Monday, May 27, 2013

Post Apocalyptic Greasy Sax Solo Blues

The Musical Linn Twins had released a few 45s of entirely unremarkable country mush when, one day in 1958, possessed by some demonic force far beyond mortal ken, they entered the studio & recorded these two slabs of inspired & utterly demented lunacy.

Then we have Tommie Martin & the XLs. This platter full of ear wax is really beyond description. This will have to suffice:

"It's like overhearing some weird picked-on introverted kid totally lose it at recess after he's been invaded by a demon."

They literally don't make rock n roll like this anymore. Hell, they never made much rock n roll like this back then either. Stellar shit. Required listening at your next Armageddon Party.

Walter "The Maniac" Stone recorded this bit of hyper babble live at the Thunderbird Club in Naptown, IN sometime in the early 60s.

Finally we got a platter slathered with the smell of cheap cologne, boozy breath & funky, none too clean, glitter jump suits. This one is by the man, the legend, the one & only Wayne Cochran.

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