Friday, December 31, 2010

Tis The Season Of Cognitive Dissonance

A Belgian Catholic priest and would-be Nobel Peace Prize holder has admitted that he sexually abused an eight-year-old boy 40 years ago.

The case only came forward when his cousin, the sister of his victim, came forward in reaction to a campaign to nominate Francois Houtart for the accolade.

She told the Belgian church authority that looks into child abuse, the Adriaenssens commission, that the abuse on her brother happened in 1970 while he stayed at their house.

Houtart, 85, was a prominent third world activist and chairman of a development agency that he founded in 1976, Center Tricontinental, until he resigned from the board in November in light of the allegations.

He is currently in Ecuador and was not responding to phone calls or emails.

Houtart told the Belgian newspaper Le Soir that he twice touched 'the intimate parts' of his cousin, an incident he called 'inconsiderate and irresponsible.'

She details the abuse of her brother, which she describes as 'rape,' by an unnamed priest.

But the victim's sister says the priest, who was a friend of her father, entered her brother's room twice 'to rape him.'

'Before the third time, my brother went to tell his parents, who kept him in their room,' she is quoted as saying in the report.

The priest said he spoke to the victim’s parents to see if they wanted him to quit as a priest but they told him to speak to a professor in Brussels.

They advised him to stay in the priesthood and concentrate on his academic work in religious sociology.

I know, I know, posting a story about a Catholic priest who fondles children is about as shocking as saying "the sun rose this morning."

What I find interesting is that this little chunk of Cat'lic indiscretion has been completely ignored by the anti-pedophile folk over at Rigorous Intuition.

Hmmmmm....that's so odd isn't it?
The RI crew seem to spend 90% of their lives in front of computer screens, eagerly searching for the tiniest whiff of exposed toddler genitals.
Catholic priests with roving hands & priapic peckers seem to be a special favorite for faux moralizing and outraged finger pointing.

Yet Father Houtart seems to have slipped through the RI compound floorboards.

Oh, I found a few old threads mentioning Father Houtart that can be encapsulated in this quote:

The last sitting took place before a 'jury of conscience' that included author Arundhati Roy and Francois Houtart who participated in the Bertrand Russell War Crimes Tribunal on U.S. Crimes in Vietnam.

But that's all.

It's a mystery, isn't it?

Well, not really. Not when you take the RI forum ambiance into consideration.

For example, these bits of Houtart wisdom would be wonderfully at home on the RI forum. In fact, I've read variations of them dozens of times.

Q: What about your Utopology?

A: The struggle for Utopia is a struggle for hope, and that means that it is not a struggle for something impossible to attain. (Unlike unrestrained toddler genital fondling which is inexplicably frowned on) Capitalist logic is killing all Utopias. That is why Mrs. Thatcher said –"There is no alternative," and Francis Fukuyama speaks about the end of history. That means that any utopia is impossible! What can you hope for in a world of inequalities and oppression?

Struggle against the type of globalisation that we have today is fundamental for the definition of Utopia and the struggle for Utopia is also fundamental for the opposition to the present day globalisation. It is the search for another type of globalisation. (The one where fondling toddler's genitals is not frowned upon.)

Q: What sources inspire you most in this Utopian thinking?

A: The struggle for Utopia is a struggle for hope, and that means it is not a struggle for something impossible to get, but with the idea that “something which does not exist today could exist tomorrow”. (Like see-thru Huggies) So that is the way that I define Utopia. A French Protestant Philosopher Paul Ricoeur, talks about necessary Utopia because of the fact that globalisation of capitalist logic is killing all Utopias. There are alternatives possible. (Like toddler genital fondling. I've never been happier or more fulfilled doing anything else) Otherwise it is pointless to talk about Utopias .In the World Social Forum we have discovered that alternatives exist in all sectors of the collective human life. That is extremely important. We can talk about three levels of alternatives, the long-range (this would involve repeated bouts of genital fondling followed by oral pleasures), middle-range (this involves the occasional bout of genital fondling in the Sacristy) and short-range (this is a drive by fondle done in the dead of night while the toddler slumbers blissfully unaware). There are alternatives and there are people working for alternatives. That means that the Utopia is possible and it is not just a dream.

