Friday, December 30, 2011

My Computer Is An Overpriced Bullshit Shovel

"Rogue" journalist Gary S. Bekkum has finely cracked the exquisitely crafted 911 nut.

A CIA document, based upon input from four military sources, predicted that a pilot from the Mideast, with a name that sounds like "Jerry, Gerard, or Geraldo," will "fly to Washington D.C. with the mission of crashing into the U.S. Capitol Building."

The CIA document is of interest primarily for two reasons:

There is the prediction of an event:

An "aircraft", will "fly to Washington, D.C. with the mission of crashing into the US Capitol building."

There is possible identification of the pilot:

The pilot, "not in the country as of 12 Dec 83, foreign, perhaps Iranian, speaks English and perhaps French ... Name may be or sound like Jerry, Gerard, or Geraldo."

The art of remote viewing is far from being an exact science. What is presented in the CIA document appears to be an analytical summary and interpretation of raw data provided by the viewers.

Ziad Jarrah (also sometimes spelled Jarrahi), is a name that might be considered to "sound like Jerry, Gerard, or Geraldo." Jarrah, a foreigner from Lebanon, was not Iranian, however at least one passenger on Flight 93 identified the terrorists as "Iranian looking." Jarrah was of Middle Eastern origin and spoke both English and French.

There you have it. A vague psychic image vaguely given 18 years before the 911 boom-boom-apalooza can now be classified as a "prediction."

I'm convinced.

I do take issue with the "name" angle though. I believe the psychic spies were much too accurate as paranormal paratweeters to make such an obvious gaff.

I postulate that the psychic spies were spot on with their name info. The spy in question quite obviously knew that the real mastermind behind the future catastrophe was a trio of terrorists. In other words, a veritable 3 Stooges of destruction.

Of course, these two are obvious choices given their long history of inflicting intellectual terrorism on generations of TV & movie watchers. The true mastermind was much more insidious & devious, going as far as having himself declared legally dead 6 years before the 911 attacks occurred. It was a brilliant gambit well played.

I give you the brains behind the day that changed America's diapers:

Now, to anyone familiar with the accusations that the Grateful Dead was a creation of U.S. intelligence, this won't be the least bit shocking.
Unsurprisingly, Jerry had also spent many years inflicting aural terrorism on masses of hippy wanna-bes too stoned to know that they were listening to one long subversive & horrific audio nightmare.

I know, from personal experience, that anytime I was forced by circumstance to listen to Jerry & his pals noodle on & on & fucking on, the only desire I was left with was the desire to blow shit up. Preferably the audio device that was exposing me to the musical horror that was causing my ears to bleed.

I can't help wondering what other Garcia programmed time bombs are just waiting for ignition.

After all, it's one small step from this:

to this:

Then again, given the amount of gray hair in that first photo, it might even lead to this:

It doesn't really matter though, does it? They're all terrorists. The tea drinkers & the Wall Street walkers are mirror images of the same ungrateful mob mentality that found a nightly home with Jerry & crew.

So take a friendly bit of advice children, be careful out there, the Internet conspiracy river is deep & muddy & there are many hidden currents that will suck you right in & right under.

&, whatever you do, don't ever ever ever eat this shit:

MK Ultra has apparently developed a bitching sweet tooth since the 50s.

BTW, thanks Gary. You're "rogue" journalism is definitely a valued asset much used here at DickCentral.™

Keep shoveling dude.

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