks the door.

just_another_dick said...

Shrub, you might enjoy these bits on Matt Simmons:

Sadly, the Freepers aren't quite as amusing as they used to be.

Really don't know how to take the guy. He seemed credible at first.
Although his ties to Bush & crew paint him with a "I will spew fear inducing bullshit so I can make a bundle of $$$$$" brush.

You have to admit, the pudgy old guy looked like a poster child for a heart attack, didn't he?

I'm beginning to explore the idea that all our doom & gloom prophesying is just a variation of Christian doomsday eschatology.
Just without the saving & Savior bits.

As I'm sure you're well aware,the early enviro-movement has a plethora of disturbing subtexts wiggling around below its skin.

Morocco Bama said...

Richard, I just posted two posts and they're not showing. It indicated they were saved and I could view them, but now they're not there. Any ideas, Richard?

just_another_dick said...

Shrub, you're asking the wrong guy. I'm not exactly a computer wizard.
I know that this shitty little blogger comment gizmo won't post things longer than 4,096 characters.
You'll be redirected to a Google page that cstigates you for being too long winded. Other than that I have no idea. I repaired the e-mail link on my profile so you could e-mail them to me for re-posting. I promise I won't inundate you with whiny personal e-mails because I really don't e-mail much. I haven't e-mailed anyone in roughly 3 years. Or you could dump them on an earlier thread & I could try to cut & paste them for posting on this one.

Other than that pal, I've no idea.


just_another_dick said...

Eric, commenting is a bitch isn't it?
RI was the only place I managed to break in on a regular basis.
I give Jeff credit for allowing it to stay free form for so long.
I made tentative forays elsewhere but quickly lost interest.
Too many people use the moderate function on their comment section, which is
a. cowardly
& b. censorship.

I really effing hate wasting lifetime typing out a comment that deviates from the "Great Post! I agree with you totally!" type only to find that my disagreements have been flushed, unseen, down an InterHole.

Rather than waste further lifetime silently stewing about it, I just don't bother much anymore.

I've tried Jeff's forum but it is a little too clannish & a little too passive aggressive touchy feely for my tastes. The regulars there seem to need more nurturing & hand holding & ego stroking than I'm able to stomach for any length of time.
When I go there I just look for interesting links or videos or photos. The opinions voiced grow less & less interesting with each visit.

You're always welcome here mate. Sometimes you're more cryptic than I can decipher.
I suspect you've lurked in a lot more alternative thought sub-basements than I have & sometimes I just don't get your allusions.

Morocco Bama said...

They must have disappeared into the ether. Once I hit submit, they are gone, never to be retrieved again. That sucks because you would have gotten a kick out of them, but the moment has passed. Timing is everything, afterall. They weren't too large. I have gotten that message before, and believe it, or not, the post still shows up even after I get that message. Maybe it had something to do with mentioning Poppy Bush, Cheney, Charles Krauthammer, Ann Coulter and the Singularity all in one post....oh, and Tony Robbins and Zebras were in there, too. See if you can reconstruct it based on those HMW keywords.

Morocco Bama said...

Richard, your comments about Jeff's forum were lifted straight out of my head. Seriously, that is exactly my sentiment. Did you notice your buddy brainpanhandler posts there on occasion? What a sanctimonious, self-righteous, condescending twit he was. You really gave him a work-over. I know you were just being you, but he had to schedule extra therapy sessions with his psychiatrist as a result of the parlay.

ericswan said...


ericswan said...

Wow..looks like they are "test"ing my resolve. I'm sorry about the "kryptic" style but the fact is, I don't even think my thoughts just in case someone is listening in.

Now for something completely preponderant. (That can't be a word but at least I get it). The subject of 007. Do you realize this guy led a team of 50 that wrote the King James Version? Might have written most of Shakespeare's plays; founded the Rosicrucians (sp?) Was the illegitimate eldest son of Queen Elizabeth I: Spent time in prison and died penniless and disenfranchised.

His name is, of course, Shrub knew it all along, is

Francis Bacon.

just_another_dick said...

Jeez Shrub, I'd feel bad, but I don't. I actually thought about apologizing to him after you told me he'd been molested. I even went to the forum to seek him out. I found his only contribution to a then current thread about a photo of some poor naked guy who was either protesting something or just utterly wasted, and all Mr. Touchy Feely had to offer were a few insults centering around the meager size of the guy's penis.

