Thursday, August 2, 2012

“Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones.” Psalm 137:9
Ronald William Brown, 57, of Largo, Florida was arrested July 20, 2012 for possession of child pornography and conspiring to kidnap a child who he and his co-conspirator, Michael Arnett of Kansas, wanted to cannibalize.

The two conspirators had a particular child in mind. Brown worked for years at Gulf Coast Church in Largo, Florida. He worked for them as a ventriloquist and a puppeteer in their Puppet Ministry for Kidz Zone. A child who was a member of Gulf Coast Church and who took part in youth ministry programs was their target. Officials have not released the child's name but his parents have been notified.

Brown's business is Puppets Plus. On his site is listed a list of Brown's clients which includes: Home Depot, Kash N' Karry, Florida Power, Sunken Gardens, Evatone, Belleair Country Club, Innisbrook Resort, Cypress Run Golf Club, Seminole Lake Country Club, River Hills Country Club, McDonalds, Dillard's, Pinellas Parkside Mall, The Salvador Dali Museum, First Night in St. Petersburg, Tampa's Santa Fest, Numerous Schools, Churches, Recreation Centers, Civic Clubs, and Private Parties. This list shows how careful parents must be to properly protect their innocent and trusting children.
On July 26th law enforcement searched Brown's home and tool shed and confirmed that they had discovered more evidence against Brown.

Brown and Arnett chatted about murdering children as young as two. In one chat Arnett described to Brown what it is like to drown a little girl and what different body parts taste like if roasted or fried in a pan.

Brown revealed to Arnett in another chat regarding the little boy at Gulf Coast Church that he would enjoy strangling the child to death.
Homeland Security agents who searched Brown’s home and tool shed yesterday discovered images of bound and gagged kids, photographs of dead children and a flier for a missing child.
The Christian Television Network, the oldest Christian broadcasting company in Florida, featured Brown as a regular in its television show for children, Joy Junction. In the program Brown used a ventriloquist dummy named Marty.
Here, the "Plus" in "Puppets Plus" refers to cannibalism.
 As in "Hey, you get puppets, plus I get to eat your tender little asses."

Gulf Coast Church, the church that brown was affiliated with had this on their website:

Healthy, long-term relationships make life work well. Being part of a network of good friends provides us with strength, confidence, and joy. Nothing else gives us such incredible, life-altering experiences as being deeply and positively connected with other people.

One of the easiest ways to find those people is in a Life Group--a small group of people who share something in common along with a desire to learn and grow in their relationship to Jesus Christ.  Through a shared interest, a hobby, a strength, a common purpose, or stage of life, Life Groups are formed to provide a place where YOU can belong, and grow with a group of friends.
How true. Is there anything better than a neat, tidy life where everything "works well." I'm also particularly enamored of this whole "networking" phenomena. In the future, when I've curbed my anti-social tendencies & neatened up my own life, I hope to seek membership in one of these fascinating social clubs.

Having said that, I think it's obvious that Brown found someone, Michael Arnett, who he shared something "in common" with, the love of toddler long pig. I suppose you could say that Brown was taking the church's "Life Group" philosophy to "the next level" by making it a "Death Group."

Also, every Sunday at 11:00 A.M., Brown put on a "Puppets Of Praise" show for the long pig Sliders in his charge. Given your average Christian's tendency to give praise & thanks before each meal, I don't think it's much of a stretch to view Brown's show as a bit of symbolic "Grace" being said before a table full of potential victuals.

On Brown's website, PUPPETS PLUS, Brown provides birthday party entertainment for children of all ages. The 2-5 year old, or veal cutlet, page offers this:

Our birthday party show will bring grins and giggles. We also can provide Cotton Candy and Sno-Cones.
Is this guy thoughtful or what? Not only will he eat your kid, he offers a pre-slaughter "Fatten Up The Little Piggies" plan. If nothing else, the man is very very neat & orderly. Well, once you overlook all those semen filled tissues that his copious "kiddie bondage porn" collection produced. Overall though,  I think it's quite apparent that Ron exemplified some core American values here, and he shouldn't be punished for his choice of an "alternative lifestyle."

Always remember that


Belliosto's Garbage said...

As feeble-minded neuron activity in my brain has settled down, I simple-mindedly remember the famous Hollywood actor Anthony Hopkins. I stress that my mind is in a certain state as I write. This explains the reference to people involved with the moving pictures. "Magic" is the name of the 1978 film that comes to mind. Ed Lauter, the actor who played the prison captain who was ordered to shoot Burt Reynolds in the movie "The Longest Yard", Ann- Margret, and Burgess Meredith are also part of Magic's cast. Burgess Meredith was nationally-known as the notorious TV villain The Penguin in the 1960's "Batman" series. Equal in diabolical subterfuge as Joker, Riddler, and Catwoman, he had become the most influential bad guy in TV Land.

As you probably remember, Burgess played the agent that helped Charles "Corky" Withers, played by Hopkins, become famous in the movie "Magic". What gets to me is that the pathetic, suicidal priss Hopkins had revoked the bad guy title that Burgess had as The Penguin. The murder of Meredith by Hopkins in the movie justified the nation-wide belief that Hopkins was now more depraved than the shady DC Comics arch villain of the caped crusader. This forever changed the American psyche. A disturbed self-absorbed ventriloquist had become USA's primary criminal that could thwart society's psychological norms.

Ronald's reliance on his cute puppet Marty for stability is, to me, the same dependence of Americans on criminally insane politicians and Pentagon officials. Marty would never look at naked pictures or harm anyone. Ronald and Marty are the same person. Americans and our politicians and military are the same person. But the American's argument is that the puppeteer would never do anything bad. It's the puppet that we rely on that is the criminal. This is the exact Siamese twin argument that Hopkins used in "Magic". Ben Greene, played by Meredith, walked away from Corky saying that Corky was sick and in need of psychological assistance. It's our puppet that is doing all these sick things not us. As a sick and disturbed American, I say that no puppet can cure me Dick. I'm going back to my BT-8 Bio Tuner. It always seems to turn the trick.

just_another_dick said...

Mr. B., I couldn't agree more.

Although, to be honest, this post didn't really have much of a point.

The original article I read tried to link the behavior of the Cannibal Puppeteer to Christianity.
The writer adroitly used the Catholic doctrine of Transubstantiation as symbolic cannibalism to indict a Protestant criminal who didn't even believe in the doctrine.

I thought it was shoddily done horse poop that sought to criticize theology without having any knowledge of theology.

I just wanted to write something equally as specious and bullshit laden in the hopes that someone would read it & offer me a journalism job.

I'm in a bit of a bad spell at work with the violent pudding head I'm paid to baby sit & I'm afraid that my self control is running short.

I'm growing increasingly concerned that I'm just going to beat the shit out of him one of these & end up in jail.

A career switch into the ever burgeoning field of bad writing
might be the escape hatch I'm seeking.

Probably not.