We must also find enough motivating force to struggle in order to realise Utopia (For me, photos of children's genitals have never had the OOMPH of a real live genital fondle). There may be various types of sources of such force. One would be the humanist perspective that we find in many people committed to struggling for justice. This is a very fundamental basis for Utopia. Marxist militants, people who believe that it is possible to transform society, find motivation for commitment from this humanist conviction. (This is especially powerful humanism dovetails with human children's genitals) If we take the believing community, for example, in Christianity, it is clear that the Bible reflects a process of liberation, and that the prophets speak about a possible future. In the Gospel we see the struggle against injustice and the hope in the Kingdom of God. (Of course, there's all manner of outre sexuality on display. Which is a good for a genital fondler such as myself) All of this is very coherent. It means that we have to believe in Utopia. The next step is to be committed to the search and the struggles for such a Utopia.

Q: What is the relationship between reconciliation and liberation from a socio-political and a theological point of view?

A: From a political point of view, in order to have real reconciliation and reconstruction, which is a social process, there have to be conditions. Otherwise it does not work. One of the main conditions is the recognition of the wrong done, as I have said. (As long as the recognition doesn't lead to any real consequences. Otherwise I'd be in jail fondling my smelly cell-mate's genitals, which, I must say, would be no fucking fun at all.) If this does not happen, after one or two generations the matter will come up again. (Or 40 years. Whichever comes first) We see this, for example, in Turkey with the genocide of the Armenians at the beginning of the 20th century, more than one hundred years ago. Turks always refused to admit that there was genocide and now with the third or the fourth generation the matter is coming back again. We see this also in Latin America. After the military dictatorships came the laws of amnesty. Well, this did not solve anything because it was like saying that nothing had happened. In fact, things have happened and as long as this is not recognised and condemned, the matter will never die but will remain in the memory of the people. (We also saw this in my little cousin's bedroom but I won't go into that.) So, from the purely political point of view, in order to solve such situations, it is necessary to go through a social process of recognition of the wrongdoing and legal condemnation. After that, reconciliation can take place. But you cannot pardon something, which has not been recognised. You can pardon it if it has been recognised as a wrongdoing by the people who are responsible. Then you can say okay, in order to build society we have to bring about a process of reconciliation. That means the possibility of living together again. (I would really like to live together with a few toddlers) Let us consider the example of co-operation between the Germans, the French and the Belgians after the Second World War. New Germany recognised the wrongdoing and paid for it. Now the relationship between Germany , France and Belgium in spite of all that has had happened is excellent, and it has been possible to build on a reconciliation process. That is from a political point of view.

From the ethical point of view and even the theological point of view, this is all the more true. Because there is also, you see, an ethical aspect; reconciliation is a value recognised in the Gospel and is found in other religions as well. Such an ethical value has a special meaning for Christians in the work of constructing the reign of God. So it has a very fundamental dimension. But, again, this dimension is possible on the condition that the party who has been guilty has an ethical attitude. (It also helps if the offended party is a family member who will willingly sweep the offence under the rug) For example, the military in Argentina , South Korea , the Philippines and Haiti all refused to recognise any wrongdoing. How can you reconcile? In this sense reconciliation from an ethical point of view is meeting the same goal as from the political perspective. Finally, reconciliation means also a certain type of compensation; it may be material or it may be moral, but compensation is also necessary.

The victims can eventually renounce material compensation if they want to, but they have to decide, not the ones who were responsible in the past or the state. Of course, from the Christian perspective, pardon is very fundamental and very important and it is only possible when the wrongdoing has been recognised.

So it would appear that the RI folk have a blind spot when the priestly pedophile is an avowed anti-corporate, anti-globalist Marxist who spouts the same rhetoric as a typical RI forum sycophant.

I guess that the "truth-seekers" at the RI forum aren't all that interested in airing dirty laundry when the laundry was soiled by one of their own.

