Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Fine Art Of Misdirection

Lately, I've been paying close attention to my Yahoo home page. More specifically, I've been interested in how the news stories chosen conceal much more than they reveal. I realize this is nothing new or particularly shocking, but I find it a source of continual fascination.

The latest story to catch my eye involved President Obama's visit to Asia. The headline reads:

Obama calls India creator, not poacher, of US jobs

The opening paragraph goes on to set the surreal tone of the article:

Searching for help half a world away, President Barack Obama on Saturday embraced India as the next jobs-creating giant for hurting Americans, not a cheap-labor rival that outsources opportunity from the United States.

Seriously, is Obama kidding? He can't possibly believe this load of horseshit, can he? The idea that, somehow, India will magically return jobs to the US seems too absurd for words.
Yet there the words are, flowing from the messianic lips of our president.

"There still exists a caricature of India as a land of call centers and back offices that cost American jobs. That's a real perception. Just around this table you're seeing billions of dollars in orders from U.S. companies, tens of thousands of jobs being supported. We're a potential that has barely been scratched."

Sprinkled amongst Obama's surreal Indian job creation pronouncements are examples of the president's gooey & chewy humanitarian center. For example, he uses his stay at the luxurious Taj Mahal hotel, scene of the 2008 "terrorist" massacre, to quietly reflect with first lady Michelle over the names of the dead, muttering "we'll never forget" as if America can remember where it left its car keys let alone any historical occurrence of any significance.

Mr. Obama also paid a visit Ghandi's home.

The president also celebrated the life of a personal hero, Mohandas K. Gandhi, a father of Indian independence and model of peaceful activism. The Obamas spent time at the home-turned-museum where Gandhi once lived. They signed personal messages into the guest book and pledged to bring their daughters, Sasha and Malia, back one day.

Gosh, isn't he a swell fellow? Lionizing Ghandi and his "peaceful activism?
It's enough to bring a tear to the eye, isn't it?

Here's a photo of their guest book widom:

Notice that Obama's entry starts out "I am filled with hope...," which I find, for some strange reason, to be incredibly fucking funny.
After all, there's nothing like immortalizing those once in a lifetime hero-worshipping opportunities with a bit of your old marketing campaign, eh?

Of course, all of this is complete bullshit, and not particularly noteworthy bullshit at that. But what struck me as odd is that this bit of spin laden PR fluff stayed at the top of my Yahoo page for two days.

Tonight I found out why. I saw this over at the Secret Sun blog and it explained so much.

So, the lover of peaceful activism is personally ushering through the sale of $5 billion in military hardware? How cute.
So that's what he means by untapped potential, eh?

Once again the Fairy Tale Prince, divested of all glamour & spin, turns out to be a big, green, warty frog.

Amazing, isn't it?


The bankers and the boards of directors, the politicians and the preachers were already putting the commandments of the Liber Al into practice, and they've only become incalculably more 'willful' since Crowley's death.

Their genius has been to mouth the pabulum and the platitudes of Western liberal democracy while taking a daily jackhammer to its foundations. They work literally around the clock to destroy nationhood, personhood and autonomy, while throwing us off the scent with the mewling drivel of their babbling witch doctors, their televised talking heads and their postmodern puppets in the Professoriate.


Morocco Bama said...

Great video, Richard. Depopulation by stoked regional nuclear conflicts. How beautifully simple.

Yeah, the president, aside form his duties as propaganda cheerleader, is also an head of Arms Sales. You have to admit, it is the one thing we still make well.....perhaps because we have a monopoly at gunpoint?

just_another_dick said...

Yep. It is our last manufacturing refuge. So much so that I think I'll start voting again as soon as a politician steps forward with a resolution to change the name of the US to

Bombs r' US.

Instead of Geoffrey the Giraffe we could have Nukie the Newt.

I'm envisioning a whole Geico Gecko style marketing campaign to keep the chuckles flowing along with the weapons.

I'm going to have to step lightly this week Shrub. Clif "I'm So Fucking" High, using his All Seeing Web-bot of Homer Simpson, has figured out that the East Coast will be hit by 3 nukes while Obama is away off loading arms in Asia.

It's so scary I wet myself just typing it.

I really need to dream up an Internet scam where people actually give me money to make shit up.

I think I'd be good at it.

That way I'd be so busy making up shit I wouldn't have to spend my time cleaning up shit.


Get it?


fucking ha

fucking ha ha!

