Friday, December 2, 2016

Pizza Gate

Really don't know where to begin. It really doesn't matter though since I don't think anyone reads this blog.

I watched Alex "I've accidentally eaten the pizza delivery guy" Jones bloviate on another pizza gate video. I'd link to it but I don't want to propagate the ramblings of bloviating windbags.
Alex said that, "it's all true. The Clintons are pedophiles who eat children in Satanic blood rituals. Crowley stuff. Deep dark magic." Then he goes on to say that it's all been confirmed by Google & Wikileaks.


Google fact checks shit? Really? Since fucking when? Same with Wikileaks. That's like saying Home Depot confirmed it.

Whatever Crowley's faults, and I've no doubt he was a manipulative dick, I don't think that he ever killed & ate any children. If he did, it must have escaped the army of Crowley biographers who have studied his life ad nauseum for years. If manipulative dickdom is a reason for suspicion, then I'd say that every politician since the dawn of forever is a fucking Satanist. And, if you'd ask any woman, I think she'd say that 99% of the male population also vie for Manipulative Dick Of The Year.

If one wants to point the finger at Satanic Cults, Christianity seems to fit the bill much better than the fucking O.T.O. Christianity is eyebrow deep in the blood of innocents. Christians were practicing the fine art of "convert or die" long before Mohamed was a gob of cock snot in his daddy's wiener.

As far as "blood rituals" go, the United States is one gigantic Satanic Blood Ritual. There's a veritable ocean of Native American, African, Chinese & just plain poor folk's blood underneath our little red, white & blue strip mall. And all those people died so a bunch fat fucks could shove beer & nachos into their flabby pie holes while they stare at football games & jerk off to Internet porn.

It's fucking obscene.

Really don't know how this will end, but I doubt that it will end well.

In my opinion, we as a nation, are done. That "terrorist" attack on 911 tore that thin veneer of stability off a nation of sociopaths, nitwits & liars. I can't wait for Trump to add his stupidity to the stew. I told my 17 year old daughter that she should, whenever she's able, to get far away from this fucking asylum.

I hope she listens.

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