It all makes me wonder if, over the years, they've conveniently excised other uncomfortable facts from their rigorous inquiry into truth.

(GASP) that possible? Please, oh please, say it isn't so Joe.

Actually, this is not without precedent. The RI bloggers seem to have a soft spot for The Secret Sun blog. Christopher Knowles, the blog's creator, has a soft spot for Jeffrey Kripal, who is a Professor of Religious Studies and Chair of the Department of Religious Studies at Rice University.

Mr. Kripal, in his book The Serpent's Gift, shares this bit of decidedly odd spirituality in his effort to explain why the dissociation brought on by sexual trauma can be a good thing.

Consider, for example, the one class of readers who have most deeply understood and appreciated my work on sexual trauma and mystical states: women and men who have themselves been sexually abused as children or young adults and later found themselves entering, often spontaneously, into extremely positive and healing altered states of consciousness. Such readers do not "accept" or "understand" what I am trying to communicate. They know. Their readings are based on excessive life events, on the most troublingly delightful movements of their own minds and bodies. And they are perfectly aware that very few people will ever understand them, that others cannot possibly "get it."
How could they? They have not been through the same life-altering experiences and had their consciousness and energies permanently shifted into other dimensions of knowing and being. One might as well try to explain an orgasm to a 5 year old.

"Troublingly delightful" indeed. If I would have only known, decades ago, that sexual trauma is a quick ticket to esoteric shamanism, I might have dressed a bit more saucily when I was a tot. Oh well, another missed opportunity.

In conclusion, I leave you with a bit of Houtart pontification that never once mentions toddler's genitals.

Teaser alert: With my next post I plan on giving y'all a well thought out and heartfelt expose on the reasons why Utopia would be incomplete without the occasional bout of toddler genital fondling.

Stay tuned or be ruined.

He's intently watching your kid's genitals.


Anonymous said...

iridescent kuttlefish approves of this message...

Marxist apologetics being the Theocracy, the inquisitor draws out the red flags. Provocateur draws out the red flags as well. The voice of Heaven torments the Marxist apologists infinitely because the inquisitor accepts this voice as his own conscience as righteous and his better impulses appear to himself as temptations. Dick, this is one of the arguments against the exposure of one of their own. A common man is being tyrannical for his want of meaningful justice. The power of an authoritarian justifies the ends. One is a potential fascist in his condemnation of Marxism. The struggle is to attain the pig status of intellectual superiority as in the book Animal Farm. Condoning anti-corporate, anti-globalist Marxism is the loophole to power within this Theocracy. It is foolish to harm the other pigs who agree with this power.

Morocco Bama said...

Richard, if it's not leaked to Wikileaks, then, at RI at least, it doesn't get on the radar, unless, of course, it's about Jellyfish or an ode to C2W.

ericswan said...

December 31st, 2010

Via: Guardian:

The ACLU maintains an ever-growing database of these indignities, many so graphic they’re illegal to broadcast over public airwaves. Actions that violate FCC standards are embraced by the TSA. “Mary in Texas” reported:

The TSA agent used her hands to feel under and between my breasts. She then rammed her hand up into my crotch until it jammed into my pubic bone … I was touched in the pubic region in between my labia … She then moved her hand across my pubic region and down the inner part of my upper thigh to the floor. She repeated this procedure on the other side. I was shocked and broke into tears.

A woman named Chris said:

“In the four times she explored the area where my inner thigh met my crotch, she touched my labia each time, and one pass made contact with my clitoris, through two layers of clothing. I told her I felt humiliated, assaulted and abused … In my work as a nurse, if I did what the TSA did against a patient’s will it would be considered assault and battery, and I did not see how the TSA should have different rules.”

Recipients of such treatment aren’t allowed to show distress. Melissa from Massachusetts did anyway:

“I was shaking and crying the entire time. I was begging them to hurry up but they kept stopping and telling me to calm down. It is impossible to gain composure when a stranger has her hands in your underwear.”

Morocco Bama said...

