Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hey, Ya Can't Call The Little Feebs Retards, 'Kay?

A Texas high school has recalled copies of its yearbook after special needs students were described as "mentally retarded" within its pages, angering teachers, students and their parents.

Mesquite High School's yearbooks were initially distributed on Friday, but were recalled by school officials within hours.

"They told the entire class that they have a slight mistake that needs to be fixed," a senior at the school told Fox's KDFW affiliate.

An introduction to the "Special Education" section read, "Some of the disabilities the students in the Special Education Program have are being blind, deaf or non-verbal" and described two students as "both blind and deaf, as well as mentally retarded."

I love the babblings of PC wankers & their fixation about the proper "labeling" of the brain damaged.

A few months back I did a stint at Special Olympics for basketball. Let me describe it.

Our first event was dribbling. I thought to myself, "Finally, an event these people are genetically bred to do well." Then I saw that they meant dribbling with a basketball.


The coordinators made a 6 foot cone circle & then counted how many times a participant can dribble inside the circle. Every dribble counts whether it's in the circle or not.

Next up, they had to shoot a ball into a hoop set at a height of about 5 feet from different spots about 3-4 feet from the hoop.

Then they had to toss a basketball into an 8 ft. x 8 ft. square on the wall. The participants distance from the wall was completely irrelevant. They could stand 6 ft. away or 6 inches.

Finally, they had to run & dribble. This usually meant that a staff member would stand in front of them, coaxing them down a straight lane while the client held the ball. If the client dropped it, the staff would retrieve it but it wouldn't count against the client.

All of this took about 45 minutes to race through.

Then came the medals.

They divided these 4 "events" into 29 divisions with 2-3 participants per division, which meant that everybody got a medal whether they actually deserved one or not.

This dragged on for close to 2 hours. In about 5 instances, a client who received a silver or bronze medal would be so pissed that they didn't get a gold medal they'd rip it off and have a crying, stomping tantrum in front of everybody.
When this occurred the staff handing out the medals would turn towards the crowd & give a nice condescending little smile & shoulder shrug as if to say, "Oh isn't the little feeb so cute."

The funniest part is that the medals are the same hunk of cheap plastic with only the color being different. I kept thinking, "Jesus, somebody get a gold magic marker and color the damn thing gold. It's meaningless anyway."

That's the point where I realized that one would have to be retarded to think a gold hunk of plastic is any better than a silver or bronze one. Or, for that matter, to think any of those little hunks of colored plastic were worth anything at all.

Needless to say, the afternoon was ripe with oodles of condescension. All the PC wanker talk about "normalization" was just that, wanker talk. If anyone thinks any of this is somehow ennobling or empowering they are gazing at it through big thick rose colored glasses. Mostly, the afternoon just left me depressed and pulling harder for an apocalyptic meltdown.

As I read the comment section to the above story, I noticed a few people mentioning their stints at Special Olympics. Without fail each one ran through a list of its benefits explaining how the courage and determination of the retards was so beautiful to see, etc., etc., yadda yadda blah fucking blah...

I guess they got the glasses.

Next time I'm going to look for mine.

To be fair, there was one part that I found quite interesting. The chap I babysit is an old horndog who used to throw female staff onto beds and try to prong them. At the beginning of the events they trotted out a crew of 13-14 year old cheerleaders in their little skimpy cheerleader outfits. My boy went bugfuck. Screaming loudly and repeatedly grabbing his groin, cupping his hands in front of his chest as if he were squeezing titties, and gyrating his hips as if he were pronging the little cuties.

Quite the hoot!

He then spent a fair amount of time walking up to any female staff that was present, putting them in a big bear hug and grabbing handfuls of ass & titty.
The women were so PC brainwashed they just took it all with an uncomfortable & semi fearful grimace on their faces.

I would try make sure to appear like I was looking away when he did his feeble minded octopus routine because I have no intention of helping any female who isn't blowing me.
Been there, done that. Now it's time for them to live up to their "We're equal" whine.

Again, quite the hoot!


Morocco Bama said...

That's the point where I realized that one would have to be retarded to think a gold hunk of plastic is any better than a silver or bronze one.

.....and one would also have to be retarded to think the worthless piece of shit called Facebook is worth $89 billion dollars. The joke's on us. We're all retarded, it's just a matter of perspective. A fabricated hierarchy of retards, nothing more.

just_another_dick said...

How true Shrub.
On the upside, Facebook got Zuckerburger a hot wife.

The retards just get a diaper full of shit.

Personally, I'd rather have a hot wife than a diaper full of shit.

It is all illusion anyway.

Even outrage.

Anonymous said...

Belliosto said...

The medical euthanasia program of the 30's & 40's Germany is causing the politically correct to become feeble-minded. The Volk has mixed too much DNA with the genetically imbecilic. Our leader will help us through this by encouraging a better health oriented focus. He has also required the elimination of the inferior Jewish DNA. All institutional patients slated for extermination by gas chamber will be medically injected instead. And every death certificate must be falsified.

Patients suffering from ailments which make them unemployable, or employable only in simple mechanical work will be killed. The playing is over for those who have schizophrenia, epilepsy, senile diseases, therapy-resistant paralysis and other syphilitic sequelae, feeble-mindedness from any cause, encephalitis, Huntington's chorea, and other neurological conditions of a terminal nature. Why should our young able soldiers in the trenches come back home with lost arms, legs, hearing, and sight while the idiots in the asylums enjoy a life of luxury? It is a shame. It is time that our Deutschland stand for racial purity of every Nordic man, woman and child. A development of a genuine appreciation of clean DNA without corrupted chromosomes that harm the future generations of the Volk. A brighter and more honest future for us. Heil. We must do everything opposite of the do-gooder liberal to succeed in this purist endeavor. No time for sorry weepers.

Eighn nil spleg dissh vor vocken un wein plish der fearken kum blasta couf allah der reefkindeerfikfifen!

Happy Memorial Day weekend to you both.