Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Throw Away Your Ovaltine & Buy Yourself Some Benzedrine

The story goes like this: One day, Elvis the Pelvis Presley showed up at Sam Phillips Sun Records Studio & tried to talk Sam into letting him record. Sam wasn't having any of it. He was in the process of turning the Pelvis away when the young King to be pulled some of Mama Presley's diet pills out of his pocket. Sam, never one to turn down good speed, invited Elvis in. The rest is,of course, history.

While this has all the gravitas of an apocryphal anecdote, it was somewhat confirmed when this Macy Skipper side was discovered mouldering in the Sun vaults in the 1970s.



Carol Newquist said...

Love the songs. Keep it coming.

How did you manage to get past the censors at RI and have them activate your account? I tried the last couple days and they won't activate my account and they won't give me an explanation when I emailed them about the delay?

By the way, yes it's me. This is just my latest name.....I keep changing it to protect the innocent.

Liked your rant about Breaking Bad. I always like your rants....they keep the numbskulls honest...including me.

Someone posted a video in that thread showing the actors and Gilligan throwing bags of fake blue meth to the Conan audience. It underscored your point.

However, that being said, this show is not what you think. Yes, the reaction to it is absolutely what you describe, but the show doesn't glorify this subculture.....it denigrates it. Jesse, the punk who embodies your criticism, is made to look like a pathetic fool loser the entire series. He has some moments of potential redemption, but he always self-sabotages....just as you'd expect from a junkie.

Give it a whirl, I think you would actually enjoy it. This show appeals to a wide audience....and that includes the intellectual/philosophical contingent.

I thought the same way you did and wouldn't watch this for several years....and for some reason unknown, I gave it a shot and was hooked....but not for the reasons the dunderheads are hooked. I can't believe it, but it's true. I'm no Fanboy, either, but the story, the acting, the writing and the directing are superb and it spurs all manner of philosophical thought-threads.

just_another_dick said...

Carol, it's my disease. When I see a large group of people I have to fuck with them. Actually, my wife & son love the show. I've seen an episode here & an episode there, but I don't really have the time for episodic TV. I'll probably binge watch some day soon though.

They never actually banned me. I was exiled for a month or two but they reinstated me. That's their problem.

Although most threads over there are so damn banal & knee jerk they kind of make my head throb.

Glad you like the tunes. I'm addicted to this old shit. R&B, rockabilly, surf, garage punk, tassel twirler stripper music...

There is a veritable ocean of incredible unknown music out there & I'm pretty much guaranteed that none of it will ever be on a fucking car commercial.

One more thing on white gangsta culture:

I was out with my 16 year old son late last night & we had to stop at a gas station for fuel. On the road next to the station an expensive sports car pulled up blaring gansta rap with the top down. Since I couldn't see into the car because it was behind the pump, I said to my son as soon as I got back in the car, "It was a white guy wasn't it?"
He was laughing & said, "Yep."

Never fails.

Carol Newquist said...

I'm glad you fuck with them over at RI. You say what I want to say if I could ever get on. Maybe I shouldn't have used the name Carol Newquist. I've been kicked off several blogs already with this latest name, so I guess it's time for yet another change. By the way, the name comes from the movie, Little Murders. Here's a clip.


just_another_dick said...

Y'know what Carol, I retract what I said. I'll probably never watch the damn show.

I was just being polite.

I don't give a fuck.

I don't have the time to give a fuck.

Personally, I'd sell Vince Gilligan to white slavers if it would get me one good night sleep.

Although, I did find the Breaking Bad bobble heads to be particularly subversive in the way they comment on the capitalist system of sweatshop toys while hiding behind a thin veneer of "milking the fanboys out of every red cent they'll gladly cough up because they're oversized adolescents playing at adulthood" subterfuge.

It's all good.

Carol Newquist said...

You're right, it's all good as Kunstlerfuck is fond of saying. Like I said, I'm surprised I ever watched it. Gilligan and crew are capitalist opportunists like all the rest....including the Doomers who invade the Collapse space to get you to hand over your money. "Hey, I'll scare you for twenty dollars.....what do you say?" It's pathetic, really. I've never purchased a book related to the collapse genre......hell, I've purchased very few books.....we use the library...yeah, it's not expedient, but it's a great service nonetheless....a service slowly but surely disappearing.