Thank goodness they got this worked out. The Plebes may have revolted.

Chip Corbin, a Penn State alumnus in Ohio, had planned to go to a sports bar to watch the Outback Bowl if his ABC affiliate had blacked out. Sports bars typically subscribe to satellite services, which are unaffected by the Sinclair dispute.

"It's nice to know that I won't be competing with folks who are going to want to watch different bowl games," said Corbin, 32, an engineer with the Air Force who lives just outside of Dayton in Huber Heights, Ohio. "My whole life has been Penn State football," he said.

just_another_dick said...

Eric, it's funny you should mention TSAs. I've been reading a bit of this blog:

written by a chap who was on flight 253 with alleged bomber Umar.

Evidently Umar was stopped before boarding the plane because he was on a terrorist watch list. Only the intercession of a well dressed American kept his bomb plot on schedule.
I say "bomb plot" with my tongue in my cheek since Umar was evidently carrying a fake bomb provided by US intelligence.

He had this to say about TSAs:\

"Next, I would like to address why the U.S. Government would continue to stage such plots. There may be numerous answers to this question. The answer regarding flight 253, was that the Patriot Act needed to be renewed and body scanners needed to be placed in the airports. What a perfect way to bring body scanners to the airports: stage a fake terrorist bombing when the bomb is in the bomber's clothes. You see, if the plot was merely to catch Umar in the act, then he could have been arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit murder, which could have resulted in a life sentence. There was no need to allow Umar to light the fake bomb on the plane, unless a propaganda campaign was being staged. Not surprisingly, Umar lit the bomb in full view of everyone and not in the bathroom where it would have fizzled, as duds do, and not caused any kind of stir. Allowing Umar to light the dud bomb on the plane served the ultimate plot of the U.S. Government, which was to renew the Patriot Act and get body scanners in the airports. It is too obvious. Why the U.S. Government is attempting to raid the treasury of funds and take away our Constitutional rights is unclear. There are many possibilities and I will not discuss them here. What can't be argued is that the U.S. Government is in fact engaging in such a propaganda campaign. I suspect in 2011 we will see more fake terrorist attacks targeted to take away specific rights of U.S. citizens. Fake plots that come to mind are: bombings of malls, trains, boats, universities and sporting events (Likely by U.S. citizens this time). Of course, each plot will be followed by a security solution that will involve the loss of rights and drain the treasury further. Stay tuned."

Either this guy has been obsessing in print for over a year about a complete fabrication or we're being fed another plate full of shit.

The up side is that Americans seem to really really enjoy eating shit.

Personally, my experience of the brown dumplings has caused me to view the whole excretion process with a bit more stoicism.
Shit may have its unavoidable downside, but I guarantee that if you haven't dropped a brownie in a few weeks, shit is the only thing you'll be praying for...

just_another_dick said...

Shrub, the RI-ers seem to be following a fairly typical, at least these days, post-Bush path of wagon circling.
One of the things I used to like about the left was their lack of hesitation in outing the failures in their own ranks.
Wagon circling seemed to be a right wing strategy.

These days I don't think to much about wings & flying.

Too busy trying to avoid crawling I suppose.

Today, a disembodied voice emanating from my job's telly explained that gas would hit the $5 dollar per gallon mark by twenty twelve.

I think sooner rather than later.

Another domino falls into another domino

which, in turn,

falls into another domino.

Food prices are already fucking obscene.

Did you happen to catch the forum thread about the Evangelical right wing Christian fellow who joined the armed forces to spread freedom & the American Way, & was appalled to find that boot camp reprograms you as a killer.
Then, while in Iraq, he was further appalled to find his commanding officer ordering him to shoot anyone seen in the area of an IUD explosion irregardless of their actual participation in said explosion.

The RI-ers were applauding his courage.
I, on the other hand, couldn't help thinking, "Wow, this upper class white boy, with an uber patriotic daddy, was a complete idiot."

I had a few good private giggles at that thread's expense.

I read a bit of the C2W thread, but didn't have the faintest idea as to its point.
Seemed like a steaming pile of blubbering, whining, and bitching.

