Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mooooooooom!!!!! Georgie Stole A Cookie Again!!! Moooooooooooom!!!!

From the ever illustrious New York Times:

“If the disclosures at these hearings are not the final nail that persuades the American people to demand this be done now, I don’t know what would be,” said Senator Byron Dorgan, Democrat of North Dakota. “To bet against your clients, to bet against your country, all for the sake of big profits. The timing is serendipitous but it should increase the pressure on Republicans.”

Well, I think I've found one of those Americans who lives in an altered dimension. Only this is the one where only the Republicans are corrupt corporate puppets & only a few traitorous rotten bananas spoil it for the rest of the wealthy who actually care about America & her people.

His name is Senator Byron Dorgan. this what they mean by "the multi-verse?"

Honestly, I can't think of any other explanation. Unless this guy has spent the last 30 years in his basement, living on canned goods & water run off from rain showers.
America has been slowly cored out like an apple. It has been done in plain sight by both Democrats & Republicans at the behest of their Corporate Masters. I know, because I've watched it happen. Clinton had as much fun sucking corporate NAFTA cock as Monica Lewinsky had sucking his presidential pecker.

Which makes this statement by Senator Harry Reid doubly ludicrous:

“Republicans will have more opportunities to show whose side they are truly on."

Considering Reid voted for both NAFTA and the Iraq War, one could also wonder whose side Mr. Reid is on. Considering he has justified his Iraq War vote with the crackpot assertion that Hussein “smuggled [his WMDs] out of the country,” one also has to wonder at how high the man's elevator travels up the shaft. I wonder if the phrase "neoliberal lap dog" has any meaning for Mr. Reid?

With an unemployment rate hovering somewhere near 20% this motherfucker is playing partisan pocket pool?

Maybe this "service economy" will cough up a couple hundred thousand new jobs toot sweet. I can think of one sure fire way for our daughters to stay solvent in this new, rich man's world:

"Oh yeah baby! Suck it. That's right.
Maybe daddy will give you a twenty.
You can go out & get your dad's meds.
Heh! Heh!"


On a more personal level, my brother, who still lives at my mom's house, told me she received 2 pieces of mail last week. One from Best Buy & one from a furniture store whose name escapes me. As I've said before, my mom loved to shop. She just didn't bother ensuring she actually had money to shop. As an example, my brother found a box with 30 credit cards in it. I think you get the picture.
Consequently, about 2 years ago, my mom had to file for bankruptcy.
So, due to that bankruptcy deal, both Best Buy & the furniture store want their shit back. In Best Buy's case it's a slew of DVDs (?????? Are they expecting to resell them?), while the furniture store wants their rocking chair back.
Evidently they've placed liens on everything. DVDs included.

What a hoot!

If this is some new corporate strategy to squeeze the last bit of blood out of the average rock headed American consumer, good luck with that little plan.
In my mom's case, I'd be more than happy to give them the address of the cemetery.
Hell, I'll even give them the plot number & directions.

Only in America.


If this is Oz, the wizard behind the screen is John Wayne Gacy in full clown mode. He's holding a razor studded star spangled dildo in one hand & a cross in the other.
And he's always smiling.

It's high time you people took a good look at your red white & blue festooned fairy tale.

It's starting to smell funny.

Like roadkill in July.

Pretty soon, I think, smelly roadkill might be looking mighty damn good to a lot of us.

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