Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Roger Waters Is A Wanker

Roger says some wonderful things in this video. He is such a noble fellow. I'm honored that my city will be hosting his recreation of "The Wall" on July 3, 2012.
I'm so honored & supportive that I think i'd like to attend so I can sway along while Roger sings, "never trust the government." Just the thought makes my dick hard.

Let's look at tickets.

Holy fucking shit!!! Roger is charging between $92 & $1,100 for seats. Is he offering to have a hooker blow me while I watch? Or is he insane?

& fuck me blind, he's coming to the Consol Energy Center, a mecca of corporate whoredom if I've ever seen one. Entrance gates are named after corporations.

They have an American Eagle Outfitters Gate:

& A Tribune Review Gate:

They also have a Verizon Gate but, sadly, I can't find any photos.

Corporations are so embedded into Consol Energy Center, Penguin Hockey replays are displayed as Verizon Replay or Highmark Replay on the big screen TVs as they're replayed.

I won't even touch on Consol Energy because they're footprints are self evident.

The Consol Energy Center was built to replace the Civic Arena, a hockey & concert venue that, when built, completely decimated Pittsburgh's Hill District, a predominately black area. Prior to the Arena's construction, the Hill was a thriving black community. Since its construction, the Hill has sunk into a pit of poverty, drugs & despair.

So, evidently Roger loves the poor, just as long as they don't come to his shows. I do understand. Smelly homeless people tend to distract from the cute blond hottie factor. I'd pick the cute young hotties with disposable income any day too.

Gee, Roger sort of looks like another upscale liberal dipshit mouthing empty platitudes & complete bullshit to make himself feel better while he laughs all the way to the bank.

In the end, much to Roger's chagrin I'd imagine, it appears that Roger has become "just another brick in the wall."


Morocco Bama said...

Perfect, Richard. Precisely. I wonder if he gets together with Jeff's idle, Bob Dylan, and they drive around in Dylan's Escalade?


I'm waiting for Cadillac to come out with a model called Occupy...or will it be Havsumpy?

Morocco Bama said...

Since we're on the topic of Wankers, Wanker of the Day goes to Joe Paterno. Where there's smoke, there's fire. Where there is blind faith and loyalty, there's molestation. Perhaps some brave journalists will uncover that NCAA can give the Catholic Church a run for its money when it comes to raping young boys. Afterall, religion and football go together like a horse and carriage.

just_another_dick said...

Shrub, my wife & I were just talking about old Joe & his merry band of kiddie diddlers.

I also liked Ole' Miss & her attempt to personhood the fetus. Isn't ole Miss a bit low on the "care for kids after they're ejected from the womb" scale?

I do understand though. It's much easier to love a good fetus. It seems that kids become more distasteful after they slough off the womb.

Unless you go to Penn State...

Or you're an altar boy...

Given the way "normal" society abdicates responsibility for the tots after they start breathing air, it becomes apparent that the kiddie diddlers are the ones who actually like children.

Albeit, for all the wrong reasons.

Still, it does put most of society's moral tongue clucking into a creepy sort of perspective.

Then again, I woke hating everyone today, & it has all gone down hill from there, so maybe it's just me...

just_another_dick said...

So Shrub, did you enjoy how Roger Water's statement of solidarity was a thinly veiled commercial for his tour?

Or was it just me again

Morocco Bama said...

I surmise everything he does from a public appearance standpoint is for self-promotion, and in that sense, his railing against the machine in his youth was just a lot of self-righteous whining. We have to play this one and juxtapose it against this latest video you have posted for a good chuckle.


Waters is part of the Machine.....he always was, and he always will be.

Morocco Bama said...

I woke hating everyone today

Same here....the insanity's in hyper drive. Every day brings new revelations that trump yesterday's, and so on and so forth until we draw our last breath, I suppose. Damn these eyes. I should gouge them out now and live the remainder of my life in relative bliss not knowing ans seeing the madness.

Morocco Bama said...

It just doesn't get any better than this.


Pete's got the fancy glasses, too. And, how about background checks?

The first part of that link to the Welcome To The Machine video describes this system beautifully. The metal sphere swallowing the metal sphere in perpetuity. It's why I hate the word "Revolution." Round and round we go....to hell with getting off the merry-go-round and evolving.

just_another_dick said...

It looks like the teeny boppers that couldn't make it to Wall Street are occupying Penn State instead.

It confirms what I've always known...that sports addicts would gladly offer to have their sons & daughters blow anyone who could give "their team" a winning season.

One "Go Joe" chanter shouted "Fuck Sandusky." I guess he was out of the loop and missed the earlier meeting in the shower. It's too bad, I hear that Sandusky's love bunny could have used a cheer squad to assist him in bringing Sandusky "across the goal." Most accounts say the kid was uncomfortably close to fumbling those balls...

Morocco Bama said...

It's yet another one of those "please just blow it all up" moments, for sure.

I try not to do this, because I really don't watch much TV, but this one I have to pass along because it's so damn good and I think you and the wife would really enjoy it. It really resonates and "speaks" to my wife and me. It is brilliantly done, from the writing to the acting to the score to the camera work to the directing.....you name it. Actually, it's like casting pearls before swine because most people who watch this don't have the intellectual depth to grasp the deeper and more meaningful existential issues this series tackles. At first, I was dubious about this show having any merit, and thought it would be just another hyped flop. My initial assumptions have been blown away, speaking of blowing it all up. It's called Breaking Bad, and no doubt you have heard of it, just as I had heard of it prior to giving it a chance. The first three seasons are streaming on Netflix. If you and your wife decide to give it a chance, be prepared, it is addictive, and I'm not the addictive type.

just_another_dick said...

My wife beat you to it Shrub. She just finished the streaming bits a few weeks ago.
She loved it.

I saw bits & pieces. Looked interesting. I have some down time coming soon so I might give it a try.

AMC has another popular series called The Walking Dead. It's basically a soap opera with the occasional zombie tossed in for geek effect.
Fairly contrived & boring.

It would have been much more interesting if they would have taken that title & just filmed average Americans wandering
mindlessly through their day.

Morocco Bama said...

That stinking, no-good dirty mother fucker was released on unsecured bail. It's not surprising, is it? Where are all the freaks now who like to put bullets in people's heads for much, much less? Where are all those psychotically brave folks? This fuck deserves a bullet in his head, as does the entire Penn State Admin who was privy to this, and covered it up. Bullets to the head....nothing less, but no, instead they are gingerly handled and released on unsecured bail. Look at how delicately the fine officers are fondling (pun intended) him. If not for the ceremonial handcuffs, I'd think he was royalty....and I suppose that's the point....he is, and therefore is above justice.