Although, it is always amusing watching folk who make believe that they embrace the fuzzy wuzzy doctrine of all-inclusiveness as they descend into the bickering chaos of factionalism.

Anonymous said...

archbishop kuttlefish said...

I finally watched the movie Priest. Nasty movie I must say. Unless one enjoys watching grown men kiss and fondle each other.
An 11 year old female student confessed to the young gay priest that her father molests her. The priest will not say or do anything since this is privileged confessional doctrine. He confronts the father and asks him to stop molesting his daughter with no success. Anyway I will not ruin the movie.
Another priest in the movie is in a relationship with a woman who cleans up the rectory. They are practically husband and wife.

Are the real-life parishioners to feel guilty because the priests refused to confess that they molested children? And when they do confess this, should the parishioners feel guilty about it?
Hello, I'm Father Bob and I'm molesting the kids in your parish.

Don't worry Father, I will give you a special peace award from the boys and girls that you have never touched.
Don't forget that some of those boys wanted to be fondled. Surely some did not.

Ah, it's time to write up a special consideration award for a priest. People will think I'm mature and like me again.

Morocco Bama said...

Can there be any Doubt?

Anonymous said...

Pope John Kuttlefish VI said...

Here are actual testimonies taken from about a molesting priest from my high school in Harper Woods, MI. Gary Bueche was the chaplain for Bishop Gallagher High School.

I was a molestation victim of Gary Bueche ... and the one whose complaint got Bueche kicked out of his church ... finally!! ... after 13 years of trying!!!
Bueche was generally known, especially around the atheletes, as being homosexual. But he was considered harmless. And he was somewhat popular as he allowed us to come to his apartment (kuttlefish says wow) to drink (his booze) and on several occaisions joined us at the bar, often blessing the beer for us!! You must remember that the legal drinking age in 1974 was 18 and there were a number of bars in the area that used to serve us when we were 16 and 17...

...I was the only one to go back to his place. We killed about a six pack. (kuttlefish says wow again) I always had back problems which stemmed from my pitching for Bresciami, and Beuche said he could help with a back rub. Well after one more beer I agreed, at the time I was willing to try anything to aleve the chronic pain. He threw a a towel on the floor and on my back he got. Of course he said I had to take my shirt off, and after a few moments he said my shorts had to come off soon. Where the hell was my mind!! In the booze? I don't know. But he insisted this was no big deal and criticized me when I protested saying all massages are done in the nude. He offered me another beer. All I can say I trusted that this was therapeutic ... I had never had a massage. He then said I had a unnaturally tight muscle and needed to roll me over to get at it. This led me to be nude - face up - and drunk.

In moments he was playing with my genitals. Looking back it was like an out of body experience. I think I was in somewhat a state of shock, I was totally frozen. Bueche suddenly took his hands off my genitals and yelled you have to go. Within 10 seconds I was outside his door, pants unzipped, shirt thrown on, shoes untide ... feeling like I just got raped. I went home, went right to bed. I heard my dad downstairs thinking if I told him what happened Bueche would be in the hospital within the hour. But, I was too ashamed. I did not sleep for several nights.
I blamed myself for letting it happen. How could I be talked into a "massage". What an incredible fool I was. The next morning I walked into BG ... and ran right into Bueche. Shocked he sheepishly said "how's your back" and then literally ran down the hall away from me...

What concerns me the most is that there some people out there that are totally destroyed by what Bueche did to them. I was approached by a Notre Dame grad who said he knew a classmate of his who was assaulted by Bueche late (70's/early 80's). Evidently it makes my story pale in comparison. At any rate
this fellow reacted to his assault very badly and began almost immediately witdrawing from family/friends. The years since have had him sink into desperate addiction and suicide attempts.

Anonymous said...

Pope John Kuttlefish VI continued...

Gary Bueche (I refuse to use the familiar "father gary") deserves to rot in prison, along with all the Bishops who covered up for him...
Pedophiles cannot be cured.

