Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Dismal Day At Dick Central™

Today, I just conducted my bi-annual visit to my e-mail account. Sadly, I discovered that my Rigorous Intuition Forum membership has been re-activated.

Words cannot express the sorrow that I feel at having failed to achieve a total shunning. I had even gone as far as purchasing a pointed dunce cap & a special multicolored "EYE OF HORUS" patch that I could wear on my clothes to designate my abhorrent otherness, much like the Star Of David that shunned Jews had to wear in Nazi Germany.

Alas, it appears to be more wasted effort. This latest "shunning" failure has plunged me into a maw of deep depression. An abyss-like chasm that I may never escape.

One can only hope that this will serve as a cautionary tale for those callous Forum moderators who, willy-nilly & without apparent regard for consequences, reabsorb those previously cast out.

You must excuse me now. The worm at the bottom of a Mezcal bottle is offering comfort & succor, a balm that I, in my current state of onyx-like ennui, would be a fool to ignore. 

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