Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Moldy Hunk Of Clarified Butter

Upon rereading my previous post, I realized that I completely overlooked what really bothers me about Abel Danger's anti-Greenpeace rant; namely, Abel Danger's pseudo-moralistic outrage at Greenpeace's use of "propaganda."
Abel Danger isn't unique in this regard. Every group on the receiving end of spin seems to conveniently forget that their side is also a judicious user of the curve ball.

In my opinion, all this does is deflect any serious discussion away from the glaring "elephant-in-the-room" factoid that most of the information we ingest in a day is little more than someone's propaganda.

I'm sure that's exactly how the people running our dysfunctional consensus reality want things to run.

The uber-rich give amply to both parties. They are beyond the dipshit partisan ideology that obsesses we proles. I doubt that they give a tinker's tit about which wing does the leadership pantomime as long as they own the wing.

I hope this hunk of bread spread clarifies things. If not, just put me down as another annoying peasant.

It really isn't that I'm against propaganda. Face facts, without the fairy tales, the herd would panic. A nation of adult adolescents who seem to have stopped maturing at around their 15th birthday are not prepared for adult discussions. They need fun.
And giggles. Lots & lots of giggles. They'll accept the serial rapist as long as a cute puppy story follows on its heels.

I recently watched an episode of Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory.
On it, Jesse intrepidly braved the wrath of the elite by attempting to expose "the elite's" massive tunneling effort, their minions toiling to build them bunkers against the coming 2012 catastrophe.

To be succinct, it sucked. Jesse's Posse had research skills that would embarrass David Icke. Evidently, if it's on the web it's the GODDAMN TRUTH! And if someone JUST LOOKS JESSE IN THE EYE & APPEARS TO BELIEVE THEIR OWN BULLSHIT, that is good enough for the Jester.

But that's why shows like that exist, isn't it? To make any thought of "conspiracy" look completely & utterly foolish. Shoddy research, dubious sources, huge leaps of proof challenged imagination make it easy to laugh at. And those not laughing are kept busy chasing phantoms & ghosts.

All my criticisms aside, what I found utterly, gut bustingly hilarious, was this section:

It starts out with Jesse's British hottie googley-eyed & amazed that the U.S. Government has "bases" in the middle of fucking nowhere. And...and...(gosh, I'm amazed too)...and they have airstrips there too.


Then Jesse talks to some fellows who are turning old abandoned missile silos into upscale underground condos.


This ties in with another Posse member's intrepid expose of the Cheyenne Mountain underground bunker.

Now here's where my gut busted & all my bile leaked out.

Cheyenne Mountain was developed to counter the dreaded demon known as


The U.S. Government & their elite compadres dreamed up a strategy known as M.A.D., or Mutually Assured Destruction, which posited that any nuclear war with the Soviets would result in the complete destruction of both sides.

It seems to be a system of deterrence based on the idea that's it's better to be dead than Red.

Did you catch that motherfucker? I said


Except, that really isn't true.

Oh, our fearless leaders wouldn't have the tiniest qualm about watching us turn into irradiated mutants or shadows stuck to walls, but they've always envisioned another fate for themselves. They named that stillborn little nightmare of an idea


And thankfully, by the grace of the dumbfuck masses, they were able (abel?) to nursemaid their dreams into fruition.

In other words, yoohoo America funded the mass construction of instruments of their own annihilation while they simultaneously funded the construction of an escape capsule for the people who sold them on the weapons in the first place.

The only thing ingenuous about this plan is the blatant way it never, not once, "misunderestimated" the stupidity of the average American pud yanker.

Let's put our time traveling earphone thing-a-ma-bobs on and have a listen to that twirling and spinning turd of a conversation:

"Look, we've got an idea. Since the Commies suck big stinky donkey dick, we've developed this strategy that could, quite possibly, lead to you, the American people, being magically transformed into a really humongous pile of charcoal briquettes. Ummmm...would that be a problem?"

"No...good. Actually that would be more than good, that would be utterly splendid."

"What's that? Where will we, your leaders be when everyone plops on to the nuclear Coleman?

Ah, yes...well that brings me to my second proposal...

We, your leaders, also understand the necessity of ensuring that our way of life carries on. We need to have someone who will pick up the shattered pieces afterwards. And, quite frankly, who better than the folks who did the shattering? So...ummmm...we're going to be hunkered down inside a mountain with about a million cases of Ensure. Y'see, we need to maintain a...ummmm...a con...a continuity of...of...government...yeah, that's it...a motherhumpin' con-ta-new-a-tea of guv'ment.

You buy that, don't you pal?

Look, the quicker you say "yes," the quicker you can go home & click on ESPN."

Meanwhile, Jesse & his crew are chasing twee tales of underground bunkers & sunspot doomsday, seemingly unaware that we, the ever watchful & competent masses, already assented to the insertion of that big stubbly hunk of "elite" peckerwood long ago.

But that's okay. I'm a goddamn patriot. And if my metamorphosis into a blackened cinder ensures the survival of one rich guy, it was worth it.


Man, I hope there's a game on....


just_another_dick said...

For anyone feeling the entirely ungracious urge to point out that ESPN didn't exist back then, let me remind them that time travel earphone thing-a-ma-bobs have the annoying tendency to shimmer ever so slightly, causing the user to seemingly vibrate between time periods.

Since I was mindlessly pecking away at the computer with one eye on the keyboard, the other eye was captivated by the televised spectacle that featured some really big fellows hurtling into each other.

Quite fascinating.


ericswan said...

Where's my cattle prod when I need it? I just happen to have read the book which describes the pole shift, emp, 6,000 foot tsunami that washes over the continent 3 times and how to survive all of this and mega forest fires/volcanoes too. And just for your information, I'm ready. Wifey says she will be quite happy to go down with everyone else but me, I'm going to take this old defunct decrepid sterile carcass into the next phase and that's a fact Jack.

