Wednesday, August 29, 2012

God Bless America-Watch It-Watch It Now


Belliost's Garbage said...

When I had worked at the academic library People Magazine was the most utilized print periodical. We had possessed about an hundred different periodicals and People was the most popular. The magazine is an important required staple because it is bait to get patrons to use the facility. A person that relates to most everything discussed as being either politically conservative or politically liberal is also popular at the library. To say that anything a celebrity says is utterly meaningless can be deemed a lean on the conservative side of the political science scales. The realization that whatever a fucking celebrity says has no value to the general population has neither a left or right slant. It is the focus of the audience and the audience arrogantly justifies the significance of the statements of celebrities.

For example as a celebrity one says, "I am planning to do ______ and also ______. I am also for _____ and for ______." This has no connotation with the public except how these statements benefit the celebrity. Self promotion.

I'm preaching to the choir again so I am refrained.

I know that People is a resource that propagates worthless tripe and this is the very reason on why it reaches a much larger audience. It permits the reader to stick his face into other peoples affairs and fornicate in his/her mind all the "should do", "should not do", "he is", "she is not", mentalities. It is the addiction of old hens who persistently want to meddle in other peoples' business and life.

just_another_dick said...

PEOPLE also reinforces the hologram of control Mr. B.

It is both panacea & escape hatch, allowing "real" people the mental out from shitty "real"-ity.

It artfully blends celebrity gossip with touching stories about "real" folk overcoming "real"-ity.

This gives the celebrity delusion more substance than it warrants.

I liked your take on "geeks."
Time constraints have been constraining so I've been remiss in exercising any hospitality here.

My apologies to you & Shrub.

Belliosto's Garbage said...

No problem, Dick. One need not be hospitable on my behalf. It has been difficult, for the most part, to trust hospitable individuals in my decades-old experience. Hospital-Able = Trauma-Unit has been pretty much the rule in life. Normally the courteous person masks an undercurrent of pent-up rage and disgust. This to the point of dysfunctional redundancy.