Thursday, July 5, 2012

Parents accused of leaving their children bound and blindfolded in a Walmart parking lot recently sold off some belongings in preparation for the end of the world, a neighbor said Thursday.

"I was here last week at the garage sale and they were selling all of their belongings; the lady was reading her book," neighbor Kathy Grotefend said. "She said she believes it's the end of the world and they don't need this materialistic stuff."

Adolfo Gomez Jr., 52 and Deborah Gomez, 43 of Northlake IL., face several counts each of child abuse and child endangerment. Police arrested them Wednesday in Lawrence, KS., after a passer by saw a 5-year-old boy and 7-year-old girl bound and blindfolded outside the family van.

Authorities said the family was living out of their vehicle and were on their way to Arizona.
Grotefend said she tried to allay Deborah Gomez's concerns about the end of the world before the family left on their cross-country excursion.

"I told her nobody knows when the end of the world was going to come," said Grotefend. "We don't know. God doesn't let us know."
Grotefend also remarked that Adolfo Gomez, Jr. seemed angry and described the five children as "beautiful.
 We here at END TIMES CENTRAL do not, I repeat, DO NOT condone tying up children in Wal-Mart parking lots.

Not when you can keep the little tykes occupied with a good old fashioned Mayan Calendar board game.

Now, if that's a little too "pre-conquistador pagan" for you, we have a nice & wholesome Christian alternative:

Now remember,




Laetum Revelatio

And remember, there's only 168 shopping days left till shopping is magically transformed into looting, so get out there & shop ya bastards.


Anonymous said...

Belliosto said...

The definition of trivia is of very little importance, neuter pl. of trivium, crossroads, gutter. In Roman times, at the intersection of any three streets were kiosks where information was posted for travelers, but which was totally ignored by the citizens. The Latin adjective trivilis, derived from trivium, thus meant "appropriate to the street corner, commonplace, vulgar". "A dispute over niggling details" is trivial for example. Also known as nugae.


Trivia is for half wits. People just passing by. The parents of those children are angry at people. Now to make a way for the highway in the sky to be with God. Yep, they be bad. They are travelers seeking the hour of the time. Nit wits. Permanently feeble-minded reliant. I think the first thing slated for their preparation on "end times flight from reality" is some BDSM.

The plan is to take them out to a cow pasture in Arizona and tie them up with duct tape and pour honey all over them so flies, gnats and ants eat them. Then watch the cows lick it off. This will be a fund raiser for child abuse prevention and awareness. This scene will be posted on You Tube where financial contributors can pay a dollar a hit. Law enforcement are sure to be the biggest donators.

So what do you think, Dick. This would be a genuine preparation for our fellow travelers on the road to doomsday. Wal-Mart shoppers everywhere will gather around their computers and eat popcorn while watching this unique You Tube video and contribute money for a good cause. It would be so much fun for the kiddies.

just_another_dick said...

Y'know Mr. B., it's probably already been done.
YouTube's secret "cabal member only" channel SnuffTube.
Actually, I believe there's a "cabal member only" menu:


Of course, these are Pay Per View channels but hey, when you're swimming in filthy lucre what's a few numbers on your credit card either way, right?

Anonymous said...

I have cancelled my planned excursion with a prostitute due to the economic obligation involved. I figure if she is a class act she will connect with me and be content with the fact that it is for free. Cash muddies the water too much.

I wonder whether the couple in the above article end up incarcerated. Anyway, have you witnessed a snuff video? I've seen the "Faces of Death" films. Men putting bullet holes in other men's skulls and the like, but never a film that is set up with the camera for the simple fact of killing a man for the pleasure of capturing the event. Killing him just because one can. Not because of punishment for treason, homicide, rape, etc. Attorneys represent folks in court buildings who possess these rare and unique films. Curiosity killing the feline. FatBoyBeggingForABurger film? That is just too sad and obscene. It justifies the snuff in the snuff film. Watching FatBoyBeggingForABurger Snuff film may get one a room in the hotel, but the homicide makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Belliosto is the above poster.

just_another_dick said...

Mr. B., I do believe there's an entire sub-genre of exploitation film know as the fake snuff film. While I'm sure the real thing exists I don't think anyone has actually proven that they do.

Since there are fake rape films that go along with what appear to be real rape films, I see no reason why folk would be less diligent with snuff films.

Anonymous said...

Involuntary participation is victimization for sure in the context of your above said message.

Oklahoma City's terrorist attack and the discovery of bombs after the fact, the Twin Towers turning to ash, and all the other high profile acts of violence proves that the general public's diligence is reduced to meaningless trivia. The shitty countdown to disaster places the fool as equal with the wise man. I expect the fool to be even more of a victim of his own doing. But the babes seem to prefer a man with a good sense of humor. Buffoonery tends to lure the nurturing heart more than alertness. Arrogance can also net in the more sympathetic. I do declare that the fool has the advantage in this life, and he suffers for it as well. The frivolous enable the heart-felt emotions of concern towards others to remain valuable. The nurturer feels more appreciated by the fool in need, and feels less appreciated by the the self-sufficient wise man.

just_another_dick said...

The wise man makes a buck on doomsday.

The fool spends a buck on doomsday.

I don't know what kind of "babes" you deal with Mr. B., but the babes I meet seem to be complete idiots.

They're buffoon attraction seems be narcissistic love of self.

They also seem to have a compulsive need to mainline a continual texting stream that appears to have no end.

If there's no one to text, Crackbook seems to function as a methadone-like substitute.

I don't envy anyone who has to navigate this high tech world of low rent bimbos.

Luckily I turn 50 in a month so the graveyard is coming into sharp focus while everyone else is fading into a blurry fog.

Anonymous said...

Belliosto said...

The Libertine Handbook Vol. 1: Dick Texting

just_another_dick said...

Mr. B., the third one captured my profile in excruciating detail right down to the beard.

You've actually saved me the trouble of posting my own photo here.


Anonymous said...

Belliosto said...

Not a sight I'd like to see.