Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Flotsam & Jetsons

I'm entering new areas of pretentious bloggy twaddledom tonight.
But it's as cold as Pat Robertson's heart & I'm bored & completely unable to sleep even after 2 shifts on 3 hours sleep...

On Saturday night this newbie kid, all of 19, spent an hour detailing his extensive gaming experiences with Halo & such. After about 10 minutes I really wanted to hit him with something hard, like a chair leg or an ax handle...but I'm polite & civilized & too old for jail. Then I found myself further entrapped as he followed this exercise in Munch-ian Scream inducing horror with a detailed explanation about why he's perfectly suited to fire some god awful hunk of body shredding military hardware because of his "extensive joy stick experience" as a gamer.

His two phrases of exuberant joy were "perfectly righteous" & "priceless." From this, I've gathered that he's a surfer with a Mastercard. But I could be wrong.

I couldn't help thinking that the NYT pundit was right. Media & language don't "program" thought.


Not at all.

It's crazy to even think it.

Sunday was my "get paid to watch TV day," which pretty much sums up my attitude to TV viewing;namely, you'd have to pay me to watch this shit.

Oodles of football interspersed with an endless parade of car ads & phone ads & beer ads. I learned that the right car + the right phone + the right beer = one frabjous day.

Right in the middle of all this happy consumerism sat this hunk of video gold;

My Marriage Matters V.2 from Ryan Hill on Vimeo.

The man pictured in the video is Ryan Hill, an attorney for Can-Am Legal Services. I highly recommend a journey to their website. As you look at it, try to picture yourselves hiring the 3 amigos of law based on that home page.

As you can see, Mr. Hill is seething with outrage. Or he's constipated. I can never tell the difference.

As you can also see, Mr. Hill's outrage started seething when ashleymadison.com started marketing extra-marital affairs like Cheerios.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for outrage when it's genuine, but my sphincter tends to pucker when I see manufactured outrage dressed up in grass root skirts. After making a mental note to visit Mr. Hill's pro-marriage website, I drifted back into my normal workday coma.

Tonight, I played Google roulette and found a site called Above The Law, which had some interesting things to say about pro-marriage Ryan & his moral outrage.

So what kind of attorney is Ryan Hill? A divorce attorney.

Mr. Hill is not only a divorce attorney, he's a divorce attorney who happens to share an email address with Ashley Madison.

In other words, Mr. Hill's anti-Ashley site is, in reality, a web portal leading directly to Ashley Madison's website. And his grassroots ad is nothing more than an underhanded attempt to get Ashley Madison's website onto TV stations that refused to carry her ad.

I know, I know, an utterly pointless con floated by inept con men.

But their ineptness is the only reason they were exposed. I doubt real propagandists are as ham handed about their manipulations. I'm sure there are scads of manipulating fingers all over every bit of media we ingest, sculpting our opinions to suit them.

In fact, that NYT article I quoted previously can be debunked so easily, one wonders why it was published at all.

Well, unless they were attempting to use language to control thought.

But we all know that can't be true, right?

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