I thought, "Wow! What a putz."

I then did him the only favor I could muster, I left the dipshit alone.

Eric, I actually only meant the Sean Connery version.
I know Bacon was the inspiration, but he's a box of bones.

Anonymous said...

Powerless under the establishments control mechanisms. It's the few that ruin it for the many mischievousness that is the eternal hell we are in. Why not be mischievousness? It's fun and it gives people things to do. Like building an over abundance of factories to whereas there is no option but to lay off employees, and it's doubly fun to mark up the prices of goods produced in said factories and observe rich uncles faces turn fiery red. What more motivation does one need than money?

Am I interested in education when I am in an emergency situation or maybe I'm more interested in an individual's philanthropy? Money is the answer to a lot of problems, isn't it?

It's fun to establish rulings and policies that infuriate people. Like in the Boston Public Schools desegregation (busing) 1974 U.S. District Court ruling. We send a bunch of poor white students to a black ghetto that has an under-funded school system and send a bunch of poor black students to a white ghetto that has an under-funded school system. Yes masters, that will do it. Oh what fun it is to ride In a one horse open sleigh, hey.

It's fun to set policies and fun to make money. That's why police auctions are the best ones. Watches, jewelry, stereos, furniture and automobiles. If it's hot, why not? One can buy at a discount and mark it up and make a profit. I enjoy watching television salespeople smile and love me. I know that I can trust them too. I can't trust the bald-headed man standing in front of me in line at Wal-Marts. I'm guessing he's a pedophile. I'm going to call the police on my cell just in case. Better safe than sorry. I got a couple of pictures of him too with my built in camera just in case.

There's a big sign in my neighborhood that is offering $25,000 reward for information about grandpa bank robber. His portrait is looming over the city like a picture of Stalin. I wonder if the law will get their man? In Flint a white serial killer is randomly stabbing black victims to death. He's claimed 5 victims at least and has wounded quite a few others. The law's got a portrait of him too that's been aired on local TV. I wonder what will happen with this?

It's fun to be mischievous isn't it? Since the courts and police departments are corrupted, why not rob, kill and rape people. Again dammit, it's the American way.

just_another_dick said...

"why not rob, kill and rape people."

Mr. B., I think you've finally hit bedrock with that one. You've burrowed down to the fine principles this fine country was founded on.

I do believe the Rolling Stones said it best, "It's Only Cock 'n Hole But I like It."

If you listen carefully, I think you'll hear, all the way from Wounded Knee, that buried heart skip a few beats in anticipation.

On the down side, NPR just informed me that the Swine Flu epidemic is now officially over after claiming only a paltry 18,000 casualties.

Back to the drawing board for Momma Nature or Sgt. Stryker down there at Fort Detrick, Md.
Take your pick because this truly is a shopper's paradise.
30 different types of cereal to choose from for our morning nibble in front of the telly, & oodles of boogie-men to choose from for our evening cower in front of the telly.

It's all good baby.
Slides down the gullet like a pre-chewed burger in a Castor oil coated bun.

Anonymous said...

I learn something new everyday. I just read wiki's history about the Wounded Knee Massacre. Hmm. I see gargoyles in a new light. They are Indians, man.

The American public's reaction to the battle at the time was generally favorable. Many non-Lakota living near the reservations interpreted the battle as the defeat of a murderous cult...

In an editorial response to the event, the young newspaper editor L. Frank Baum, later the author of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, wrote in the Aberdeen Saturday Pioneer on January 3, 1891:
The Pioneer has before declared that our only safety depends upon the total extermination of the Indians. Having wronged them for centuries, we had better, in order to protect our civilization, follow it up by one more wrong and wipe these untamed and untamable creatures from the face of the earth. In this lies future safety for our settlers and the soldiers who are under incompetent commands. Otherwise, we may expect future years to be as full of trouble with the redskins as those have been in the past.

Wow. F, f, follow the yellow brick r, r, road.

just_another_dick said...

Mr. B., that was a great bit of sleuthing. I guess L. Frank modeled the Lion, the Scarecrow & the Tin Man on himself since it appears that he didn't have a heart, a brain, or very much courage.

Although, this bit:

"Having wronged them for centuries, we had better, in order to protect our civilization, follow it up by one more wrong and wipe these untamed and untamable creatures from the face of the earth."

at least acknowledges who was really wronged in that little culture war.

