Monday, November 21, 2011

It's A Byte Of A Revolution...Or Not...

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Occupy Wall Street Divided
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My son directed me to this great little slice of Liberal ephemera. I don't find it surprising in the least. Funny? Yes. But not surprising.

My absolute favorite quote is "I'm more against private property not personal property."

I would love to hear the wanker explain the difference.

I do admire how the Apple folk recognize that Liberals are techno-crack addicts of the highest order who love their little expensive toys more than they love anything.

I made a token attempt to see if the folk at RI Liberal Land mention or rebuke this POV but, at 139 pages, I quickly realized that only someone whose entire life is spent virtually would have the time to trawl through it all.


Morocco Bama said...

Sweet Mother of Jesus!! What have we done to deserve this? Remember that movie with Kevin Costner and Gene Hackman called No Way Out? This is how I feel, and I know you feel the same. Clowns to the left of me and Jokers to the right. No where to run to, no where to hide. Morrison was right....People Are Strange.....worse than that, really.

just_another_dick said...

I think we've both been beamed into an alternate reality where everyone is blissfully unaware of their own bullshit.

Over the weekend, a conservative co-worker tried to explain how the Tea Party was "completely different than those Occupy Wall Street hippies."

In a fucking pig's eye.
They were exactly as clueless and blissfully unaware as their left wing enemies.

These were the same yahoos who hated Socialism & wanted the government to "keep its hands out" of their Social Security.

My co-worker evidently hates Socialism too. Of course, Socialism pays his wages. Without Socialism, the feebs would be wandering in the woods eating tree bark & covering themselves from ass to ankles with their own fecal matter.

Morocco Bama said...

What are you when you're not the 1% and you're not the 99%? Does Schrödinger have an equation for that, because if he doesn't, I'm afraid we don't a Neutrinos before they were discovered.

just_another_dick said...

I don't know Shrub, maybe we're negative numbers stuck in a positive numbered world.

Earlier I was in my local grocery store. The person in front of me was buying chicken. The young check out chick grabbed the chicken & quickly triple bagged it while explaining how she had a chicken package burst open on her conveyor belt once & "it was just gross.'

When my turn arrived she apologized for something or other involving the chicken so I said, "I guess you're not a big fan of botulism?"
She looked at me with these blank empty eyes & said, "What's botulism?"

I suppose it was fortuitous that I didn't use the phrase "fecal soup" or she would have really been confused.

Y'know, these fuckers vote & get drivers licenses & gun permits &, oh sweet mother of God, also procreate.
I suppose it really isn't all that amazing that it all turns into shit.

Or fecal soup.

just_another_dick said...

One other thing Shrub, I read Matt Taibbi's take on the Wall Street protests in Rolling Stone a few weeks back. He called the protests "a big middle finger extended to the ruling elite."

All I could think of was that video you linked me to with the elite standing on a balcony drinking expensive wine from crystal glasses while the masses...I want to say stormed the Bastille, but it's more like these folk are passively waiting until the Bastille eventually crumbles from the vibrations of their combined Ghandi loving footsteps...

Truthfully Shrub, who really has their middle finger extended to whom?

Morocco Bama said...

Matt, obviously, didn't meet and talk to Ketchup and Justin. They don't know what a Middle Finger is, or where to find one. Clue to Matt, Ketchup and Justin.....the Middle Finger is up your ass......and it's not your's.

Until I see the Wall Street tycoons and their Washington Lackeys dragged out into the streets, beaten and executed, then this is all just contemporary Vaudeville. Hell, give them a choice. They can choose execution, or choose to work at all the fast food restaurants and starbucks across this great land of their's serving the clueless ingrates for the rest of their worthless lives. I bet they choose the former.