Thursday, May 6, 2010

Finally, A Preacher I Could Follow Bishop says Hell was invented by the Church Video


Belliosto said...

I am not one to follow anybody regardless of how impressed I am with the individual. Dick, I see myself as my own leader. I am in possession of my own ministry. I do not need to be under any person's ministry. Priests have been defined as being more than human. This accepted belief system that to be a man or woman of God makes one more than human. To preach a be more human sermon is a desperate attempt to lull more people into a fold.

I have to be more human. What a laugh. Dick I believe that human = animal. Therefore a more esoteric and clearer understanding of the message is, We have to be more animalistic. I bet that the preaching of most priests dictate the simple and truly humble fact that we are better than the animals. I disagree. I know that we are animals.

You know that an animal cell is different from a plant cell. We reproduce millions of cells an hour every hour. When we stop reproducing cells we die. So while we are duplicating cells within our bodies, we could master the ability to levitate. This can be a contributing factor that separates us from the rest of the bodies that reproduce animal cells. We could be more human in this way.

I think that a man of God sees himself as being overly human. So to be less than human, to him especially, would make him more human. Less human is more human. But we cannot avoid the reality on this planet of being animals. Animals see us as equals. An animal does not consider the mayor as superior to another person. But we do. We accept this greater than thou mentality. We accept rank, hierarchical authority, and pyramids of power. We can say that a prince in Europe, thousands of miles away, is greater than us. Animals never do this. They are focused on their physical surroundings.

To preach be more human is childish. To be more is to be super or greater. To be more human is to say we need to be like Ant Man or some other comic book hero. This is controlling and a subtle type of tyranny. If we fail to be more human then we may feel guilty and ashamed. We see ourselves as inadequate. Not good enough.

One way to be superior to animals is by acknowledging that we are indeed animals. If we do not think so, we are doomed to be inferior to animals on planet Earth in the Milky Way galaxy. I think a better message is the teaching of why we are animals and what makes us different from each other as a species. Not we need to be more human, in my opinion.

Belliosto said...

Yeah Dick, I do not believe that we need to be superior over animals though. I like to look at our planet in our solar system and see all of us as equals.

just_another_dick said...

Well Mr. B., I'd have to respectfully disagree.

Humans and animals may have their similarities, but humans have this other element.

We're possessed by consciousness.
It rides us like an addiction.
Backhands us with previews of our own demise to keep us in line & hurtling forward.

At some point in man's past, most likely around the time our ancestors were doodling on all those underground caves in Europe, they discovered hallucinogens.

They contacted "some thing" that kick started consciousness as we know it.

I'm just finishing up Naomi Klien's No Logo. It is, by far, the best 21st century Grimoire I've ever read.
It's Austin Osman Spare's sigil magic writ large across our collective mental landscape.
Corporate logos are sigils, designed to coalesce corporate desire into reality change.

We were pliable as Playdoh.

Just think of all the human billboards you've seen in your life.
Wandering by with the Nike Swooshstika on a t-shirt they actually paid money for.

They've laid their flags in our mental landscapes
and remolded us into
ideal accomplices; unwitting and unaware. Dumbfounded little dipshits
too blind to see the cage we helped them build for us.

Could you imagine any animal this ruthless & uncaring for anything but its own profit?

I've also been watching a JFK assassination documentary on UTube called "Evidence of Revision."

Much so called "evidence" bandied about. The one bit I picked to check, Roger Craig's testimony, had more holes in it than a hunk of Swiss cheese.

But I've no interest in debunking it.

What I did find interesting was an old JFK speech that they played.
Evidently the Steel Industry had taken advantage of some national crisis and raised their prices.

JFK said something I can't imagine a modern day president ever saying.

He said, "Shame on you for choosing profit over country."

I've never been a big JFK fan or detractor. I was 1 and a 1/2 when he was shot.
I've read some books, had some doubts raised, but all any Kennedy researcher ever raises is more doubts. Answers seem in short supply so I see no reason to dwell on it.

But, this speech just stunned me.

After him we had a long string of hoodlums, pick pockets, sociopaths and liars.

Geez, was that our pinnacle?

Is it just a further slide into dissolution and decay?

Belliosto said...

Yeah Dick, I just came back from a 3-day getaway in Cleveland. It's a nice city and we enjoyed the more laid-back vibes and behavior.

I know that animals also have consciousness. As defined by The American Heritage Dictionary. 1. A sense of one's personal or collective identity. 2. Special awareness of or sensitivity to a particular issue or situation. But if our consciousness (animal and/or human animal) is manipulated by the human animal's lofty influences, we may plummet into a lower state of awareness.