Bueche led a very compartmentalized life. I have known many people, especially women, who had very positive experiences with him, and view him as a saintly man. Unfortunately, there was another component of his personality which was drawn to pornography and lust for teenage boys.
I know that Bueche went to an all boys high school designed to feed into the seminary. In such a system there is little or no opportunity to mature socially or sexually.

Hanging out with Bueche in high school it was obvious that he was incredibly immature concerning issues of sex and relationships. It was as if he was frozen in time in his psycho/sexual the time when he entered the seminary tract...

My time spent in the Jesuit novitiate was an eye opener. With the guys in the novitiate in the late seventies and early eighties I would estimate that 75% (easily) were homosexual. And yes there was gay sex taking place amongst some. And sadly, I could number the ones that I thought were psycho/sexually/socially mature, with well integrated personalities, on one hand. And I can honestly say that such a state of affairs (and the fact that those candidates that I considered the most "together" were leaving) was the reason for my leaving...

Mandatory celibacy IS the issue. Allowing men who are or wish to marry would bring in such a breath of fresh air, such a wider pool of talent, a crop of people who I believe would be more "mature" in so many aspects of life...

And finally, I would like to make my sincerest apology for my failure to act in 1974 against Bueche. I recognize that my failure here resulted in many more kids to suffer. To those other victims I ask your forgiveness! (wow exclamation - I ASK YOUR FORGIVENESS angry - kuttlefish)

Drinking a few with Bueche and I naturally felt comfortable pulling down my pants. We all did. What was I thinking? (kuttlefish wrote this)

Hanging around drinking beers with the chaplain had its consequences.

Anonymous said...

Donald Buck Kuttlefish said...

Somewhat apologetically.

bombs away...

just_another_dick said...

Mr. PuddlePhish, Mr Kripal's book, The Serpent's Gift, explains this priestly gayness quite well. This occurs because the Bible is rife with homoerotic subtexts. For example, the Bible has Jesus engaging in many episodes of foot bathing. According to Kripal, feet were a common Jewish euphemism for genitalia. In other words, instead of spiffing up His neighbor's toes, Jesus was making their packages nice & shiny.

I hope I've cleared this up for you.
Maybe those "troublingly delightful" episodes playing doctor with the Jesuits has led you to a life of interdimensional machine elf joy.

Anonymous said...

iridescent kuttlefish said...

Okay, if you took that argument to a public forum I'm sure you'd be rather embarrassed by learned theologians in your self-interested and rather pathetic debate. It would be another example of how educated people only hear what they want to hear. It is known by enough individuals that many college degreed representatives of Christianity are agnostic or atheistic. The bible comes in handy as a career move. One can make a decent living preaching Jesus.

Dick, you could never convince me of anything related to your knowledge of the bible. You simply lack interest in the subject to be taken seriously. And a he said it in a book debate is a follower type mentality worthy of a grade 3 thinker.

I wasn't talking about myself in my posts. I've discovered that the homosexual agendas are much more dominant and complex than I realized.

just_another_dick said...

Mr. CrumblyBits, I have no knowledge of the Bible.
Mr. Kripal, on the other hand, seems quite adept at it all.
At least, he seems to think so.
Not endorsing or arguing in favor of his POV, just echoing it.

It seems that everyone has an agenda.

I tried saving my pennies once, many moons ago, solely with the intent of purchasing an agenda.

I came within a pubic hair of success, but then the water heater exploded, sending granny hurtling into the night sky like a cheap Chinese bottle rocket, the crops developed chlorophyll mange, & my wife ran off with Dr. Blood, the local snake oil merchant.

As I plummeted into a dark depression I became obsessed with bacterial poisons and their relevance to modern jazz. Then, after 3 weeks of total incontinence, I clawed my way out of the soiled bedsheets only to find that someone had stolen my entire 2 season Land Of The Lost DVD set.

I suspect my Icke infected neighbor since he appears to see Sleestacks everywhere.
These Marxist reptiles & their hive mind haunt him, as they do Mr. Icke.

