Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Another Missed Opportunity

Damn. I'm usually awake in the wee hours of the morning and this looks like it would have passed near my house.

In the early morning hours of Oct. 24, 2008, as western Pennsylvania slept, FAA radar appears to have tracked roughly three dozen unknown targets cruising from south to northeast.

What Kathleen Bergen can confirm from the agency’s regional office is that power-point creator Glen Schultze did, in fact, request and receive FAA records. Schultze contends the incident is significant. From his home in Littleton, Colo., he writes, the radar targets are moving “in an operational pattern that is consistent with what can be argued is a coordinated search or survey mission extending over 10,000 square nautical miles of Western Pennsylvania.”

A few words about Schultze. His name may ring a bell as the co-author of the Stephenville UFO incident for the Mutual UFO Network. Schultze’s credentials as a radar analyst go back to the Fifties when he tracked missiles for the Army at White Sands. His assignments have been diverse, from civilian intelligence agencies scarfing up Soviet radar signals bouncing off the moon to accident investigations for the FAA.

Schultze came across the 10/24/08 data by accident. He was actually trying to get skin-paint verification of a 10/23/08 early-morning sighting report in Ohio, but the FAA sent him beacon returns instead. When he renewed his request, he says the agency sent him records for the following day. Schultze received overlapping skin-paint returns from three FAA stations some 100 miles apart. Schultze described the targets as “uncooperative,” meaning they had no transponders, and their signatures were different from “the four or five planes we had over that part of Pennsylvania during that time of night.”

According to the radar station code-named QCF, with which Schultze used to piece together the reconstruction, the targets were tracked from 2 a.m. to 4:30 a.m. at variable speeds ranging from 7 to 20 mph, and up to 40 mph at the top end. The objects flew at between 4,000 and 5,000 feet, which didn’t pose a traffic hazard for the known planes whose cruising altitudes were roughly 20,000 feet.

Hmmm...they were traveling between 7 mph & 40 mph?
Seems a bit slow for spacecraft.

Maybe they were senior citizen ETs. I bet that any pilot in the area, lucky enough to obtain a visual, would have seen Grandpa & Grandma ET's little turn signals blinking throughout their entire journey.

Personally, I think it was some Ruth Norman's friends stopping by to take her to play intergalactic bingo.

Too bad she's dead.

Or is she?

I smell the beatified effluvium of an Ascended Master. I surely do.
You go girl.


ericswan said...

Last week, while visiting Mexico, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was interviewed by Denise Maerker of Televisa, who asked her opinion of proposals to address black-market violence by repealing drug prohibition. Clinton’s response illustrates not only the intellectual bankruptcy of the prohibitionist position but the economic ignorance of a woman who would be president (emphasis added):

Maerker: In Mexico, there are those who propose not keeping going with this battle and legalize drug trafficking and consumption. What is your opinion?

Clinton: I don’t think that will work. I mean, I hear the same debate. I hear it in my country. It is not likely to work. There is just too much money in it, and I don’t think that—you can legalize small amounts for possession, but those who are making so much money selling, they have to be stopped.

just_another_dick said...

Eric, I think I'm a bit addled. Wouldn't legalization cause people in this country to openly begin domestic production? Wouldn't this remove the demand side from the supply & demand equation.

My brother-in-law just moved out of California. He had some great pictures of what used to be 200 acres of orchids. Now it's 200 acres of high test pot.

I doubt that this would eliminate the cartels. They're too accustomed to money & all its sensory gratifying accessories. They would just find other avenues.
Avenues they're probably already heavily invested in, like the underage Super Bowl sex slaves.