Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cool! There was another "school shooting" in Texas yesterday.

At least that's what the media & all the bottom feeder bloggers & snake oil salesmen would like their readers to believe. Yahoo is even calling him the Texas A& M Shooter.

I know, I know, a well armed man in Texas is definitely an "anomaly."

It's also uber Fortean that an evicted man could turn violent. I'm sure that, in the history of repossessions & evictions, none of the evicted or repossessed ever ever ever turned violent.

It's definitely the media's fault.

& Batman's too...

Chris Knowles at the Secret Sun calls the Batman trilogy "The Batman Working" after Crowley's Amalantrah Working, a Crowleyan magic ritual that's much loved by the Internet influenced paranoiacs amongst us. It's effects were massive or dubiously negligible, depending on who you believe. Chris likes to ominously intone how the trilogy's director, Chris Nolan, is "playing with forces he doesn't understand" by churning out this turgid overpriced BatCrap.

Personally, as someone who has had the misfortune of sitting through all 3 Batman films(sorry, I have children and I'm a weak willed asshole when it comes to their requests), I prefer to refer to them as the "Sore Ass Workings."

This has become my own personal film rating guide. If I'm totally engaged by a film I never notice the fact that my ass is hurting, but if a film has all the nutritional content of a Ho-Ho,  at some point, usually about midway, I think to myself, "Jehezeeus Christ, my ass hurts."

All 3 Batman films had this effect.

While they were unintentionally funny at times, they were generally comprised of what typically passes for entertainment here in adolescent America...explosions, gunfire, snarky one liners passed off as philosophy, more explosions, more gunfire, the credits.

To be honest, my first exposure to the latest helping of BatCrap was as a preview shown before the start of another film. They ran Batman alongside the latest Bourne flick & the Phil Dick Total Recall retread and I thought I was watching one long trailer for the same movie.

Watching a superhero film, or any high budget Hollywood brain fart for that matter, has all the riveting, attention grabbing emotional & intellectual appeal of watching plumber's putty air dry.

I suppose that it's all an offshoot of the rise of GEEK CULTURE.  Here, the wimps & effeminate nerd boys, genetically unable to make the leap into the role of adult male, cling to their childhood obsessions & power fantasies like a drowning man clings to a life preserver in a big scary ocean. They homoerotically attach themselves to the muscular hero, imagining themselves in his HERO shoes while simultaneously fantasing about having his HERO cock in their worshipful mouths.

Of course, none of these folk would ever admit that they're big adolescents with repressed gay issues. Egos as massive as I've seen displayed in INTERNET GEEK CULTURE could never stand that much honest self examination. Instead, they have to justify their unhealthy inability to evolve beyond childhood by over inflating the importance of their comic crap.

Lest I forget,  one couldn't possibly leave out the fact that the majority of Americans don't actually work for a living any more. At the turn of the 20th century, America was primarily agrarian, with 91% of the population finding employment on farms. While here in the 21st century, Americans primarily find employment in offices.

I would imagine that many of these office dwellers have copious amounts of time to get their Internet geek on. &, as the saying goes, idle hands are the devil's playthings.

I suppose that having an army of passive aggressive adolescents as your population base is much better for business. They'll lap up all the little techno toys you toss at them, they'll slavishly flock to all of your entertainment-less entertainment offerings, & when the going gets tough it's practically guaranteed that they'll whine & complain & invent & postulate & google & blog & forum about it all but they will never ever ever stand up & actually risk anything in order to attain change.

Emasculating the male population seems like it would be a primary step to take if one seeks to subjugate a society. You can say many things, good & bad, about old school radicals, but you could never accuse them of cowardice. They had a massive "carry in wheelbarrow" set of balls. They understood that lifting their heads up could very well get them lopped off. These days radicals are pseudo Ghandi wanna-bes who march in circles chanting nifty media friendly slogans. Passively waiting for their collective pouting to magically alter reality. 

It's a beautiful system.

A system that will only be cured by a good collective flushing.

Which brings me back to our much anticipated ending...

C'mon Dec. 21st.


Belliosto's Garbage said...

Hilarious post.

I'm not clear on what a geek is suppose to be. I think it's a self-imposed label used to socialize with people. Geek = Wimp seems to be a popular definition. A person who is interested in a certain subject can be a geek. Maybe a curious person in general is a geek to geeks. So it's endless on what a geek can be interested in. Computers, literature, comic books, etc. One can be an exercise geek, or a classic music listening geek. So anything at all can have a geek label to it.