Shrub, I said I don't post at the RI forum much anymore & then I went over there and got in an argument.

I think that my putz assessment for ol' BeePee cuts both ways in my case.

Morocco Bama said...

I've been following your back and forth with Bruce RazzleMcFazzle. I knew someone would come knocking once you posted it. Your description of that place in your last post to that thread was perfect. It's a social club where people who think they know everything can go and mentally jerk off on each others' faces. The profile of that crowd is pretty much encompassed by the contestants in these next three videos. It's classic SCTV:

Bruce reminds me of John McGinnis in the third video.

just_another_dick said...

& they appear to be compulsive in their masturbation.

I really don't understand why his feathers are so ruffled. I wasn't criticizing him. Unless he was insulted that I didn't find his big revelation so damn revelatory & it riled him.

Or maybe he's just hoping she'll stop by, see his sterling defense of her honor, and offer to blow him.
Y'know, the "friend method," where the guy plays "the platonic friend" while all the while secretly hoping the girl will just spontaneously unbutton her shirt for him.

Damn Shrub, I can remember having conversations at that girl's age with my best friend that were, in spirit, not much different then her speech.
Of course, they mostly happened when we smoked too much pot, but we generally smoked too much pot every day.

What this guy sees as some magical instance of "speaking truth to power" is more simply explained as this girl's natural maturing.
This internet seems to over-inflate every banal occurrence to mythic proportions.

I am becoming increasingly annoyed with the politicization of everything. On Saturday, my rabid, 350 lb. of anti-muscle, Republican co-worker walked in from his break just as Joe Biden finished his taped congratulations to one of the inductees. He hissed, "What's that motherfucker doing there?" As if Biden should be forbidden from liking football or being friends with a "great" football player. It be stoopid!

And I don't even like Biden.

I think some of these shitheads, if given the chance, would execute people just for having the audacity to disagree with them.

The Dazzler gives lefty hints of the same disease with his desire to "raise people out of mediocrity."
The frequently recurring phenomena of anti-elitists revealing themselves as closet elitists is always a source of amusement to me.

& you'll like this one too:
Earlier that morning, I was talking to my African friend Chris about the unprecedented Russian temperature spike & I mentioned the bit about how anti-climate changers latch onto cold days but ignore warm days when they want to "disprove" climate change.
This guy from 3rd shift, a Fox News watching Republican loving union member(which is kind of like being a black Klansman), piped up with

"Yeah, Glenn Beck had a good one about those tree huggers. He showed a picture of a kid wearing a jacket that had 'Global Warming' written across the back. Heh! If there's global warming, why does he need a jacket?"

As my mom used to say, "Ya could have knocked me over with a feather."

I said, "Okay Jim, I'll admit that wearing a "global warming jacket" as a statement is probably a pretty dumb idea, but can you explain exactly how that refutes the science of climate change?"

Stony silence followed.

Then I said, "Jim, you do realize that Beck has said that he doesn't give a shit about the political process. He's also admitted that he's in the entertainment business not the education business."

Jim said, "I don't know, he's better than most of them."

& there it ended. Our consciousness raising mind meld, where ideas radiate with such truth that they change lives & alter paradigms.

Morocco Bama said...

I know that conversation with your coworker too well, Richard. That's my world, as well.....and close to home. My mother is a big Glenn Beck fan....I think I've mentioned that before. She would not be alive were it not for Medicare and Social Security, and whereas, yes, I agree Beck is entertainment, and lousy entertainment at that, his backers have a strategic purpose, and that strategic purpose is for the likes of Jim, my mother and the countless others to think and act in ways that are contrary to their own best interests. Beck's backers want to loot Social Security and end Medicare, so by supporting Glenn Beck, even if she is only doing so tacitly by listening to him and parroting his absurd and contradictory nonsense, she is supporting her ultimate demise. I guess one can say anything we do in this system ultimately results in supporting our demise, but there's that little matter of degree of contribution. Minimizing that degree of contribution whilst working towards the improbable task of neutralizing the current system is the best we can hope to achieve. We will never see the fruits of that approach, but at least we've relinquished our seeds and perhaps, although highly improbable, those seeds will grow to become rain forests of positive change that will allow our species to finally evolve from this stifling thing called Civilization.

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