Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Law & Order

Interesting morning. Woke up to find a SWAT team & the Sheriff's Dept. at every door. I walked on to the porch & a big Sheriff's deputy stuck a photo in my face and said "Is Jeff here?"
In my typical erudite fashion I said "Should he be?"
The Sheriff repeated his query.
While rechecking the form with the Jeff's photo on it, I noticed that the address was 950.
My address is 930.

Understandable mistake.

If you're fucking blind.

There's this weird contraption in my front yard that some people know as "a mailbox."
On this "mailbox" are really big numbers that say


I suppose the cops didn't bother looking at my home's address, relying instead on their razor sharp cop-like instincts.

Just further fuel for my theory that TV always portrays cops as uber caring & competent heroes because that's the myth we ache to believe. Mainly because we've become a nation of big crybaby sissies.

The truth is that cops are probably as competent & caring as the rest of us. Which is pretty fucking scary when you factor in all those big fucking guns.




Morocco Bama said...

I hear ya. Considering some of the stories we've heard over the years, it could have been a lot worse. At times like that, you realize that things called "rights" are nothing more than philosophical masturbation....something the "Occupiers" appear incapable of grasping. You don't whine and plead with psychopaths and talk about what "rights" you have, or don't have. There's only one way to deal with psychopaths, and it's the way no one will consider.

just_another_dick said...

Actually Shrub, at times like that I realize I need bigger guns.

Rights have always been the pipe dream obsession of pampered Westerners.
I think most people in other locals would just be happy if they could feed their families a little easier.

One thing though, I will never refer to cops as Nazis again.

Nazis were much smarter.

just_another_dick said...

"it's the way no one will consider."

Not very Gandhi-like of you Shrub.