Monday, November 21, 2016

Spirit Cooking Semen Truffles Anyone?

The dominant feeling in America, post election, appears to be collective insanity. At the universities near me the left wing children of privilege are protesting nightly against the election of Donald Trump. Much like the seceding post Obama election Republicans, the left wing whinges heartily when they lose power. Further proof that liberals & conservatives are just dysfunctional mirror images of each other.
On the less extreme conspiracy side, Hillary is apparently a demonic pedophile Anti-Christ who eats semen infused truffles at spirit cooking dinner parties, while her main man, John Podesta, orders special bits of chicken from a creepy DC pizza joint.
On Reddit, someone mentioned how their grandpappy knows Trump and Trump is "very aware" of Clinton's demon semen love & he will soon rectify it all cause "he really loves us."

On the more extreme conspiracy side we have Tracy Twyman who has this bit of Hillary love:

Hillary was born in October 1947, supposedly. The Babalon Working took place January-March 1946, then the fetus extraction and nuclear bomb test took place some time after that. I looked for this information on a hunch, after noticing several clues. And sure enough, back in 2008, someone on David Icke’s forum speculated that Hillary may have been the “Moonchild” that, according to artist Marjorie Cameron, was implanted into her own womb by rocket scientist, occultist, and Crowley associate Jack Parsons during a ritual called the “Babalon Working.” The purpose was to birth a child to be an incarnation of what Crowley called “Babalon,” the Scarlet Whore with the cup of blood foretold in St. John’s Revelation that rides the Beast.
Cameron actually claimed that this fetus, after being taken from her womb, was delivered to people involved in the military’s nuclear weapons progranm, who were apparently in cahoots with Parsons, and placed inside of a nuclear bomb that was tested. But the fetus “survived,” she said, because it had been placed inside of a special canister made exactly for this purpose. For the 1945 “Trinity” bomb test they made a special canister called “Jumbo” that was supposed to to preserve the plutonium if the bomb did failed to go off. They reportedly didn’t end up using it for that, but it has been suggested that this is what preserved the fetus of the Moonchild. Presumably, it grew up to be somebody.

Considering that Hillary Clinton may be a Moonchild/starchild created in an occult ritual involving a nuclear bomb and the killing of hundreds of thousands of people during a war, and that she was meant to be the Whore of Babalon mentioned in Revelation, drinking the blood of the saints, perhaps we should take seriously her intentions to start a nuclear war with Russia. After all, I believe that this woman and her associates did a sodomic child rape ritual with their friends to create the earthquake in Haiti, then kidnapped all of the kids they could find in the aftermath so that they could use them to do something even worse. Just imagine what that could be.  

All this only two weeks after the election. Should be an interesting 4 years.

Addendum: I've also enjoyed how the gun company stocks have tumbled since the election of Herr Trumpski.  Further proof of another one of my pet theories that gun store owners & gun manufacturers love spree shootings & the gun banning liberal politicians that follow in their wake because they mean nothing but money, money & mo' money to them. No hysteria = no sale.

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