Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Unfinished Business

Bigfoot, you have my condolences. I know that doesn't help much.
Hang tough. I won't lie & say the pain disappears, but it does recede to a dull ache.
Peace mate.


Bigfoot said...

Appreciate that, thank you mate. You too Eric, cheers. Funeral tomorrow, shitting myself..

ericswan said...

Breaking news...OJ was innocent...

Morocco Bama said...

We haven't heard from Richard in a while. I guess he's sleeping in the Capitol building in Wisconsin with all his Union brothers and sisters. See, you Middle Eastern people, we can have our revolution, too. How dare the taxpayers take away our free Viagra. We'll show them. We'll have a sleep over....with pizza provided by Ian's.

You have to love Revolution, American style. You can't have a Revolution without pizza, can you? Hell no. Free advertising, too. Pure marketing genius. I wouldn't expect anything less from fat fucking exploitive Americans. Fat fucking, or fucking this case, it's the same fucking thing, or both, if they're somehow different.

Meanwhile, people are starving in the U.S. and living in tents, but nobody's revolting for them. Where was the revolution when BP, in bed with the U.S. Government because the U.S. Government works for it and every other notable multi-national, despoiled the GOM for what will be an eternity?

You just knew it would play out this way, didn't you? I did. As a wise man once said, and nothing's changed:

There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.
Henry David Thoreau

It's the same Obama Hope and Change crowd that wants all of you with a conscience to get behind this Wisconsin thing. Sorry, didn't bite the first time, and I'm surely not biting this time.....but the usual suspects are, because that's what self-interested sheep/cattle do.

just_another_dick said...

'Sup Mr. M?

Nah, my absence is not a noble one of brotherhood & solidarity (not a Union member anyway since they transferred me into a non-union section).

This is my first foray into to intertwee land in about 3 weeks. I fear that I'm woefully unconnected these days.

After making a feeble attempt at a forum banning, the RI-ers inspired me to climb down the eco-weenie rabbit hole. I spent a few days navigating my way through the leading lights of the ecology movement, organic clothing sites, etc.

The stench was quite of overpowering.
I suspected it was tainted but I never actually took the time to look.
I hate it when I'm right.

In disgust, I took Henry Rollins advice to heart:

Too damn bad if at the end of the day the only thoughts
in your brain are all the things that they say, what a waste
Too damn bad if at the end of the line you got no idea
what's on your own mind, you got no one to blame but yourself
Too much to know, too much to see
it might mean something to you but it's nothing to me
its just another ad for someone's version of how they think it should be

I wanna disconnect myself, pull my brain out & unplug myself
I want nothing right now, I want to pull it out

Anonymous said...


What are ya?