Having said that, I hope I've finally put to rest any rumors that may insinuate or suggest that I know anything of any relevance whatsoever.

Good day!

ericswan said...

So what you're saying is that Mary (the purported hooker), washed Jesus feet and dried them with her hair is not all that it seems to be. Thanks for the head's up.

just_another_dick said...

I don't know Eric.

I don't even know where to direct you to find someone who does know.

I will say this, those wacky Christians of old displayed an inordinate amount of animosity towards the women folk.

Maybe there's something to Kripal's "Jesus was a flamer" hypothesis.

I have to admit,it would be amazingly funny if it were true.
Imagine how many preachers heads would just explode if one could prove it.

Anonymous said...

I'm not Mr. CrumblyBits. I'm iridescent kuttlefish.

One could not prove that Jesus was/is an homosexual based on the ancient manuscripts. But what could cause a preacher's brain to explode would be a wife's incessant nagging about how he lacks any depth when it comes to his preaching.

I can't apologize for Christians and for anything that they may have said or have done.

The echoes in my life come from the four walls around me as I spiritually hang from my shackled sometimes frazzled mindset. Some men seem to be interested in boasting about their megalomania and delusions as if their afflictions prove that they have or have had it bad. If one wants to be the king of France then I know that they will be hiding when the guillotine starts coming down.

Are you going to post about Utopia?

just_another_dick said...

Eye Kay, is there anything about humanity that isn't drenched in megalomania & delusion?

ericswan said...


ericswan said...

First, my comments didn't post right away. Then, they didn't post at all. I'm sure I have been excommunicated from Godlikeproductions again so this will be my last kick at the can.

In my opinion, this event was completely fabricated by the darkside. First, Gabby reads the first amendment.
The age of all the deceased adds up to 333.
The young girl was born on 911.
The judge ruled against mandatory background checks to buy guns.
The woman who disarmed the shooter is "anonymous" still.
The press reported the congresswoman was dead.
The internet press is reporting this as an MK ULTRA..

When I say "the darkside" I actually mean SATAN. This whole thing is beyond belief and will quickly be swept under a carpet when a real "false flag" event comes along to bury it.*

Anonymous said...

Mr.Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis said...

I am too much in a sanguine mood right now so I am thinking that a birth of a new born and taking care of him or her is not delusional or megalomaniacal. This is with the understanding that it is with certain people. But when the baby is suffering from serious psychological trauma when he/she gets older, the parents cannot afford to be delusional or megalomaniacal if they care about the grown-up baby. Are the majority of parents like this? I don't know.


I still see his servants standing behind pulpits and sitting before benches. A lot of them are dressed in robes too.

just_another_dick said...

Mr. ReallyLongNameThatICan'tPronounce,
yep, the children are lovely. There's one drawback though, they don't stay kiddies forever. Eventually they mutate into us.
In case you haven't noticed, we suck.

I'm almost 100% sure that Dick Manson & Chuck Cheney & Henry Lee Bush & George W. Lucas, etc., were all cute as buttons when they were toddlers, toddling around doing cutesy little toddler things.

We all know how those tales ended though.

Unseen human & animal suffering greases the wheels of every human action in one way or another.
Everything survives because it shoves something weaker into its gullet.

Morality is the conceited wet dream of the well fed.

In my opinion, if you take the gentlest, most cherubic Christian on the planet & then stop feeding him, I think you would find that his gentle passivity would quickly pass its "sell by" date.
For example, let's say our now famished Ghandi hasn't eaten for 2 days & I plop my fat ass on a park bench next to him with a big, juicy burger, and then I refuse to share.
I suspect it wouldn't be long before Ghandi is frantically searching for a pipe or brick in order to cave in my skull & steal my hunk of cooked cow.

Personally, I also suspect that most of the West's existential angst, narcissistic self obsession & egoistic babbling could be eliminated if folk had to spend a large chunk of their day hunting, gutting & cooking breakfast, lunch & dinner.

Morocco Bama said...

