Sunday, August 2, 2015

Buccaneerophobes & Haters!

PHOENIX (AP) — A man accused of decapitating his wife and their pet dogs before mutilating himself has gone from a hospital bed to a jail cell, authorities said Sunday.

Phoenix police identified Kenneth Dale Wakefield as the man who has spent nearly a week recovering from self-inflicted wounds.

Investigators say Wakefield killed Trina Heisch, 49, and their two dogs and stashed the bodies in a closet. He then gouged out one of his own eyes and cut off his left hand at the forearm.

The grisly scene was discovered July 25 by a neighbor who went to check on Heisch and said Wakefield came to the door naked, covered in blood.

Wakefield spent 10 years in a state mental hospital after stabbing a relative in 2003. He was found "guilty, except insane" on charges of attempted second-degree murder in the attack, a verdict that spared him prison time.

Addendum: Originally I had a very "what a batshit crazy nut ball" reaction to this story.

But upon reflection, I think I've figured this guy out.

Quite obviously the dude was attempting to transform himself into a pirate.
He succeeded with the patch & the hook, but, much to Captain Jack's chagrin, the neighbor interrupted him before he could start work on his peg leg.

He killed his wife because she was a classic buccaneerophobe who opposed his transformation. Sadly, her husband had misheard the classic "Walk the plank" phrase, interpreting it as "Behead the skank," so consequently we are left with something that Colonel Kurtz described as "the horror."

As for the dogs, I think it's equally obvious that he was just trying to fit them into their little parrot costumes.

In the end, I suppose it is all just further proof that psychology is little more than a pseudoscience.

You might as well send these patients to witchdoctors or priests. I'd bet that success & failure rates would be comparable to your average psychiatrist.

The only weapon psychiatry has is medication & it is an incredibly flawed weapon that often times just exchanges one set of problems for another.

 No one has the faintest clue what consciousness is so they definitely have no real idea how or why it gets broken.

It's all just another shell game.

Another faith based religion.

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