I will spare you the details except to say that my plan covers all contingencies and big brother has naught a clue as to my preparations as yard sales have provided me with all the requisite materials. Pinky has confirmed the data. Trust no one.

You too can follow the End of the 6th night and the beginning of the seventh day by attending to the interview of Patrik Geryl at

Morocco Bama said...

Richard, simply beautiful.

I love that Monty Python clip from the Holy Grail. It was one of my favorite parts of that movie, and that's saying a lot, because that movie was chock full of gems.

In regards to ESPN, I would say it did exist back an idea derived from the very same context in which we live today. Meaning, nothing's really changed except the shade of curtains.

I can't watch Jesse's show. I watched 10 minutes of it on youtube last year, and had to shut it off it was so nonsensically transparent. I like my propaganda to be more complex, believable and less transparent. It goes down easier that way, I find.

Morocco Bama said...

Eric, I also am prepared to survive the tsunami. I have procured a Brown's Gas Machine. I plan on using it to turn myself into a queef just prior to the event. The only problem I see is transforming myself back to a humanoid after everything settles, but it's better to be a queef than sediment, I suppose.

A Queef in black panties....never reaching the end.....posts I've'll all drown in the end........

ericswan said...

Brown's gas is scam. It doesn't work. It might get there some day but for now, no free energy for you.

Morocco Bama said...

Thanks for ruining my weekend, Eric. I hope you're happy.

ericswan said...

I wonder if you follow the half past human fuzzy logic predictions for the dismal future we face? Dr. John Waterman can save you the effort of reading the Oct. 20 edition by visiting his latest first hour radio program.

Google is trying to catch up with Clif High but he has the tractor beam so there is little chance tptb get to play the joker card. Clif is a big fan of Patrik Geryl and so am I. The interview I suggested at or Patrik's website...

is required reading. This stuff puts quantitative easing in it's proper perspective.

Morocco Bama said...

Here's some appropriate thread music. Ah, the memories.

Morocco Bama said...

I'm neither a believer, nor non-believer in the whole UFO/Alien phenomenon, but my wife witnessed there exact thing the other night in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

From the article:

First one light appeared to cascade from the heavens, separating into three, each with a tail behind it.

My wife witnessed the one light cascade from the sky....she did not see the rest of what is described, though. However, the terrain is more hilly than it is in El Paso, so that could explain why the latter part was not seen by my wife. She has witnessed falling stars and this, in her opinion, was not a falling star. She did not know about this article or these other events on the same day and evening until I pointed it out to her this morning. She's astounded, and swears this is the same phenomenon.

I'm not sure what to make of it, but it appears that whatever it is, it happened many places in North America around the same time. It was some kind of event...just what that event was is anybody's guess.

She also, on the same evening and same trip, noted a bizarre cloud of fog/smoke hovering above an intersection exhibiting abnormal properties, meaning it was completely stationary as though it was capable of fixing its position, unlike smoke which would move and morph with the varying air pressure and currents. It spooked it because of its abnormal qualities...then shortly after, a little further along on her route, she witnessed the UFO light. It should be noted that she usually doesn't make a big deal about shit like this, but this impacted her, so there was something "more" to it.

ericswan said...

They tried that same light show lazer hologram stuff up here in B.C. The whole crew was outside including the drivers and none of us took it to be other than psy op mil-industrial light show. I know the effect makes you feel special but it's only light, not substance. Give me substance or give me a break.

Morocco Bama said...

Personally, Eric, I don't give a rat's ass what it is. My wife doesn't feel "special" because she saw this. She noted it was a unique set of events that she hadn't yet experienced, but nothing world-shattering/altering, so good try at a strawman, but you can take your strawman and stuff it up your ass.

Let's assume, as you say, that it is a psyops laser light show. Why all over North America on the same day? How? But once again, and more importantly, why? What could "they" hope to accomplish pulling a stunt like this in Lawrenceville, Georgia? I will grant you New York because of a significant audience, but Lawrenceville, Georgia? Have you ever heard of Lawrenceville, Georgia?

Who knows, maybe it has something to do with the singularity and no one has an explanation because the speed of information is now beyond the interpretation of our rather limited cognitive models. This means that so-called anomalous events will occur much more that cannot be described adequately....and you're going to look awfully silly if you claim every unexplainable event, manifesting on an almost daily basis, is the result of engineered and purposeful psyops. I'm afraid it's just not that simple, Eric. Life seldom is. Please refrain granting powers to the "evil-doers" they don't even only end up aiding and abetting their propensity for tyranny.

ericswan said...

I'm in the no plane school of conspiracy. Not many of us attend classes but when we do, we form a crusty scab over the open sore that is the 21st century.
You are right about Lawrenceville but your attributes that it is not worthy for tptb to tip your scales cuts both ways. You, Shrub, were the target and the reason was your last post. It has created dissension, distrust and distress. The root for dis is satan. Your soul is in that scale.

Morocco Bama said...

You, Shrub, were the target

Since I didn't see it, how can I be the target?

I'll take your word for it that my wife and I are somehow significant and special, afterall, although I wish you would make up your mind. One minute we're not special, and the next minute we're special. Does it change by the minute? Is it because I post to Dick Central?

ericswan said...

It's the nature of the beast Mr. Shrub. The decepticons operate in a physical space roughly equivalent to the space between Earth and the Moon.

in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of man and they bore children to them. These were the mighty men who were of old, the men of renown...... Genesis/6-4.htm

Let's look at the things in the air that never used to be there. Weapons, satellites, money, TV, ...

The ether used to be non-physical vibrations. It's growing and it's here. Get your carbon credits before it's too late.