Anyway, not watching Breaking Bad will give you more time to not be polite on the internet and add to your comic book collection after you come home from of double shift of wiping retarded asses. You don't want to spread yourself, or IT, too thin.

Carol Newquist said...

Your point to the RIers was sadistically salient. Breaking Bad is a form of Mind Control, and yet they won't admit it because it's something they like. I've been doing a lot of historical reading the past couple of years and one book I've read explored America's cultural roots. At the center, front and center actually, is Puritanism....but not in the way you'd think. Puritans were Punishers, first and foremost. They were every bit as brutal, punishing and tyrannical as the British Crown they claimed was oppressing them. If you read the history, they became a formidable tyranny in England before heading West across the pond for a Kingdom they could call their own. They were homicidal and genocidal in every sense of those terms. If you didn't assume the role they prepared for you, they would punish you until you did, and if you didn't, more often than not, they'd eliminate you.

That's America in a nutshell. The name of the book is Albion's Seed: Four British Folkways in America (America: A Cultural History). It's not an easy read because it's immersed in fact, but it's worth the read because it goes a long way in explaining what's going on in American Culture these days. Beneath the glitzy, or not so glitzy, veneer, these cultural traits, especially the negative ones, still lurk and Gilligan & Crew have brought them front and center with this show. Gilligan's managed to make Puritan moralizers out of the majority of his audience. They've prosecuted and condemned Walt to death for his "sins." Even a tabloid such as Rolling Stone which was/is supposed to be the icon of counter-culture moralizes as well, or better than, Cotton Mather on a fine winter Sunday.


Anyway, I wrote this on another blog because I was so sick and tired of the moralizing. Women especially want to punish Walt, but so too do a lot of men....conservative men for his enabling illegal drug activity (they identify with Hank, not Walt) and liberal men because they abhor someone saying No Mas and taking matters into his own hands for once in his life rather than letting the world make his decisions for him.

Carol Newquist said...

Here's what I said on the other forum.

I’ll post this here since the assholes over at Rolling Stone keep sending my comments to moderation in an effort to control the message. I have to say, this country is showing its puritanical roots in its reaction to Walt. With few exceptions, everyone wants him punished. He’s become a Whipping Boy for all of society’s ills…..a repository for the massive projection of society’s collective guilt. He’s a Sacrificial Lamb…to be stabbed with the steely knives of the viewing audience as they seek to kill the Beast that is them. But as the Eagles sagely advised…you just can’t kill the Beast…especially a surrogate Beast.

So, back to the topic of morality and the skewering of Walt for his alleged immorality by the puritanical parade. What has done greater harm, is doing greater harm, and will do greater harm than any mythologized Meth Epidemic? That’s right, cigarettes. And what has Skyler been smoking increasingly the last couple of seasons? That’s right, cigarettes…which are perfectly, or not so perfectly, legal. With the baby in the next room, no less. At least Walt took a stand against using kids and selling to kids, if you recollect…or maybe you don’t recollect that because you’re busy denigrating him for his lack of “morality.” But it’s perfectly moral to manufacture, sell and smoke cigarettes, right? Where’s the War On Cigarettes? Shit, if we had a War On Cigarettes, Walt could have done that rather than cooking the pernicious, evil Meth. Plus, we would have gotten to see Walt kill off the management and shareholders of all the Tobacco Giants like Philip Morris. How awesome would that have been? So awesome, AMC wouldn’t have picked up the show, that’s how awesome. Here’s some perspective. Get some perspective before you liberally dole out the “evil” and “monster” labels.

This post is not accusatory of anyone specifically. If the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t wear it. It doesn’t fit me…in fact, I didn’t even bother to try it on because it’s not my style.


FYI, I’m not moralizing about cigarette smoking. I’m asking those who feel compelled to jump on the bandwagon of Walt condemnation, to reconsider their biased moralizing and put the guillotine away, unless of course, they’re willing to put their head beneath the blade first.

Carol Newquist said...

You said at RI:

Maybe he wants to raise enough cash so he can buy back his island....

Get a cranked out 3 way going with Ginger & MaryAnn...

Dress them in crotchless Haz Mat suits...

