Monday, April 5, 2010

The Joy Of Context-Less Media

Yesterday, on ABC's This Week, Larry Summers, Obama's economic advisor, prattled on about nothing. You can see it here. His appearance encapsulates one glaring aspect of our IQ challenged news media, namely that "experts" are continually trotted out & given forums for their "opinions" without anyone mentioning their history and past affiliations.

Over the years, Summers has been a prime mover in the deregulation of our financial system that led to our collective economic ass raping and the emptying of our national piggy bank.

But, even before that, Summers was a member of that elite Harvard team that gang fucked the Russian economy in the immediate aftermath of the fall of the Berlin Wall.
Along with folk like Jonathan Hay & Andrei Shleifer, Summers took the Russian's heartfelt desire for a democratic economic system & ground it under their greedy boot heels.
What the Russians got was a small clique of uber-rich, while the rest of the population sucked wind.
A system of government that's very similar to what we have here in the the Red, White, & Blue Dildo.
The mess they made of the Russian economy led to the rise of ex-KGB hardliner Vladimir Putin & his facade of democracy.

Evidently, in America, well connected criminals not only avoid jail, they get to rise up, again & again, like the elite zombies they are, to gang rape us over & over on another day.

I think that Obama's campaign line of hope & change was just a condensed version of his real message:

(Y'all better) HOPE (we wear a condom
after we) CHANGE (positions for a better
corn-holing angle).

Is this a great cuntry or what?

(The correct answer would be "or what.")

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