Sunday, November 3, 2013

"You Huff It Like a Gassy Rag"


Me said...

That was hilarious, and so true! You ought to deposit a YouTube link to it on this thread at this site. These folks are wondering how they should spend their time until we're extinct in a few years. This sounds like as good an idea as any. I don't have the nerve to do it. Maybe you can drop a few choice comments to preface the video link and how it relates to NTE.

just_another_dick said...

"I hereby declare the achievements of the creative geniuses of humanity to be substantial, worthwhile and meaningful and we should be tremendously thankful for having had the opportunity to enjoy them."

Sorry. I slogged through that blog till that bit above where I hit my pompous bullshit overload.

In that spirit "I hereby declare" that the Internet & all of its rambling & pontificating meat whistles should be avoided like the fucking plague.

Fuck, what did these twits do before the Internut? Were there really legions of yahoos walking around with sandwich boards & soap boxes? Did I miss this somehow?

Jesus, in the time it took him to amass that lump of pretentious twaddle he could have been doing something for somebody somewhere.

But that's the attraction here in paragraph land isn't it? One can maintain the illusion of caring & concern & philosophical nicey niceness without ever actually having to do anything at all.

"My the world is a horrible place, so I think I'll blog about it, or maybe start a forum thread to show my deep seated concern for humanity."

Wankers wanking it into space.

Me said...

Yep, I agree. Their assholes are dilated and winking like a cyclops in a rainstorm.

Me said...

I hope you remembered to spit on a vet on Veteran's Day. Myth or not, who cares? Is it such a horrible thing to spit on a vet? Why curl up in a fetal position and cower when the accusation of spitting on veterans is brought up? Considering most soldiers these days volunteer to spit and piss and shit on desperate people thousands of miles away in some foreign land, I don't feel much mercy for them. No one twisted their arms to sign up. And quite frankly, I'm sick and tired of hearing that it's their only option. That's bullshit. You create your own options, rather than The Man telling you what they are. Until people realize that, which they never will en mass, then they'll always belong to The Man and do whatever The Man tells them to do, and that's go to jail or go to war. There is no third curtain. Only two. You want more curtains and what's behind them, make it yourselves, otherwise shut up and do as you're told.