I really am not interested in the answer. I guess it's best to assume that a geek may want to perform oral sex on another man. Makes it easier. Hope things are going well with you.

Morocco Bama said...

Richard, I'm usually not at a loss for words, but a number of your posts leave me at a loss....I guess because it's as though you're in my head. I'll see you on the Dark Side of The Moon.....even though there isn't one.


Syd lived until 2006. Talk about a hell on earth.

just_another_dick said...

Mr. B., a geek is someone who bites the heads off of chickens. Usually it's some poor rummy who's enticed, with a free bottle of booze, into playing the "temporary" geek. The "temporary" geek only fakes biting off chicken heads.

After a week or two of steady free booze, the rummy is now told that he'll have to leave unless he's willing to turn his "fake" geek act into the real thing.

At the thought of losing a nice steady supply of free cheap booze, the rummy usually acquiesces.

If you're looking for reasonable discourse and all inclusiveness I may be able to acquiesce for a steady supply of cheap pot.

I'll even bite off some chicken heads.

Should they run out I'll offer to bite off my own tongue as a finale.

Things are moving inexorably towards their finale here.

Hope things aren't doing the same where you're at.

just_another_dick said...

Shrub, I see your post Syd Floyd & raise you with some Syd Floyd:


Belliosto's Garbage said...

geeks on Mars


Morocco Bama said...

The planet is at the precipice of one of the greatest famines ever experienced by humankind in the modern era, and money, time and effort is being spent on this nonsense. I have no interest in this Curiosity bullshit, and I consider it a sadistic joke when you take into account the shit that's now hitting the fan on planet earth. I am dead set against exporting this malignancy.

Thanks for that video, Richard. My daughter's now interested in Pink Floyd...on her own, I didn't nudge her, she arrived at it independently. So, I told her what I knew about the band, and I led off the discussion that first and foremost, they are hypocrites of the highest order, so whereas you may enjoy and appreciate their music, don't get enamored with that which created it, because ultimately, you'll just be disappointed.

Morocco Bama said...

The hypocrisy of the so-called "Left" never ceases to amaze me in its stark absurdity. Some chick who's interested in the trees posts this on her blog and taunts the newscasters for being cowardly for not wanting to pronounce "Pussy Riot." Ironically though, many chicks don't like the word "Pussy" and will take exception when someone does use it, especially guys. Radical Feminists are the worst about this, but now, it's alright to use the word "Pussy." Yeah, sure, whatever, you fucking hypocrites.

Anyhow, this chick who is uber-concerned for the tress, and chastises newscasters for being afraid to say "Pussy" apparently isn't as concerned for free speech and expression when it comes to her blog. I posted to it saying that when the band was thinking up a name for itself, it was a toss up between Pussy Riot and Cunt Chaos. Guess what? She censored the post, meaning she wouldn't post my satirical comment.

Some days I really hate some people, and this is one of those days.

Here's the video she posted.


Here's her blog, and the blog post she made about the above video:


Belliosto's Garbage said...

No shit Morocco. The space program has always been a slap on our collective face. The video boasts of how the geek culture is very much alive and well. One would have to be a kind of social hermit to believe that most men in America would not have an issue with the Curiosity Mars project. The space program has been a decades long complaint with most men. You hit on what I am leaning towards when one thinks about geeks. Geek = Sadist.

It has been brought to my attention that the so-called self-named geek can be the most sadistic man one could encounter. It is due to the revenge factor associated with the past or present life of the bullied man in question. He exacts his vengeance by stealing identities, hacking into cyberspace, and SWAT-ing peoples homes. This activity is without any remorse for the victims. Brutal and cold-hearted he may randomly single out people this way for entertainment purposes only. This has been my primary thought about geeks from the beginning. When I hear the word geek mentioned I only wonder where this would lead me.

Belliosto's Garbage said...

I was introduced to Pink Floyd in "78". The first albums I had listened to were The Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here. Then we had delved into the earlier releases Ummagumma and Relics, etc. Eventually Animals. I was raised on this music. I had religiously listened to a lot of rock bands back in the day. We sat down and partied often with Pink Floyd playing on the stereo. Those were good times.