Richard, I can't believe you haven't chimed in on the Arizona Shooter Bandwagon. :-) The freaks at RI are having a field day spinning bedspreads and curtains out of, for all ostensible purposes, thin air. This incident, like so many of these shooting incidents, are like Rorschach tests for The Masses so the Social Engineering Technocrats can tweak their offerings. The latest at RI is that the shooter did what he did because he hates women.....they have it all figured out.

just_another_dick said...

My God Shrub, I'm not sure who is sicker, Loughner or the armies of rubber necking voyeurs with bullshit theories to share.
I saw the thread on Monday morning & it was already up to 13 pages. Each RI-er racing to be the first to post a hot new link or to prattle on about "how human suffering like this just makes them weep" (sniffle,sniffle).

What would these people do without empires & serial killers & pedophiles & unprovoked war to obsessively Google?

Just before I read your bit my Yahoo home page had a wonderful hunk of bullshit attempting to link Loughners love of a Drowning Pool song to his murderous rampage.

Isn't it amazing how America repetitively flails around for scapegoats when shit like this happens, too cowardly to take an honest look at its own bloodstained & violence addicted reflection in the mirror?

Anonymous said...

Mr. P said...

Humorous post! hahahahahaha

Look at me! I'm starving! I protest you. Look at my suffering. Bludgeon. yum, yum. :)

Writings about morality couldn't be easier to understand.

just_another_dick said...

Mr. B....oops, I mean Mr. P., I'm truly sorry that I haven't dazzled you with my intellect.

Although, I must say, you expect a lot from human toilet paper.

I send many frowny faces

:( :( :(

:( :( :(

:( :( :(

to show the depth of my emotion & the sincerity in my words.

Maybe, one day, the Lord will drip his Holy Blood on my sad little frowny face and make it into a shiny happy face too. Then my semi-colon and half parenthesis will be able to join with all the other joy filled semi-colons & half parentheses and together we will build that kingdom on the hill where no one will die or say mean things or use emoticons or fondle toddler's genitals or spray crowds of talking monkeys with scads of bullets ever again.

Although, until that day, I'm hoping that my e-Bay purchase of Christ's foreskin will be the talisman I need to dam up my river of despair & clog my toilet of ennui.

Never ever doubt the power of the HOLY FORESKIN. For the last 3 days I've been rubbing the Lord's discarded cock flesh on the wounded Congresswoman's web site.
As you know, her prognosis has much improved.

That's why I






I foresee a day when I will never need these angsty Edvard Munch-icons again.


Good day and may the light of the well fed shine upon your fridge of joy & may all your meat products glisten with sheen of plasma discharge.

ericswan said...

The sheen on your meat is anhydrous ammonia. I would have thought you knew that. It kills the bacteria don't you know.

Morocco Bama said...

Eric, please use an emoticon next time so we know when you're joking. They have all kinds of cute ones now, and they are becoming a language of their own. Pretty soon, we will all be communicating with there, you Chinese bastards with your god damned calligraphy.

Anonymous said...

Mr. B said...

I should expect that after posting a :).

I actually do think that Ghandi or a Christian using a weapon on another's head is funny. Intellectual as well.

Now that my mind is a little more cleared up, I can see arming little boys and girls with these items when they are expected to be in the company of strangers:

Plastic Kubaton: Excellent for jabs and enhancing compliance moves and joint locks.

Cat Keychain Metal Self Defense: The eyes of the cat become finger holes and the ears become spikes when clutched in your hand to create an excellent means of surprise-defense against an attacker.

Stinger Keychain Impact Weapon: A covert impact weapon whose effectiveness belies its small size.

Brass Knuckles: Solid brass through and through.

Heart Attack Plastic Push Knife Ace of Spades: This little unit can do serious damage and is definitely not a toy.

So now you can bask in my superior intellect. You are so very welcome.

Anonymous said...

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ericswan said...

The calligraphy is "Year of the Tiger". The rest of the story is a fact. 10 per cent of all meat in all fast food is anhydrous ammonia. 6 per cent wouldn't work so the sensitive just have to put up with the smell.