Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day Military Fetishists Simultaneously Fondle Guns, Flag & Gentals

It's called the Defense Department isn't it?

Since W.W. 2, we've been ably defended against the invasion of these Mongol hordes:

The North Koreans
The Vietnamese
The Grenadans
The Panamanians.
The Iraqis twice.
Not to mention the assorted Mongol hordes of Central American origin that we didn't openly fight but funded those lovely right wing proxy armies who did fight them.

Oh yeah, then there were the Russians. Once our ally then unceremoniously relegated to enemy status & then promoted to all powerful boogeyman with the help of Reinhard Gehlen & other assorted Nazis fantasists that we recruited after the war.

Yay Team!
Go L'Amerikkka!

So in honor of the oodles of stinky bullshit that America sells itself at this time of year I'm honoring these American heroes:

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