Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Another Day Another War

Saturday night I saw Geraldo Rivera salivating as the "anti-war" president went to war.
Then again, is it really war or just a sport with a high price tag?
Geraldo made copious use of the word "we" in much the same way a sports fan uses it, dissecting Team Odyssey Dawn & Team Gadhafi as if he were an ESPN talking head dissecting a Steelers/Browns match-up.

President Marketing had fun recycling the same language that US presidents always use right before they blow the shit out of someone. It amazes me that no matter how many wars end up being about something nefarious, they always start out as "defensive" wars undertaken to "protect" the innocent.

You think we'd learn.

Then again, maybe we have. War, like sports, is little more than a vicarious pursuit for most Americans. Evidently there is no greater thrill for the American population than entwining their dwindling self esteem with victories they really have nothing to do with.

Anyway, these decisions are beyond our purview. Agree or disagree as you please, just don't expect any of your opinions to matter much.

Given Jim Cramer's salivating assurances that oil prices will drop once the no-fly zone is put into place and all that Libyan oil "comes on-line," one can't help but wonder what O-bama Lama's response would have been if Libya's wells were empty.
Of course, dropping oil prices means little to me since I doubt that any of it will be reflected at the pumps or at the grocery aisle.

Predators rarely back off once they've tasted weakness & blood & profit.

At least six states are considering either canceling or delaying their 2012 presidential primaries, mostly to save money.

Why not cancel all elections?
Our owners can then do publicly what they've been doing clandestinely for years.

Since there's no shortage of Tomahawk missile money, money doesn't appear to be the real issue. Maybe elections are just another example of outdated Socialist excess loudly crying out for the "austerity measure" chopping block.

Either way, I don't think it really matters.

Jim Cramer unsubtly explaining to the unemployed how to suck cock for a Mad Twenty
Here he's shown covering "Cock Grasping & Mouth Width."
Tomorrow, Mr. Cramer will discuss anal lubrication for the underemployed
in a lecture entitled "Spittle: Equivalent To KY Yet Cheaper Than Penny Stocks."
Tune In, Turn Off & Drop Dead.


Morocco Bama said...

Excellent. And to think, the Care Bears over at RI, well(s) Jeff really, were initially for a No Fly Zone. Can you believe that shit? I guess I can. After everything that's discussed at that site, and the fruit is for a No Fly Zone. Either he's a fake, or a moron, or maybe both, but the guy makes me puke.

just_another_dick said...

Jesus MB, you've got to be kidding?
That's really too funny for words.
So what's the message now?

Rigorous Indecision?

"To war or not to war? That is the question!"

Saddam = "Leave him be..."

Gadhafi = "Get him the fuck outta there..."

Actually I think Jeff is just blinded by President Mocha Bush.
As a liberal, he's incapable of equating black with bad without feeling like a racist.

No matter, I doubt that anyone in power gives a teeny tiny shit about Jeff's inner commando.

I had an inner commando once.
His name was Felix.
He overdosed on heroin in a Men's room somewhere out West.
By that time, he'd lost everything and, adding insult to injury, Doctor Drew didn't think he was worth an Intervention.
Instead, he produced three dime bags of uncut Afghani heroin, a shiny new needle, and pointed Felix towards the bathroom.
The rest is, as they say, history.


Morocco Bama said...

I'm not sure if you are familiar with this piece of work, but you just have to laugh at the transparency, don't you? Either he's an intelligence asset, or he's putting on this charade to make some bucks and exploit some progressives/liberals who can't see the forest but for the trees. Personally, I think he's both. He calls himself a Feminist, amongst other things. Do Feminist torture and murder nuns helping the poor in Latin America? According to Rush Limbaugh, that's a strong possibility, so maybe Rush is right about Feminism and Feminists, afterall. Anyway, I thought you would get a hoot out of this guy.


just_another_dick said...

I will pay the feral squirrel a visit quite soon Shrub. For now (2:45 a.m.) I'm going napsies...