Thursday, November 10, 2016

So...Ummm...The World's Most Well Armed Country Just Elected A Narcissistic Sociopath As President?...This Should End Well...

My 17 year old daughter actually cried when Trump won.
I can't blame her, although I thought his victory was a foregone conclusion.
To think Americans want a rational unified future is to lie to oneself.
To think either candidate would have provided that rational unified future
would have made you utterly delusional.
But, she's my girl, and she's young & idealistic.
She doesn't understand that it's all been compromised.
Neither party is on her side.
I've always characterized this election as a choice between a bowl of shit & a bowl of vomit.
Truthfully, I'm not sure which one we've collectively chosen.
Trump's bile qualifies him for the evacuated stomach content category, but, in all honesty, he looks exactly like
a lumpy pile of orange shit with a bad wig stapled to the top. Like someone accidentally ate
a huge box of orange Crayolas & then dropped an oversized deuce on the floor.
Ah, the mysteries of life.

It should be an interesting 4 years.
While all presidents fuck up, no one fucks up like a Republican.
You can feel the failure looming.
And you just know it's going to be epic.
Pooches everywhere are pre-lubing for the inevitable day when Herr Strumpet screws them.

I have to admit America is consistent.
It's always been a nation of whiners.
It's always been a nation of idiots.
It's time to admit that that "land of the free, home of brave" jism
is little more than Madison Ave. doublespeak.

The next four years will not be pretty.
But I've no doubt that they will be funny.

Seig Heil!!!
Long Live The New Reich!!!
Same As The Old Reich!!!

                        Bucky Beaver Says Eat Your Vegetables Kids


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