Animals cannot be as ruthless as their human cousins because animals do not collectively acknowledge that their species is the all-powerful one. We know that humans believe that corporate rank determines the superiority of one individual over another. This clearly includes the animals. So a CEO in superiority trumps a lot of living beings to us humans. Animals cannot possibly acknowledge this because an animal does not perceive the rank of one human over another. Either a human is a threat or he/she is not.

This is the only difference I see between us as an unique species. Animals do not ponder on the greatness of their species but the human animal almost always does. This still can make us equals. It's up to the human to figure this out.

I wrote a short essay about this issue last year. This has to do with why we are equal as a species with other species. I researched this topic and came up with knowledge that I have never read before.

Inebriated we celebrate holidays and festivals believing ourselves to be in higher states of being. That as humans our experiences and situations put us in a superior and not inferior rank as earth's residents. This is an absurd assumption.

As we reproduce, an ovum of one individual is fertilized with the spermatozoa of another. Allogamy is as it was before us. We naturally select the same species to procreate with. Humans mate with humans, dogs mate with dogs, and snakes mate with other snakes. This selection, within the species, demonstrates our equality and not superiority as homo sapiens on earth. We all identically need food, water and air to build and sustain our created, reproduced bodies as the animals do.

All beings find the beneficial when it is not being sought after. Serendipitous events happen to each other as this also makes us equal as unique species. Of course the most popular discussion is the final equalizer death. We have life before we die, therefore, in reality, we are identical. Rulers die as animals die and animals see us as created equal.

Humans speculate feebly on gene splicing a giraffe's chromosomes with a lizard's. Animals do not. A lion roars and a man tells lies. The mystery is the life force within us. I think we both agree Dick that when humans decide that the greater-than-thou mentalities are workable and that we have some kind of superior greatness, we dive into a state of being as the lower animals on the planet. Just like what Twain had written in his 1904 essay, Damned Human Race:

I have been studying the traits and dispositions of the lower animals (so-called), and contrasting them with the traits and dispositions of man. I find the result to be humiliating to me. For it obliges me to renounce my allegiance to the Darwinian theory of the Ascent of Man from the Lower Animals; since it now seems plain to me that the theory ought to be vacated in favor of a new and truer one, this new and truer one to be named the Descent of Man from the Higher Animals.

I'm guessing that you practically know this essay like the back of your hand... Didn't J. Wells jellyfish (lower animal) fetish anger iridescent cuttlefish enough to leave RI for good?

just_another_dick said...

I'm a believer Mr. B.
I can't imagine, say, a lion, killing an entire herd of antelope & then hoarding it all so the rest of the pride can't have any.
It's an absurd idea.

But man develops economic systems & entire societies around this absurdity.

I've always loved Twain when he was wallowing in his natural misanthropy.

If you really want to piss off someone who hates Darwin's theory of evolution, try mentioning these theories of de-evolution.

Then again, maybe that's what Darwin meant when he postulated that we "descended" from apes.
After all, a "descent" implies a downward spiral, doesn't it?

Mankind is also continuously obsessed with attaining some modicum of freedom, but animals, at least when we're not around, seem to come to freedom quite naturally.

Maybe Daniken & crew are right.
Maybe our much vaunted civilization is just the by product of alien tinkering.

It would explain why we're so uncomfortable in our own world.
Why we're always afraid of everything.

So, you were in Cleveland eh? You were about 90 minutes from my house Mr. B.
Did ya check out the Cleveland Zoo?
Usually I avoid animal penitentiaries, but my kids love animals and I try to encourage it.
Of course, being a know-it-all windbag, I have to continually remind them that those neato little habitats are a poor fucking substitute for freedom.

I think I could use a good vacation right about now.
I'm sporting welts down both cheeks from the fingernails of one of the clients I play punching bag for.
He's been going for the eyes lately, and my 47 year old reflexes aren't what they used to be.

Anyway, take care Mr. B.

Morocco Bama said...

But man develops economic systems & entire societies around this absurdity.

Well, Man is certainly that way now because he is reared in this thing called Civilization and Civilization is all he/she knows, but it may have not always been this way, and it doesn't mean it always has to be this way, but the odds are against it changing before man extincts itself. Civilization should have always been a stop-gap on the fractured road of evolution. Instead, it's been a road whose terminus is man's terminus as a species. It didn't have to be this way, but it is, and unwinding this thing called Civilization without "blood" let alone extinction appears highly implausible at this point.

Here's an interesting documentary on the American Whaling Industry I caught on PBS the other night. It supports your contention, Richard (and mine, as well) that I italicized above. That's the crux of Civilization....but I would argue not the crux of Humanity, although it will be the death of Humanity. Civilization, the societal construct to which the term applies, is metaphorically dancing with the devil, or better yet, opening Pandora's Box. It's a seemingly insurmountable feat to get whatever was in that box back in and keep the lid sealed for good this time.

just_another_dick said...

