Monday, November 15, 2010

Bile, More Bile, & A Big Fat Money Shot

On Sunday morning I had the frabjously joyous opportunity to see This Week on ABC. Senator Kent Conrad, D-N.D., was one of the illustrious guests. For effect, let's look at Kent:

Since Kent looks like he was squeezed out of an over tightened sphincter, I'm assuming that he's describing the back door birth orifice through which he entered the world.

Anyway, Kent Klark had this to say:

"You know, a certain amount of this is shock therapy. There are different options and, of course, what everybody has fastened on is the most extreme of the options. But, look, the important thing for people to know is that we are borrowing 40 cents of every dollar we spend. That's utterly unsustainable. It can't continue much longer, so it's got to be dealt with."

I'm sure Naomi Klein is feeling a bit of vindication sprinkled amongst whatever existential dread our current state of affairs is causing her.

"Shock therapy?"

Fuck, I'll give Kent and his criminal cronies some
shock therapy," and all it will involve is a bit of wire and an operable electric outlet.

Listen up Kent, the really important thing for people to know is that they've been had. In their naive ignorance they swallowed the boatloads of bullshit you & your wealthy patrons have been feeding their dumb asses for decades.
Like Dylan once wrote before he started peddling Escalades:

"As soon as you awake
you're trained to take
what looks like the easy way out."

They took the easy way out all right. Spackled over their insecurities & neuroses with continual consumption, defined their self worth with price tags & logos, not realizing that the only "infinite growth" they would really be experiencing is around their waistlines.
They were the rock you motherfuckers have been squeezing blood from for my entire life.

Now, after decades of psychological & economic ass raping, you & your cronies want to bill them for the experience. This is the kind of weasel that calls itself a "Democrat" these days.

Kent's sidekick was David Cote, chairman and CEO of Honeywell International.

Here's Davy plotting the next war with Obama:

David had this to say:

"In my view, Democracies seem to be uniquely suited to putting the traffic light up after the fourth accident.
Now, we can't wait for the fourth accident here.

"It's too easy for the demagogues and the polemicists to respond to something, just kind of go into their neutral corner and screaming, as opposed to saying there's a time to pull together. This is one of those times.

"And it scares me that as a financially conversant CEO, I didn't know how bad this was going to get in the next 10 years. I think the American public is ready for this discussion, but I don't see anybody having that discussion with them, and that needs to happen."

I have to agree with Dave on his assessment of democracy. As a nation, we should have realized these greedy bastards had nothing but their own selfish self interests at heart ages ago. But critical thinking doesn't seem to be the average American's strong point. Hell, thinking in any form is woefully non-existent here in the land of the short attention span.

I really doubt that Dave & his buddies want us to actually "pull together" unless he has some unhealthy urge to look up at his headless body from the inside of a wicker basket.

The last bit is wrong on so many fucking levels, I'll just touch on one.

Dave seems concerned about having an adult discussion with the American people. This from the head of Honeywell who sits at the heart of our lovely military/industrial/entertainment complex which has, over the years, erased all semblance of adult conversation from public discourse.
These fellows seem to have a yen for super-sized adolescents & toddlers since they have helped form a society comprised of little else.

Once again, the major media gives us information that is little more than a gob of seminal ejaculate.

If I've developed any feelings of solidarity from this episode of This Week, it's with this chick:

Honey, I really do understand how you feel.
Too bad long hot showers don't erase the inner stain, eh?


ericswan said...

I wish you would have directed your commentary at a former Indiana republican by the name of Souder. This was Bush's left hand man in the drug war. A few months back, Mr. Souder, a fine upstanding young man, decided to refrain from politics due to his being caught in some hanky panky that seems to have upset his wife and his loyal following. I've forgotten his first name and would appreciate any feedback y'all might have on the former Congressman.

just_another_dick said...

I'm on it Eric.

Thanks, this guy is funnier than a really loud church fart.

ericswan said...

AUSTRALIA'S worst locust plague in 70 years has marched into metropolitan Melbourne as federal and state authorities met to consider their plan of attack.

Federal Agriculture Minister Joe Ludwig today met with ministers and officials from NSW, South Australia, Victoria and Queensland to discuss the response to the swarms.

Senator Ludwig said the response so far had been "extremely efficient", but with the pests taking to the wing the time had come to discuss realistic approaches to controlling the swarms.

There had been an increase in reports of fledgling or young adult locusts, with swarms even spotted in Melbourne, he said.

"There has been a sudden influx of locusts into parts of the Melbourne metropolitan area," Senator Ludwig said in a statement.

"More localised movement will occur in all affected areas during the coming weeks, before significant long-distance swarm migration is likely to occur."
Spraying swarms was "inefficient, less effective and costly", and potentially dangerous if done from the air, Senator Ludwig said.

"However, we recognise the urgency in tackling this problem and treatment of swarms will be considered in extreme circumstances," he said.

"It is absolutely critical that landholders continue to monitor locust outbreaks because treatment on the ground before locusts swarm is the most effective tool."

Bigfoot said...

“Today his mind is perplexed and he looks up into the perfect cloudless empty blue and wonders what all the bruiting and furor is below, what all the yelling, the buildings, the humanity, the concern—“Maybe there’s nothing at all,” he divines in his lucid pureness—“Just like the smoke that comes out of Papa’s pipe”— “The pictures the smoke makes”— “All I gotta do is close my eyes and it all goes away”— “There is no earth— look at the perfect sky, it says nothing”. — Jack Kerouac

ericswan said...

What is wrong with this picture?

ericswan said...

Grey squirrels are ubiquitous in North America - scurrying across our lawns and up our trees, burying nuts and taunting our tantalised dogs.

Bright-eyed and bushy tailed, squirrels are cute, furry and, apparently, very edible.

