Friday, July 27, 2012

The Latest Transmission From The End (or He's Talking Out Of His Ass Again)

Weird shit found under Brooklyn Bridge.

More importantly, Canadian UFO sightings are on the rise.
UFO sightings in Canada neared a record high last year, while Manitoba reported its third-highest number of cases ever in the province. According to a report released Tuesday by Ufology Research, which has studied unidentified flying objects in this country since 1989, there were 986 sightings across the country in 2011 — or almost three per day. The national record for a single year is 1,004 sightings, set in 2008. Ontario led the country in sightings, with 406. B.C. and Alberta placed a distant second and third. "Ontario is getting more of the share of the UFO reports every year. There used to be an emphasis on the west, in some of our earlier reports," Chris Rutkowski, the national Ufology group's research director, said in Winnipeg on Tuesday. "But now it seems to be distributed a little better." Manitoba reported 81 UFO sightings, 18 of which occurred in Winnipeg. In Manitoba, said Rutkowski, "we didn't have any that made us scratch our heads," though he cited at least one interesting report from last Dec. 12 about 3:30 p.m., south of Winnipeg. "Somebody had seen a grey, shiny, disk-shaped object flying below the clouds, in a hanging motion, near Morris," he said. "There was no estimate of the size. It was hanging below the clouds and was seen for about a minute and a half, before it just disappeared." More compelling sightings last year came in Eastern Canada. In St. Catharines, Ont., in early February, a man reported seeing a beige object -- the size and shape of a grapefruit -- circling high around a hydro pole before it stopped and then flew toward him, missing him by about two metres, before he lost sight of it. And in late March, Quebec's Eastern Townships saw a report of a more bizarre experience. "A couple seems to have seen some sort of glowing, luminous creatures," Rutkowski said. "They don't want their names to go public, and don't want to talk to investigators right now. "The trouble is that they're completely anonymous. I haven't spoken with them. So we have to call it insufficient or pending right now."
I think the end game is now in play. First the Joker goes on a shooting spree. This symbolizes how we, as Americans, love a good laugh & how our laughter masks the homicidal beast that lives in us all. This homicidal beast then takes the form of a pig with clawed fingers. This symbolizes our propensity to wallow in our shit while still retaining the capability to open a beer can. Then UFO sightings begin to rise in Canada. Canada has always been seen as our dopey northern neighbor, good natured yet somewhat simpleminded. I think this is quite clear. Canada will be the first casualty in the coming 'SAUSAGE APOCALYPSE.' I'd expect her HAPPY MEALS & her CANADIAN BACON & her SAUSAGE to rise up, zombie-like, and turn that nation of eaters into a nation of eatees. Be very afraid &, most importantly, stock up on toilet paper. That shit will be worth its weight in gold. Signing out Roger Roger Alpha Zulu Foxtrot

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