Thursday, July 19, 2012

An End Time Station Break Featuring Some Insider Muzak

Nothing like a lip synched sing-a-long with hired killers. They needed to do it while conducting an air strike to give it that added oomph of greatness. With the carefully edited juxtaposition of crappy tweener pop slop & bomb eviscerated kiddies it could have had the potential earning power of a typical brain dead Hollywood blockbuster like Spider Spam.

Seriously. They dropped the ball on this one.

After reading the plethora of "Gosh, golly, gee whiz, ain't this the greatest thing since my morning bowel movement" comments sitting at the bottom of the Yahoo-de-hoo-de-hoo "news" article that featured this, like gobs of vomited out bird shit,  I couldn't see any reason why anyone sane would want to be an insider in this whacked out society of bloodthirsty shoppers.

Then my teeth started to ache & I realized that I'd better vent or risk tossing another computer out the fucking window.
Just having this on here makes me feel dirty.



Belliosto's Garbage said...

Hello Dick, the feel of an hard-working individual, who can get things accomplished, is the projection of this video. The singer may be contacted, maybe. We are sometimes naturally too busy to call, or too nervous to phone home(E.T.). She may get a call from a hero, a man of justice, who is able to succeed in life as a true superman. A man who has stepped up and goes the extra distance. He'll call me maybe!

I apologize for getting ugly again. Sometimes I can't stand the filth-spewing fornications of my mind. Wretched soul that I am.

A cell phone call from Afghanistan from soldiers who have chosen to go in country with good pay. One makes the choice to phone. It's a decision to call or not. But the business of the day is acknowledged as being important and responsible. I'm not sure about this, but I'm thinking that a high percentage of soldiers are constantly calling people back home with their wireless phone companies connections as a rule. I see the video as a concealed advertisement for Verizon, T-Mobile, and the like especially geared towards the moms, girlfriends, and wives of the soldiers. Don't forget to call home soldier.

What is the value of continuing the harassment of one's insecure and immature high school sweetheart? He'll call me maybe. I don't know why I have given him my number. Something good may come of this though. Reminds me of the short story by Salinger, "A Perfect Day For Bananafish".

"Muriel. Now, listen to me."
"Yes, Mother", said the girl, putting her weight on her right leg.
"Call me the instant he does, or says, anything at all funny-you know what I mean. Do you hear me?"
"Mother, I'm not afraid of Seymour."
"Muriel, I want you to promise me."
"All right, I promise. Goodbye Mother," said the girl. "My love to Daddy."
She hung up.

Muriel had bad news to tell her mother the next time that Muriel had called. I'm not clear on what is going on in these girlfriends heads, but I'm sure that they understand perfectly well that it's the pay and benefits that these men are collecting that makes them supermen. Not their representation of the American ideal.

Take care.

Belliosto's Garbage said...

When a soldier comes home in a body bag, is wounded in combat, suffers from a severe case of mental illness, or commits suicide as a result of his service to the military, his sacrifice is related to the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, the ideals of freedom and the pursuit of happiness in a free society. In death and suffering the "war on terrorism" must make sense to preserve one's sanity as a loved one to a soldier. It is the earned respect of the honorable soldier, who has died in combat, that legitimizes the occupation in the Middle East. Liberty and Freedom must be championed.

It's a natural response by loved ones to hold on to anything and everything worthy of the U.S. government and military. Down to the last righteous blade of grass that they can cling to that makes the loss of life and suffering valuable. The soldiers flight back home is long overdue. These pricks have to get out of the Middle East.