Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Happy Osama's Dead Day

KABUL (Reuters) - President Barking Mad YoMama, slipping in like a thief in the night, told thought weary Americans that George W. Bush was his grand daddy. He then went on to say, in typical Bush Cowboy fashion that the goal of crushing the al-Qaida network was "now within our reach."

Barking Mad went on to say, "Our goal is to destroy al-Qaida, and we are on a path to do exactly that."

In response, Al's network flipped YoMama the bird & then blew up some shit, killing 6.

In other news, Spitt Slobney, the other right wing presidential candidate, confined himself to smooching huge amounts of fire fighter butt crack while vacuously smiling like a life size Howdy Doody doll.

Normally I would avoid the random blah blah blah of our resident LEADER, primarily because rhetorical screwings leave me a tad bit pessimistic, and more pessimism would just be overkill.

Until today.

Today I learned that "pessimism" is apparently the new optimism.

According to Leslie Brokaw, writing on the MIT Sloan Management Review's Improvisations blog who said,

"Many people put themselves into one of two camps: optimists or pessimists, people who tend to approach the world in either a consistently upbeat or a mostly skeptical manner. But researchers are now looking at the ways people mix and match their approaches, calling this 'strategic optimism and pessimism.'"

Edward Chang, a professor of psychology at the University of Michigan who runs an Optimism-Pessimism Lab, explains further: "many of us use these mind-sets in a flexible way and this flexibility has a lot of advantages."


Quite frankly, after 50 years of strategic pessimism, I should be particularly ripe for some "strategic optimism" & the attendant success it will bring.

Oh fuck.

Leslie has clarified things a bit:

"Surprisingly, [pessimism] can be most helpful at the moments when we might seem to have the least to feel pessimistic about. When we’ve been successful before and have a realistic expectation of being successful again, we may be lulled into laziness and overconfidence. Pessimism can give us the push that we need to try our best."

I suppose that my 50 years of complete & abject failure just ruins my chances.

Oh well

Easy Come

Easy Go


Anonymous said...

Belliosto said...

Bye, bye Miss American Pie...

Morocco Bama said...

The thing is, Belliosto, that song is a lament, and I'm not sure there's anything worth lamenting. Instead, it should be heralding.

I'm not saying you intended this, or do this, but I'm sure you've noticed the various posters on the internet who lament that "America" is being destroyed and the "Founding Fathers" are rolling in their graves. To them, I would like to say, "get a real history lesson for once."

Anonymous said...

Belliosto said...

Yeah...I am not lamenting the illusion of what this country is from the beginning. I do accept that most of our history leads us to glorify insanity. Plain and simple, Morocco. We learn from history the fact that we never learn from history nonsense. I think this is somewhat depressing. The song, to me after some thought, is an ancient melody hundreds of years old about a non-entity. Thanks for that reminder.

I counter the concept of dead people influencing us from the grave as the ballad of dupes. And the land we live on as being one with the milky way, and of course, we being microcosmic upon it, as equal living organisms in need of oxygen, nutrients, and water. Respectfully to you, I agree with the exceedingly simple reality that I am just as significant as "Rocky" my grandmother's pet parakeet, who is locked up in his cage serving his humbling life sentence.

Anonymous said...

Belliosto said...

Dick, next month I could end up as a permanent fixture in the psychological health institute facilities for a now unknown reason. I could also become a victim of a major outbreak of a modern-day plague. I could get the avian flu. So I have chosen to be optimistic about this and have become lazy and overconfident. If and when I get sick, I will get sick happily. With a smile. I will become as the other conformists and stress how I should always strive to be positive about things. I wish it was as simple as Y2K. ah...the old days.

Read the book, man. It is a good book.

Morocco Bama said...

A fantastic way to kill yourself is to strip yourself of all your clothing and walk into the butt naked. I short order, your fluids will quickly evaporate and you will enter into a euphoric delirium which will entice you to lay yourself in the sand and give into it. Death follows shortly. It's a splendid way to go. Something to consider if you wish to cheat this system of its extracted pain and suffering when that time comes, and it will come.

Morocco Bama said...

That should read "walk into the desert butt naked."

Anonymous said...

fletchistio said...

yeah, walking inside one's rectum would also do the trick though.

Morocco, this is not one of my favorite topics, but it is still amusing. When I initially communicated with the RI poster "fletcher" I had believed that this poster was a woman. Angela Lansbury, Murder She Wrote TV character, Mrs. Fletcher. So, I had addressed him as I would address a woman. His response as a man was repulsive and I could not understand why he was content in being treated as a lady by me. I had posted RI messages for you, Dick, IC, Sounder, etc. as men to read. He made me ill, even though it wasn't his fault, but I eventually got over it.

So what did you think about my messages as regular posters on Rigorous Intuition?

I found your posts to be a sometimes intelligent diversion to the rank and file of posters. At times mildly interesting and informative, and at other times more so. Your anti-christian rantings bore me, but I don't care. This blog is another news source and another place to read and communicate certain concepts and ideologies. I am not very interested in cyberspace anymore. It is a dull and empty land. A desert so to speak. Tschuss

Morocco Bama said...

I can hardly recollect any of that any longer, belliosto. It's all a blur from a previous incarnation. When you first posted at RI, I thought you were a native american. You were cryptic and spoke in what seemed to be parables, or riddles. I found myself having to read you several times over before making a judgement as to what you may have been saying. Not much has changed as far as that's concerned.

Richard's a sledge hammer and you're carbon monoxide. Myself, I'm death by a thousand itches that can't be scratched.

just_another_dick said...

Gentlemen, if you feel yourselves waxing nostalgic about old RI, just hike over to the forum where the inclusives are relating their "American Girl Doll" memories & how they feel that the newest American Girl Doll, "McKenna," is a subtle nod to Terence McKenna even containing a "sigil."

Now imagine how gibberish like that would have been ground into hamburger in the blog comments & I think you'll understand why those wankers retreated behind a membership fire wall.

That's what I liked about the old blog. It was freewheeling & uncensored like a good conversation or argument.

Morocco Bama said...

I agree, Richard. I have to laugh at that forum these days. All the shit that's going on around us in plain sight and these morons purposely conjure obscurity. And, they're fucking hypocrites. For example, that Sean Young thread and sunny refusing to watch the video because the woman says the media has an agenda. Of course, when don't agree with the4 agenda the person purports the media to have, all at once, just like that, the media is on the up and up and the person making the accusation is coo coo for cocoa puffs. The irony is so bloody palpable. These are people who whine incessantly, day on and day out, about how we are being controlled, and that includes the media's actions, yet when someone they don't specifically agree with does the same thing, they change colors like a chameleon.

What? Did someone say chameleon? That word cannot be uttered without throwing this one on the ol victrola:


just_another_dick said...

Now now Shrub, Sean said mean things about Jews & gays.

I'm actually surprised they turned on Sean. Usually they need to have their paranoia validated by a celebrity.
It's their subtle way to justify their private visits to TMZ as they immerse themselves in the pop/celebrity cult-ure they profess to hate.

I haven't been there in a while. Evidently I picked a no serial killers/no satanic child diddlers time to visit. 99% of the threads appeared to be utterly banal.
If this keeps up they'll start exchanging recipes.