Priceless. They can't handle this kind of biting satire. I have so been wanting to mention something about Gilligan's Island.....I'm not sure why I haven't yet.

Anyway, since you don't watch the show, you missed what Laodicean was conveying with his telling you to die. It was Walt's son, Walt Jr. (or Flynn as he wanted to be called in mid-series) telling his Father he hated him and wanted him to die. It was a direct quote from a phone conversation he had with his Father before he hung up on him. This, after early on in the series he called his Father a pussy because the Father preferred to die rather than leave his family with a mountain of debt....then the Father proves he's not a pussy, even though his decision to die was a noble, unselfish and brave one, and now the son tells him to die. The message of this show is clear. Gilligan is a Calvinist. Walt's fate was secured from the moment he was born. He was a loser to start and he will be a loser in the end. People think this was some kind of glorification of Walt. It's not. It's a statement to all of us: "You are what you are...which is what we made you to be and if you try to change the script, you'll be punished. Stay in role, because your fate will be the same regardless. Stay asleep. Let us do the living for you. Good night and unpleasant dreams."

Laodicean is a "Liberal" Puritan Punisher. He sees you as a Walt type and wants you to die. You present a message which is counter to the script...therefore you must be punished. Don't wake the sheep....there's still more wool to be had.

Carol Newquist said...


Alright, it's been several days now and I've seen moderators posting to RI so this tells me they've been visiting the board and are aware of my request for account activation. But the account has not been activated. Why? Can't you just answer me that like a mature, well-adjusted adult. Please explain to me why you won't activate the account. I would do the same for you.


Carol Newquist

I believe I've tangled with some of these folks, maybe even Jeff at other forums where they've used other names. I like to tear down the house and these types abhor that kind of thing, so I'm assuming they know me by that name and they're like "no fucking way...this person will blow the board up." Why are people so afraid? Especially people like these hypocritical freaks who presume to be so open-minded? "Don't challenge my paradigm.....I've spent a lifetime nurturing it."

Carol Newquist said...

divideandconquer said:

The fact that the establishment exploit these creations for all their worth,.......

Gilligan and Crew are the establishment, and they're as much responsible for the exploitation of their show (throwing fake blue meth to the Conan audience) as they are for the exploitation that is their show.

They don't want to explore your point, or threads that can emanate from your criticism. I think Zerzan is applicable here. Breaking Bad is yet another level of abstraction. The discussion of it is yet another level of abstraction beyond that. Our society, Civilization even, is layers of abstraction. Pretty soon, we'll be nothing but figments of imagination....except for the nuisance of having to breath, eat and shit. We have to overcome that somehow. Kurzweil & Company are trying to figure that one out. Let's hope the ship goes down before they do, or we pass into an even greater obscurity (death) than that in which we're currently mired (pseudo death called life in this society).

just_another_dick said...

"Gilligan and Crew are the establishment, and they're as much responsible for the exploitation of their show (throwing fake blue meth to the Conan audience) as they are for the exploitation that is their show."

Yeah, I never understand why that point is so hard to grasp. No one exploits their creations without the creator's tacit agreement. I doubt that Gilligan, in the interests of artistic purity, would return one dime earned from action figures or advertising revenue.

To think that is utterly absurd.

There is nothing pure here in human land.


Art only exists because someone somewhere is willing to trade money for it.

If no one does the artist slips into obscurity & if he's lucky manages to churn out his/her art in between shifts at the local 7-11. &, if he's even luckier, his garage filled with creations are discovered after he's dead & he attains a bit of quasi fame & then someone else makes money off it.

Artists, at least the last time I looked, weren't able to eat & drink their creations.

Carol Newquist said...

Art only exists because someone somewhere is willing to trade money for it.

So true. The most beautiful things are the ones in which Man had no part and they're free....until Man squats on them and starts charging a fee (pretty much the concept of Civilization right there). They now have people paying for bottled water.....and before too long, they'll have people paying for fresh air, or a sunset....or the full moon....or the sound of crickets. That's fucked up, you must admit.

just_another_dick said...

When I was a kid I used to hear my old man muttering, "If the bastards could bottle air they'd charge us for every breath."

I thought he was just cranky.

How little I knew then...