Shrub, I just don't know anymore.
Practically everyone I work with assumes their lives follow some divine master plan.
They look at things that concern you and I as fulfillment of some ancient prophecy.
They assume they'll be spared.
Raptured up to the Starship Yahweh while unbelievers like me are purified from the world.

It just never seems to turn out that way.
Civilizations die & people pick up the pieces & rebuild right along the same lines that lead right back to dissolution & decay.

If you read enough history, it all starts to look like one of the behavioral tape loops my clients get stuck in as they escalate towards violence. Each follow their own specific pattern but each end up at the same place.
At times it's like watching an actor working from a script describing the wacky behavior of a retarded person.

I'm just not sure whose script we follow.

I've been reading John Lamb Lash's latest book, the one Jeff mentioned somewhere at RI, right along Savitri Devi's Impeachment of Man.
Both see Christianity as the root of our ecological problems.
On one hand, Lash sees pantheistic pagan man as a deep ecologist of sorts, while, on the other, Devi sees him as a divine warrior.
Both seem to agree that this ideal age was ruined by the emergence of Christianity.
Both also agree that pagan man was our moral superior.

I have trouble envisioning a morally superior man Shrub. Personally, I think the only reason pagan man didn't decimate his world as we've decimated ours is because he didn't develop a fucking steam engine.
Or an internal combustion engine, for that matter.

What makes someone altruistic?

What makes someone a ruthless, greedy, amoral bastard?

I can remember my first altruistic act. I was all of 9 years old, coming home from school one fall afternoon. I rounded the corner onto the street where I lived and saw, about 2 houses down, this old geezer from 2 streets over, drunk off his ass, just whipping the bejesus out of this little beagle he had on the end of the chain.
I remember running at him as I pulled out my own belt. When I reached the old fart I started whipping him and screaming, "How do you like it?"
He was at least twice my size &, most likely, not nearly as old as I remember him, but I whipped his ass good.

I was a chubby shy little Catholic kid.
Where the fuck did the little Bruce Willis come from?

Why did 2 guys I knew as a teenager beat a mentally retarded guy to death in a park near where I grew up, for no other reason than they could?

Why did one of my childhood buddy's journey out of the closet lead to him dangling by the neck in the same park the retarded guy died in?

If everything is a system of social control, in one form or another, the controllers are either inept
or malicious.

Belliosto said...

Yeah, the controllers show very few signs of genuine appreciation for loyalties. In this life one must graduate from an Ivy League university and enjoy the connections of the very elite to be able to stake the claim of success. If one is not involved with this capitalistic network then he/she follows it's leaders in a seemingly permanent state of agency. Again this the all-powerful mentality that lulls followers. The elites' presence is everywhere.

Lions, bears, antelopes and squirrels are naturally in tune with nature. They are much more earthy. Most humans, I think, are not in tune and the earthy relations are considered unrealistic. No reason to complain about extinctions of plant and animal life because we are still superior to plants and animals. The planet and the Milky Way naturally disagrees. As dust specks on the earth, collectively, the human seems to be a lower form, like cancerous cells in the body. Like an anti-life dust speck that thinks it greater than the earth.

I was going to go to the Cleveland Zoo's Rainforest. But the weather was not warm enough so we did not check it out.

You have to start taking the fighting more seriously.

You men know that to say that Christianity is a primary problem plaguing humanity is a very well-known Christian philosophy. What entity could be more corrupted than the Christian to a Christian?

20th century capitalistic, secular bloodbath tops all the blood spilled by religious causes to date. The choice can be deemed as between secular or religion. Aids or cancer. King lion Mao of China killed about 50 million of his own antelopes for his benefit. I strongly believe that the only way these two influences will end is by self-inflicted suicide. The ouroborous eating itself. Then the greater-than-thou ones are just like the commoners. With no place to go.

I've known only a few people who think on this possibility. Most people I've talked to accept the elite as being everlasting.

And to think I could have been born a chimpanzee. Some beings have all the luck.

write to you soon.

just_another_dick said...

Y'know Mr. B., every time I go down this road, I start feeling like all my criticism is nothing more than whining done by one of life's losers.
I'm sure the winners would concur.

It is supposed to be a rat race right?

I think I stumbled somewhere around the 2nd turn.

Although, it doesn't help much that most of the "elite" elite were born a foot in front of the finish line.

I agree that we've refined our mass murder to an anti-art, but don't you think that's only because we've become more technologically adept.
I doubt that the desire for power & wealth that rides on the back of mass slaughter was any less pronounced pre-20th century, just more difficult to realize.

