Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"Blessed Are The Cheesemakers."

Maybe it's just me. Maybe my perceptions have become so askew as I approach 50 that I've come to see reality as one long Monty Python skit. Albeit, a bloody one. Maybe a better analogy would be Monty Python as created by the purveyors of the Saw franchise.

While I've always had problems taking reality seriously, I think that the election of George Bush shoved us all squarely into the realm of the surreal world of Pythonesque sadism .

For example, let's look at GW:

The only thing differentiating him from these fellows:

is that GW, instead of shooting himself, kills everybody else instead.
Among his wacky antics, the manipulation of terror alerts:

demonstrate GW's mastery of this Pythonesque principle:

It would be nice to say this ended with George Bush, but, alas, it hasn't.
Two extraordinarily popular political commentators

seem to model their on air histrionics after this shopkeeper:

making themselves appear to be nothing more than Python ejaculate.

Some recent additions to the "Python skit as reality" canon include Christine O'Donnell, who appears, in many ways, to be the quintessential Python skit come to life. With her pentagram picnics

& her "I am not a witch" denials

it appears she could be wandering around clutching this bit of Holy Grail ephemera:

While her MTV ad for "sexual purity"

makes me think that her SALT crew spontaneously breaks into rousing renditions of this song at the least provocation.

It all would be quite amusing if she wasn't running for office. Although, her recent political debate:

makes her a perfect candidate for this game show:

My second example was called to my attention by my friend Eric. His name is Col. Russell Williams & he is responsible for tipping me over "the edge" into full blown Python paranoia. Having read Eric's news byte pastie, I did a web search on Mr. Williams & found these lovely images:

As my eye twitched & my sphincter puckered, my carefully constructed charade began to crumble and the truth slapped me in the mouth like a dead carp.

Do you see? Do you understand? We're all living in a "reality" that appears to be the bastard child of Monty Python & torture porn.
Colonel Williams, ruthless degenerate politically connected panty wearing wanker that is, proves this point quite succinctly I think.

Quite frankly, Colonel Williams contribution to our sleazy human soiree of satire & screaming has made me want to change my name to Mr. Creosote.


"Better get a bucket..."


ericswan said...

I can think for myself. I just choose not to is all.


is running a pic of a dead Jon Benet Ramsay..and a radio interview hour three from yesterday to tie in with your Monty theme.
In a nutshell, David Hawkins builds a case that suggests all the most gruesome publically digested murders that the travelling public is exposed to by mass media, have their roots in satanic snuff films shot by the nefarious proponents of sicsity that hate us for our freedom.
David probes the issue of "who" was holding the camera that Col. Williams is looking at.

just_another_dick said...

Does there have to a "camera holder," Eric?

Tripods & timers work just as well.

Not scoffing Eric.
These serial killers & their outre connections to politicians & other "elites" have moved far beyond the anomaly stage these days. The sheer repetition of these stories has threatened to tip them, 100th monkey-like, into the realm of mundane detail.

The problem, I think, is that anyone connected enough to play these bloody meat games is also quite aware of the ease with which public opinion is manipulated, so any "evidence" gathered is probably a 2 edged sword.

The UFO scene is a prime example of how invented stories develop entire mythologies that "true believers" can't be dissuaded from believing in no matter how well they're debunked.

Crop circles would be another.

By the way, I have 3 weeks off, hallelujah, starting on the 25th.
Since I'll have a bit of time, feed me as many links (able danger or otherwise) as you've time for, because I'll actually have the time to look at them.

Anonymous said...

What was Glenn's ass surgery all about? Gerbil extraction?

The Bird Cage said...

The Colonel has awful taste. Black and pink together is dreadfully tacky. I never cared for it. White lace does the trick for me.

The Generalísimo said...

The only thing interesting about the Colonel story is that it is a story. Considering that, why is it a story. As Richard so aptly notes, this behavior isn't exactly anomalous...especially amongst the well-connected. In otherwords, the Colonel's behavior is just the tip of Richard's proverbial Iceberg, and yet it's a major news item in Canada. Why? The Colonel's behavior is not an exception in those circles, yet they make him an example. A message? Keeping all the others honest? The Colonel could no longer be trusted?

ericswan said...

The problem is Col. Mustard's filez have been censored. The General has it right. The Col. was not about to hold back. At the key point of the interview, where the confession took place, Williams was smiling, and joking about being called in to the station. He went in thinking it was routine but the investigator pulled out the tire track match and footprint to boot at the crime scene which he pondered for a minute, began to chew his gum hard than spilled the beans. He thought he was nailed but thought still, that this was all a joke and that he was going free nonetheless.
This is what is "in your face" about this guy and this case. They rolled up on him with ridiculous evidence like a tread mark. No run no hits no errors.

Anonymous said...

After I have read the words and watched the videos, a bit of thought popped into my mind. To put things back to a more realistic position, one can check out and smell another stranger's bowels in a toilet. This way one will gag and possibly vomit. Then one will be more in tune with existence. After one has disgorged, another may see and smell the discharge and repeat the identical action of the vomiter.

Ah, where do we run to?

Vasovagal reactions come in handy sometimes when sensibility becomes overly traumatic. One can say Adolf Hitler is funny, but Monty Python is depressing. Going south is actually heading west. An individual in the near future may be able to be in two places, both north and south of an object, at the same time. Technology is something else today. One may be able to literally bump into oneself.

Controllers are valuable when people are not interested. One tells another what to do faster than the other and gains the right to dictate the relationship and/or conversation. Simply put, because an individual said it first, he or she has the right to control what takes place next. The British skits are much more enjoyable in the company of youngsters. They are absurd and they tie right into the reality shows of politicos, talk show hosts and entertainers. I couldn't agree more.

Is there such a thing as a sanity clause?