The notion of stewed squirrel may not tempt everybody's taste buds, but in an age of tightening belts and financial severity, the humble abundance of the squirrel is causing some to reconsider its epicurean virtue.

American hunter William Hovey Smith, a self-described outdoor enthusiast, loves a spot of squirrel stew, made of course from critters he hunts himself.

"It is certainly a very American dish. We've eaten it since colonial days. In fact sometimes, during hard times, a lot of people primarily subsisted from squirrel meat, just for want of anything better," Mr Smith says.

Born and bred in the state of Georgia, he lives on a property that has been in his family since the 1700s. The house was once an orderly cotton plantation but now the sprawling estate is overgrown with brush and pine trees, making it an ideal hunting ground.

Although the squirrels that dot New York's Central Park have no qualms about scampering toward a picnic blanket or eating from a tourist's hand, wild bush squirrels are quick and evasive.

Mr Smith says his stew has a "distinctly sweet flavour" They are best hunted the old-fashioned way - with a rifle and a dog.

His hunter's eye roving, Mr Smith scans his property on a rainy day in November. At his side, his dog's nose twitches.

He has used a variety of weapons to hunt squirrels in the past, including shotguns, handguns, air rifles and even crossbows.

Today, his weapon of choice is a single-shot muzzle-loaded rifle, packed with loose gun powder and a ball.

The kill is a blur. He spots a squirrel, fires, and seconds later his "faithful hound" has retrieved the dead squirrel.

"This is a nice big one. Nice long tail, weighs about 2lb or so. That's a little large for a squirrel," Mr Smith says of the North American grey squirrel he has caught.

ericswan said...

"Before I attempt to answer your questions, an overview and background
knowledge is necessary:-


European Royal Monarchies and aristocracy

-sun king (god-like status)


-selective breeding

-bad genes - insanity/idiocy and hereditary diseases

Natural selection (i.e. Darwinian theory) would have wiped them out sooner or
later. The end was coming by the 'age of enlightenment'.

However, as a US Microsoft programmer once clarified with an amusingly
anecdotal story:

The Monarchists developed a new breeding pattern called F-U-C-K (fornication
under consent of the King).

What did this mean?

It's quite obvious really, the Monarch had the final say upon whom his
offspring bred with.

The ordinary people, hearing of this new regulation, decided to call it
'fuck'. The etymiological root of this 'anglo-saxon' swearword.

Anyway, the basic idea was that 'new blood' had to be injected into the old
bloodlines which were deteriorating fast into madness, 'learning disabilities'
and blood-related disorders i.e. haemophilia. In essence, the Monarchies and
their aristocracies were becoming the biological rejects of the gene pool and
they had to do something about it.

In short, DNA became a 'god' to these royal circles - it was the only thing
which could save them from this terrible fate.

A huge amount of money was then ploughed into this early research and kept
highly secret.

The disgrace at this sort of public admission would be too great too bear.

Scientists, doctors and quacks were given limitless budgets. No moral or
ethical rules applied to their research. They were allowed to proceed as they
wished and they did. This situation is ongoing and this research is currently
still in operation."

Bigfoot said...

Hey Eric, have you been eating squirrels? I've never seen a live one before, not down here. They seem like pretty neat little critters, running around clasping their nuts. Shame they have to be killed really, but if people need to eat.. If I can afford it, I just eat seafood "meat" these days, my childhood diet consisted of meat meat meat & meat. Then we'd have some meat. Needless to say, there were digestion issues leading to health problems.

Richard, thanks for this-

Since Kent looks like he was squeezed out of an over tightened sphincter, I'm assuming that he's describing the back door birth orifice through which he entered the world


Human Resources:

Vinyl Richie said...

Bigfoot said...

Y'all must be out hunting squirrel...

ericswan said...

Hey BF..that squirrel link was directed to our Georgia friend. I thought you had squirrels out your way. You know they are related to rabbits? I suppose that makes up for it right?

Bigfoot said...

Yep, watership down under. We've also got these- Wetapunga..

Morocco Bama said...

Can the idiots at RI not see how obviously transparent this whole Wikileaks psyop is? Seriously, these are the same morons that fell for Obama and his lies, and now they are falling for the Wikileaks set-up.

Yet another reason this thing of ours will end up in complete ruin.....and thank dog for that, because it's not worth saving...or resurrecting.

Morocco Bama said...

Yes, I've had squirrels in the attic. They're a big problem here, so I will have no reluctance in eating them when the time comes.....and that time is coming soon. My unemployment benefits will, most likely, not be extended and I'm 3,415th in line for that Wal-Mart greeter job.

Not to worry, I have become quite proficient at catching the monstrous little bastards. Peanut Butter is my friend. I can use it to catch the squirrels and then use it again on a Peanut Butter, Jelly and Squirrel sandwich.

Even this won't even last but for a short period of time. Squirrel will be over-trapped and hunted, and soon will go extinct. Then....well, we know what then will be, don't we? We will begin trapping and hunting each other, or maybe Monsanto can find a way to turn us into bread and crackers whilst we lay and shit all over ourselves as we await the next shipment.

Bigfoot said...

Morocco Bama said...

Bigfoot, thank you for that Pavlovian image. I'm drooling now.....earthworms will have to do for now.

ericswan said...

I've uploaded a two part vid to my blog. It's highly uplifting and a must see video. I suggest you double click through to youtube to see the whole pic. Best of the season to y'all.

Yes it has pole shift written all over it.

Bigfoot said...

Mr Bama, I think in the post squirrel & earthworm but pre zombie period, there will be a more dignified yet short lived golden era of eating our own and each others tape worms. Drink Monsanto's Posilac Puss for larger, healthier parasites.

Bigfoot said...

Will check it out thanks Eric, all the best to you too mate.

Cheers -foot