I think William Burroughs said that there may be other realities, but this particular reality seems to be dominated by warfare & games. In most cases these days, they've been able to combine the two so Operation Iraqi Freedom becomes graphically indistinguishable from Monday Night Football.
One has Wolf Blitzer calling the play by play while the other has Bob Costas.

I think the machine is too big & too well oiled to be defeated.
Of course, occasional skirmishes may end in its momentary defeat, but, in the end, it grinds all resistance down until the resistance is just another marketing tool used to bewilder and flummox us.

Belliosto said...

I wrote to you about a paper I was researching that was supposed to be about liability of the Iraqi dead. I did not write about this subject. After brainstorming and researching several topics I realized that the Deaf Community was the best choice.

I can't believe that you, as a nine year old, got away with whipping a grown man. I'm sure that he remembered that for a while. Influential leadership abilities demonstrated. It was or is these kinds of acts that plant seeds of confidence in boys and/men. Even in the hearts of the more insidious.

I have a shameful tale to tell you about an elementary school experience that a lot of the boys can't live down as grown men. It has to do with a boy that was known in class to be a slow learner. In third grade I noticed that he would ask the teacher questions that had been answered and understood already and as a result I ended up calling him a retard. He raised his hand and answered a question and I quipped, "good answer for a retard." The teacher then strictly told me in class that I shouldn't treat him in this fashion. I stood up and explained to her that he was keeping us back, and that our parents (I singled out a few of the students and explained that their parents) paid good money for our education. I continued to say that this situation with Gerald was simply unfair to us.

This got me into serious trouble with the teacher and his parents and mine were called in for a parent teacher conference. She was stunned to discover that my parents were deaf. She couldn't believe that a boy with my background could be so cruel to a slow learner. After this conference the principal had called me into her office and explained that I was to be expelled for a few days. That if I were to insult or harm him again, in any way, I would be expelled for a week. If I were to harm him after that I would be permanently banned from the school. This intimated me so that I pretty much left him alone.

But, in time, other boys started picking up on his slow learning and the abuse is legendary at our school. Boys who would not normally abuse other boys abused him. He was verbally taunted, spit on, punched, and kicked usually by a group of boys. It wasn't just one group but several different cliques that applied the punishment to him. One of the boys attempted to stick up for him but he would also get assaulted for this, and the abuse continued with no abandon. I could be rather abusive in those days, but Gerry was off-limits, so I witnessed a lot of this abuse without a care. It was like he was being prepared to be a full-blown Marine just after graduation from junior high.

He went to the same high school as me and was never abused there. He told me after high school that he was a student at the local college. I don't think that the elementary students today can boast about the treatment that Gerry received. I can only speculate that his slow learning made him vulnerable to us in the eyes of society, and we felt compelled to prove that we were not susceptible by abusing him. He was used as a whipping boy.

just_another_dick said...

I wouldn't beat myself up over it Mr. B.
You were just a kid.
What you described was probably repeated in just about every grade school at one time or another.
There was a period upon entering high school when I got to play mob target.
Didn't have the right clothes or listen to the right music.
Can't actually remember.
In the long run, I think it was to my benefit though.
I think my doubts about mass wisdom took seed there.
I suppose I was lucky.
Some folk just find the death of their self esteem in situations like that.
I'd be a complete liar if I said my ego didn't take a bruising, but, over all, I came out stronger and better equipped to hold unpopular opinions as an adult.

Emotional pain seems to be an integral part of the human condition that defies all our attempts to PC it away.

The field I work in is completely crippled by political correctness.
They give us periodic sensitivity training that is as stereotyped as
any anti-retard rant.
They act as if there is one idealized MR client who, wonder of wonders, wants to mimic us "normals," as if we & our dysfunction have a fucking clue.
They make believe that folk who can't speak or understand much language think in language.
I've worked with clients who are little more than mouths & anuses. They eat shit & sleep.

My employers designate themselves as a "school" although I've never seen anyone learn anything.
I've come to believe it's some weird mutant version of the Protestant work ethic.
No one can just admit that some folk need total care.
Rather, whatever their lack of skill level, they should always be working towards an independence that is completely beyond them.

They bandy about phrases like "age appropriate" but restrict them to coloring & Disney movies.
In essence it's a big adult day care center that is completely unaware that it's a big adult day care center.

I wouldn't make too much out of my story either.
The guy was pretty drunk most of the time.
I doubt he remembered much the next day.
I think my outburst scared me more than it actually hurt him because I expected consequences.
I even told my parents almost immediately.
Neither of them seemed too concerned.
Probably thought I made the whole thing up.
Or exaggerated it to the nth degree.

Belliosto said...

Dick, it's still a good story. Man I wish I whipped some sorry-assed drunk when I was a kid.