Friday, December 3, 2010

A Tough Week For Pluto & Crew

CELEBRATION, Fla. – The owner of a failed security business barricaded himself in his soon-to-be foreclosed home, shot at deputies and then killed himself in this well-groomed Central Florida town built by Disney.

The 14-hour standoff came just days after the town's first-ever homicide, unsettling residents who moved to the community for its safety and small-town values. Authorities said the two deaths were not connected.

I know, I know, big tragedy. Shocking really. The thought of the town that Tinkerbell built becoming infected like this. But this is America folks, where the weaklings & losers are weeded out. The opening sentence tells us all we need to know about this guy:

"The owner of a failed security business..."

In other words, the mook was a FUCKING LOSER.

Can't have those parasitic little bastards running around now can we?
They may upset the upward trajectory of the winners by wheedling their way into the bleeding hearts of all those whiny left wingers who look for any excuse to malign unfettered greed and the all American principle of


I'm sure that Celebration residents are well aware of this little sociopathic tenet that hides in the subtext of the Pledge Of Allegience since Celebration "boasts some of the highest median incomes in the area."

After all, the motto of the upwardly mobile has always been, "Too bad for your bad luck buddy." They say this right before they run over you with their Mercedes.

Then again, maybe the guy discovered this bit of antique Walt Disney ephemera and, being an obedient little company town dwelling company man, he saw no choice other than emulating Celebration's spiritual granddaddy.

Maybe if he would found this one instead:

things might have ended differently.

It's a good thing the media keeps to their rigorous standards of cheerleading & obfuscating the fact that we're pretty much screwed. Otherwise this would probably be more common.

I suppose it could all be dismissed as an anomaly, a bit of Charles Fort's damned data.

Except a few days previously the happy go lucky fairy dust laden home that is Walt's peon to artificially manufactured small town illusions had another big bucket of cold water dumped right on its collective head.

Celebration, Florida experienced its first homicide since its fourteen-year existence Tuesday.

Celebration, located just five miles south of Disney World, is a picturesque, Disney-developed town in central Florida. For the first time ever, police are investigating the only homicide reported in Celebration.

According to, Osceola County police responded to a phone call after a neighbor found 58-year-old Matteo Giovanditto dead in his home.

Police statements revealed that based on the evidence found at the scene, police classified Giovanditto's death as a homicide.

Peter Rummell, of Disney Development Corp., in a letter to then-CEO Michael Eisner, said regarding the community:

"[Celebration] would be a wonderful residential town east of I-4 that has a human scale with sidewalks and bicycles and parks and the kind of architecture that is sophisticated and timeless. It will have fiber optics and smart houses, but the feel will in many cases be closer to Main Street than to Future World."

It's the kind of town where people give Christmas gifts to their favorite Starbucks barista, where welcoming wooden rocking chairs sit lakeside on a sidewalk without being stolen, where neighbors tend to get suspicious if they notice you're not around.

Gee, it sounds so bucolically Mayberry that I bet their deputies are modeled after this guy:

One has to love America's nostalgic return to that Illusory "small town Eden," where bunnies danced Irish jigs, where teens were polite & drug free & where "salt of the Earth Americans played their tedious "God & Country" mantras over & over even as God & country were poised to abandon them to the wolves.

I doubt that any of these upscale weenies have the faintest concern for what has really happened to small town America.

Let's look.

Geez, this "reality" shit is depressing, isn't it? No wonder these folk have sacrificed personal choice to their corporate landlords. The Disney dream masters are field tested bullshit shoveling magicians who can take any 3-Dimensional hunk of a normally dark & disturbing reality and cobble together a nice shiny illusion that manages to gloss over everything that's dark & disturbing about it. Come to think of it, they're just like every other branch of the corporate American propaganda wing.

What's really twisted about this is that Celebration City's illusion of small town America is, itself, based on an illusion. Anyone familiar with Michael Lesy's book, Wisconsin Death Trip, knows that small town America had its own litany of horrors. While I'd recommend finding the book, this bit will have to do.

