Monday, July 2, 2012

Be Very Afraid

The first episode covers Henry Lee Twister & Richard "The Earth Quaker" Ramirez.

 One viewing will convince you that the ground you're walking on & the air you're breathing wants to KILL YOUR ASS.

This sobering realization will compel you to master your hidden levitation skills. It will also go far towards explaining why children, much wiser than their adult kin, always feel compelled to hold their breath till their faces turn blue.

 It also finally answers the age old question, 'Does God want me dead?"

Of course, it's best to smoke a few bowls of bath salts while viewing. (Consumption of human flesh is always optional)

The bath salts will efficiently soften the de-evolutionary barometer drop brought about by the realization that TV networks actually pay people to come up with ideas that equate serial killers with natural disasters.

 In the end, I think that you'll understand how America finds itself at the bottom of the world's IQ mountain while it simultaneously attains the pinnacle of the world's obesity mountain.


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