Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Guilty Pleasure

Look, I know elections are pretty much rigged shams where we choose the brand of toothpaste we'll use to clean the taste of shit out of our mouths for 4 years.

I know Barack isn't going to do anything more for me than Pancho Romney would do.

Still, I used to be a Liberal & a Democrat and I guess old habits really do die a fucking hard death.

Because I couldn't help chuckling like a mad man when I saw pudgy baby man Karl Rove as his head did a continual 360 like he was the Exorcist's Regan stuck in a perpetual tape loop while he simultaneously pissed & shit himself when he refused to accept FOX News election results.

I know I'm an asshole.

Still, it was pretty damn funny.


Morocco Bama said...

Like you, Richard, I get a kick out of the reactions from both sides of the aisle at the Kabuki Theater, and Rove's reaction, and O'Lielly's reaction....were knee-slappingly hilarious. It's almost as though Rove and Co. had planned to hack the results in Ohio and Obumber's Team was too clever and foiled it...and Rove couldn't imagine be stymied so he had to protest the prediction because he figured the fix was forthcoming. It's just more surreal entertainment or our way to Fuckistan.

just_another_dick said...

Do you think we could arrange a detour to HotWilling&EasyChickistan instead?

Yeah, it's amazing that O'Reilly still has a job after the Bush years, but FOX News lovers that I know still think they found WMDs in Iraq.