Having said that, I think it's time to sing:

Hi Ho Hi Ho it's off to hell we go.
Hi Ho Hi Ho we're most assuredly fucked y'know?

Again, I've nothing particularly new to say. We've always been demented & fragmented & homicidal & suicidal & sick to the core of our souls, the only difference now is we're much better at lying to ourselves about ourselves.

But you already knew that, didn't you?

In Medias Res from RaHu SolNter on Vimeo.


just_another_dick said...

Gentlemen, it's nice to see you carried on without me. I was sick of the media, both televised & computerized, so I made use of the nifty "off" switch for a while.

Don't feel like I've missed much.

I've been much more entertained by my new boss who seems to be a habitual, yet fairly inept, liar.

Shrub, the forum lost me a few weeks ago with the thread on whether God created us "to do good." Most seemed to agree that we were created to do good, but the machinations of the "elite" hindered us.

This line of thought would have been much more convincing if "God" didn't also bless us with the need to fill our bellies every few hours.

If any one of these pacifist do-gooders were somehow stuck without food for 3 or 4 days, and I happened to sit down next to them with a big juicy burger & fries, and then refused to share any of it, they would stove in my skull with the nearest hunk of driftwood as fast as you could say Snow White's titty.

ericswan said...

Now for something completely enlightening. Black's Law defines this scenario I'm about to describe. Let's say they are going to foreclose on the house and you've been served notice to attend to a court of law to pay up. You are entitled to the information of the suit against you. If you don't go to court they send someone out to the house with the big stick so don't ignore the notice to attend or you end up in a 14 hour stand off and as tricky Dick has pointed out, it does not end well.

One of the things you need to pursue is the instrument that you signed that proves the bank owns the house they are foreclosing on. The key here is the instument has a CUSIP number and that number is attached to your application after you give it to them. That's the number that any financial corporation uses to buy and sell your property to any other financial corporation which means they borrow the money from another institution that has the CUSIP number attached to the instrument and the forecloser really doesn't own the house and really can't kick you out. That CUSIP can be traded like any other financial instrument and the forecloser has to be the current owner not the former owner to bring you into a court.

But the key here is that it is your application and when the first bank loaned you the money, they sold it as a financial instument and kept the money. When you follow that number, the institution defrauded you and the money they got for your CUSIP was your money but they kept it. In fact, any money derived from the instrument was your money. This is what derivatives are all about. This applies to insurance, car loans, job applications any applications that have a CUSIP. A bank or any other financial institution can apply a CUSIP to your instument and sell it. It's your money. It's happening in the military. The U.S. government is keeping the insurance money that should have gone to families of the dead soldiers. This is fraud. Ask for your CUSIP number when attending to a court of law.

just_another_dick said...

Eric, at what point does the lender have to supply information to the borrower? My brother has been requesting a copy of my mom's loan for close to a year & they have sent him nothing.
My mother tossed every loan related document so we know absolutely nothing about the actual loan other than what we've pieced together from memory & scattered clues.
I've already received my subpoena for court.

Morocco Bama said...

Richard, how the hell have you been subpenised to court for a loan your mother had? Has it gotten this ridiculous?

ericswan said...

Here's the link..

just_another_dick said...

Thanks Eric.

Yeah Shrub, it's gotten this ridiculous.

The whole thing is a bit Kafka-esque.
The document states that I'm not financially responsible for the loan. It also shows that BOA acknowledges that my mom is deceased.
But BOA still sends her notices and I got a subpoena.

From what I can gather this is a meaningless formality that I could have avoided by signing away any claims I had to the property.

My brother and I didn't sign because that would have allowed BOA to foreclose without having to go through normal foreclosure proceedings which will cost them both time & money.

We decided to make the fuckers pay.

Anonymous said...