Sorry Shrub, I get really pissy when I sleep less than 4 hours.

Morocco Bama said...

Richard, so much is a scam these days, anything that's seemingly legit is an aberration.

By the way, someone stole our trash bin. I notified the city because I thought the trash haulers might have confiscated it because it was damaged and were going to replace it, but no, the city informed me that there has been a "rash" of trash bin thefts by an apparent trash can bandit.

I wonder if it is related to the heightened UFO status here in Georgia. Maybe our trash bin was abducted and it is being prodded and evaluated as we speak. If so, poor thing.

On our hike at the local park Saturday, we came across what appeared to be a healthy deer, dead in its tracks right on the side of the path. There were no obvious wounds from a rifle shot or bow, and it looked perfectly healthy, so disease most likely wasn't the culprit. It was out of the ordinary because in all of our years of hiking, we have never run across a dead deer out in the open in the woods like this.

So, is there any connection between the disappearance of our trash bin and the dead deer? Hell if I know. Maybe someone....or something is sending us a message. If so, I don't get it, ass wipes. You'll have to be more clear and less cryptic.

just_another_dick said...

I don't know Shrub, maybe you're witnessing the newest wave of alien shenanigans soon to be popularly known as THE TRASH BIN MUTILATION PHENOMENA.

You should look around your neighborhood. I bet you'll find your trash bin sitting alone in a field, with no obvious signs of human activity, such as footprints, indicating how it got there. Then, upon closer examination, I'm positive that you'll find the bin's internal stuffing has been removed with surgical precision.

Maybe the deer was a pessimist who saw the futility of a life spent wandering aimlessly around a forest, never knowing the joys of plasma screen TVs, cell phones, toilet paper or episodes of NCIS that deal with THE TALIBAN IN LA.

Then again, maybe the pressure of living up to that whole "Bambi" stereotype was just too much for him/her.

What I'm saying is, did you check the area for empty pill bottles?

Until you rule out suicide, I really don't think it's prudent to blame ET.

ericswan said...

The radio interview is free. What more do you want? I have to appreciate your insights here. I couldn't make sense of the Simpson thingy and for my part, wish it wasn't the prelude to acopolypse. I heard the interview for the first time at 2 in the morning and it was a couple of hours later that it concluded. The information flowed better in the last hour if that is any consolation.

As for Nov. 5, I have to conclude or at least intuit that it was the meeting of the fed on that date and the celebration of a 100 years of treachery that X marks the spot. The issue is silver. If, as Clif and most other alternate forecasters predict, the metals take over the economy and the dollar becomes wheelbarrow friendly, you have your answer. I will say that my internet banking was down in a most peculiar way this weekend. It showed all my debt but wouldn't show my assets. What kind of mindgame is that?

ericswan said...

silver 27.60..

ericswan said...

This report is for Mr. Shrubadubdub.

just_another_dick said...

I'm not sure what Simpsons bit High is talking about Eric. I assumed it was the Banksy intro but I watched that 4 times trying to find a damn clock that wasn't there.
Since I'm not up on my viral video sub-culture your guess is as good as mine.
The Fed thing does make more sense although they spend an obscene amount of time wondering why O-bumma took so many members of Pee Wee's Executive Playhouse with him to Asia.

Excuse my tone. I attribute it to me being a crank & an insomniac.
You should do the same.
What really annoyed me last night was the way my internet connection kept switching on & off like a damn light switch.
Every time High would say something I wanted to check, my internet connection would magically click to the off position.
If I were a paranoid megalomaniac instead of a faceless nobody I'd assume "they were on to me."

Right now I'm going on 2 hours of dreamtime fuel, so my head's a little too fuzzy for Clif.
Maybe later.

Morocco Bama said...

Thanks for that link, Eric. That's what I was talking about.....and it will be here earlier in the decade rather than later. The pain must be ratcheted up in order to enact the next set of draconian measures leading to World Feudalism.

Of most interesting note from the doc to which you linked was this:

NIA believes the only asset class that has the potential
to rise in value by more than gold and silver this decade is
agricultural commodities.

Those with a high net worth can mitigate inflation, and even gain from it by placing their net worth strategically. A mad rush will stampede agricultural commodities thus providing a substantial feedback loop driving the price of basic foodstuffs even higher.

It will be madness. Starvation in the third world will reach insane levels, but for now be happy, because McDonalds has experienced another year of growth. Yipee!!

Ray Kroc should be granted Sainthood, shouldn't he?