Thursday, December 31, 2015

Another New Year

& sadly, humanity is still here.

Fucking Mayans.

Couldn't even get something as easy as a good apocalypse right.

Y'all deserved to be conquered.

I'm setting my sights on 2029 & the arrival of Apophis.

I think it's time that our narcissistic talking monkey asses learned the lessons that the dinosaurs learned.

We are expendable.


& our passing will not even be mourned.

Or noticed.

Much like that roadkill we drive by every day on our habitrail circuit between our work cage & our home cage.

On the bright side, without us, the world really will be able to have a Happy New Year.

Because, with us here, the year is guaranteed to be anything but new.

Just more of the same old human manufactured bullshit.

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