Iridescent Kuttlefish said:

Hello everybody. I'm dead but I am come back to communicate with you. Please forgive Belliosto for his rantings. He is absolutely a verifiable and provable saint of the almighty God. He loves you with all his heart and loves his most potent father in heaven. Please, please, please realize that things are far worse than one can imagine. Imagine ones cerebellum placed inside a blast furnace, scrambled and placed on a plate for one to consume. This is what Belliosto has warned us about.

Show genuine affection for him. He is a man who believes things are utterly hopeless and that no one is to be trusted. They have seen me. I must leave now. I beg you. The world is much worse than one can fully comprehend. It has been this way for millenniums. I apologize if I have offended any of you in the past at Rigorous Intuition. Please forgive me. Hades be damned.


ericswan said...

just_another_dick said...

Shrub, Glenn Beck was defending the Wikileaks fellow yesterday. Evidently his sex offense troubles are bogus, being orchestrated by "radical hard core leftists."

That's probably indicative of something, don't you think?

ericswan said...

Hey's a few quotable quotes for the forum. You have to read a book. Hope your wife reads it too. Call it a Xmas present...

ericswan said...

And here's your Xmas present Mr. Richard. Keep your finger off the button....
What is now will ever be...

Morocco Bama said...

Do you ever notice how Beck's psychotic ramblings end with "Buy Gold?" Funny, that.

Anyhow, I have noticed that the following article appears to be making its rounds amongst the faux, and faux but don't know it, so-called lefties. It's a delicious morsel of meat you rip apart with your rather prominent fangs. What is the intent of all these "the Empire is collapsing" articles and books? Is it just jumping on the bandwagon of discontent and milking it for all its worth? Certainly, that's a large part of it, but what irks me is that these articles/books often exhibit a forlorn and lamenting undertone, or overtone. I don't know about you, but I don't lament and forlorn what this system has done over the past several centuries. I think it's rather sadistic, cruel and deplorable, and it's not something any person with half a conscience would want to reform, prop up or extend, and yet, that seems to be the point of these articles and books....that if we don't act now and wake up, we'll lose "this thing of our's"....and then what will we do? This is right in your wheelhouse, Richard. Like wolves to a fresh kill, help me tear it apart.

just_another_dick said...

Shrub, I glanced at your link but I won't get to read it till tonight.

My problem with articles about the "decline of the American Empire" is that they seem to miss the point completely.

I don't think "the Empire" gives a tinker's tit about America, or any other nation state for that matter.

We're the assholes still stuck in nation state status, while the globalists who have promoted empire know the entire nation state concept has been obsolete for years.

They are globalists after all.

If the empire was going to be "an American empire," I doubt that it would have been allowed to crumble.

just_another_dick said...

One more thing Shrub, last night Jon Stewart defended the Wiki chap in a way that wasn't much different than Beck's defense.

Kind of odd, don't ya think?

Morocco Bama said...

Kind of odd, don't ya think?

Imagine that!! Stewart and Beck sharing opposite sides of the same coin. Why I never.....

Morocco Bama said...

I don't think "the Empire" gives a tinker's tit about America, or any other nation state for that matter.

We're the assholes still stuck in nation state status, while the globalists who have promoted empire know the entire nation state concept has been obsolete for years.

Excellent point.

ericswan said...

The Canadian press is reporting a new agreement with Mack Daddy which will soften the internal borders and harden the coastline. Wonder if that means there is oil in the Arctic. Naw, it's too cold, at least until the pole shift.

ericswan said...

one for the ages
one for your repertoire.

just_another_dick said...

Eric, that Benny Hinn bit was a hoot. I just watched Jesus Camp recently, much of the same shit different preacher deal. I wonder if these folk realize that their spiritual tumbles & glossolalia mumbles owe a bit more to paganism than they do to Christ.

I'd love to show the faithful Hinnsters & Jesus Campers a good film of a voodoo ceremony side by side with their own gyrations & contortions since the two are practically indistinguishable.

But, then again, modern Christianity, with its conservative hankering for staid homogeneity & bureaucratic subservience has very little to do with the boundary transgressing Christ & His message, does it?

ericswan said...