Saturday, July 21, 2012

I Want To Rubber Neck At An Accident Scene Too

First off, I have absolutely nothing to add to yesterday's slaughter. No spiffy links, no government ties, no empty blather sprinkled with crocodile tears. I haven't read any of the 8,000 continually updated news articles, etc., etc., fucking etc.

What I did do early yesterday was careen around the Internut to the plethora of crackpot sites I've picked up over the years like a bad case of dandruff. I wanted to see what I knew I'd see...accident scene rubber neckers weeping crocodile tears while they minutely focus on every bit of blood spatter.
There I saw "synchromystic" wonks like Loren Coleman who had to point out how he warned the 20 folk who regularly visit his site to beware the Ides Of Batman.
I pictured Loren racing to his computer Friday morning so he could post his big fat "I told you so."

I read the RI forum fruit loops who had 3 pages of fake concern interspersed with every breaking bit of blood spatter. Playing make believe journalists as they cut & paste bits & pieces of news articles.
They really should thank mass murderers. Without this shit to liven up their Interdays, they are a banal lot, quacking loudly about nothing in particular.

At work today, I saw that the TV lived up to the same inhumane standards. FOX news appeared to fill up a days programming by aiming a camera at a window of the shooter's apartment while 2 "newscasters' gave it all a subtle drone-like soundtrack with their endless chatter. I assume every other 24/7 news channel was doing much the same. Raking in the ad revenue as they piggybacked upon the bloodshed while simultaneously professing to be "shocked" & "stunned" & "appalled" by the carnage.

The unspoken subtext of it all was the ghoulish desire to have a camera on site in case those cops attempting to de-bomb the shooter's apartment happened to be blown up in the attempt. Then everyone could mime weeping as they rub their erections while watching the replay footage over & over & over. I'm sure it would have been the perfect substitute for the lack of "massacre" film footage.

They even had a nice alliterative name for it all:

 While Yahoo is calling it


The genius headline that featured this spiify moniker was

Gee, do ya think? You mean he didn't just cobble together a few thousand rounds of ammo that he had lying around the apartment? Do you mean he didn't, at the last minute, run out & pick up whatever guns they happened to have lying around his local 7-11 right next to the Twinkie/Ho-Ho rack? Do you mean he didn't rig up those bombs from the stray tins of old moldy tuna fish he had lying at the back of his refrigerator like thermal nuclear biology experiments? I'm shocked.

Later in the evening I saw that TNT ran the last Batman flick without seeing anything remotely disturbing about doing so.

Then, as I was preparing to leave, a co-worker turned FOX back on. One of their empty headed newscasters was insincerely rambling on about the horror of it all. In the background, I spotted this woman who had the biggest ear to ear grin on her face, as if the whole thing was the neatest thing. She stood there grinning for 6-7 minutes as the newscaster droned on & on.
I thought to myself "Finally, an honest person."

She felt no constraints, no need to wear a fake mask of empty concern. She was enjoying herself & she was unafraid to show it. Everyone else enjoyed it too. They're were just too cowardly to admit it.

It's all just a matter of degree, isn't it?
From the plethora of folk who drooled over their soldier boys dancing among instruments of mass death as they lip synched some young cuties "love song" to the army of meat sacks who raced out at midnight on Friday to see some live action comic book "morality play" that cost hundreds of millions of dollars to make while other, less fortunate, meat sacks climb into bed with empty stomachs.

 We're a sick lot & the sickness runs so deep I imagine it's indelibly etched on our DNA like a black spot of genetic cancer.

Humanity...we never had it from the beginning.
                               Charles Bukowski


Morocco Bama said...

Amen! As always, I agree with your sentiment. What on earth will you do now that your account has been suspended at RI? Can you go on?

I am not giving this spectacle anymore airtime than it deserves....because that's the whole purpose of it.

82_28 got all mad at you and told you to go fuck yourself. Isn't that what this shooter allegedly did? Didn't he walk into a theater and tell everyone there to go fuck themselves...but instead of words, he used bullets? The sentiment was the same, though.

Those freaks at RI are so ridiculously pathetic, it makes me want to laugh and puke in synchronicity.

just_another_dick said...

I've been suspended?


Dropped my turd & left. I can barely read their banal drivel when I'm not involved.

82_28 masturbates to splatter porn.

At night , he dreams of child molestor snuff films with Jandek soundtracks.

Turned out his mother at 18. Forces her to travel from military base to military base, giving her dried up old pussy to any soldier with a dead Iraqi notch on his sidearm.

Without sporadic outbursts of mass slaughter he'd have nothing left to do but rape his sister's cat some more.

They weren't alone Shrub.
The entire Intertoilet was lit up like a Christmas tree before the smell of cordite had even started to fade from inside that theater.

Belliosto's Garbage said...

I noticed that if you look closely at the number 82_28 it is the same forwards and backwards. Like the name Otto for example. The number can also be interpreted as 8+2_2+8 as in an elementary addition problem. 10_10 or maybe 01_10 or 10_01. They look like eyes and a mouth this way. Now one has the number 11, 20 or the number 2 to contend with. He seems like too much of an hassle to deal with. A nickname of Red Bull, Fiery One, King Strong, or fletcher82_28 would be better. Welp, one man's garbage is another man's gold.

Take care Dick.