Monday, November 12, 2012

Racism Is A Dead Issue In America

That's a funny one, isn't it?

I bring up race because, on Sunday morning, I got a nice view of what I can only refer to as economic racism.

In most regards, it was a typical Sunday & a typical 16 hour workday. Because we're so horrendously short staffed, as always, I was elected to chauffeur clients to & from the hospital.

As I was leaving the hospital for one of my return voyages, I passed The Light Of Life Mission, which runs a soup kitchen on the North Side of Pittsburgh. The soup kitchen wasn't open yet so there was a long line of folks waiting to go in for breakfast.

All of them were African American.

At the other end of the same block, there was an upscale coffee shop with a group of about 8-10 men standing around, outfitted in full Lance Armstrong style biker gear, holding their lattes & whipped fruit drinks & their super expensive mountain bikes. No doubt preparing for their morning bike jaunt around the city.

All of them were white.

While geographically these two groups were only a block apart, in reality it was like they existed in different solar systems.

Now, as much as I'm disillusioned with American politics, I don't find that President Obama is much different than every other president that I've known in my life. In many regards, he appears to be a step above the rest of them.

Granted the pickings are slim. First there was Ronnie "I'm hurtling into dementia" Reagan, who was followed by George H.W. (He's a Wimp) Bush, who was followed by Bill "I enjoy a good vaginal cigar" Clinton, who was followed by my personal favorite, George "I couldn't form a coherent thought if my life depended on it" Bush.

Yet, the right wing seems to literally seethe with hatred whenever Obama's name is mentioned. I've personally heard him referred to as "a nigger" more times than I can count.

I mean, this is what folk like Rush Limbaugh & Bill O'Reilly really mean when they say "it's no longer OUR country," isn't it?

It's no longer whiteys country.

Of course, that's utter bullshit. The real reins of power, the money, will obviously always remain in white hands. At least in America, where the mass of low rent bottom feeders weep bitter tears at the plight of the super rich while folk that they are really only a few lost paychecks away from joining can be portrayed, in their minds, as "leeches."

It's an interesting society we have here. With a few spins of the propaganda wheel, huge masses of people can be convinced to gleefully slit their own throats.

Unless you're a complete idiot, you know the economy wasn't collapsed by a few "leeches" with bad mortgages. It was the wonderfully patriotic super rich Wall Street dickwads who bundled those mortgages for investment, publicly stamped them with a AAA rating while privately guffawing at their utter worthlessness, and then made money on them hand over fist over knuckle over eyeball. And then, when their worthlessness became apparent, they emptied out the national piggy bank to cover their economic raping of the rest of us.

While I still don't have much faith in President Obama, I do sit in awe of the rich & powerful. They, quite obviously, recognized the racism that dots the underbelly of America like a cancer. In many ways, it appears that the simple act of selecting a black president would, in the end, be the best bit of smokescreen they could ever muster for their crimes.

Because, as every white boy & girl in America knows, it's always the nigger who did it.



Morocco Bama said...

Richard, what were they doing on Mountain Bikes if this was on a street?

just_another_dick said...

Because I didn't know what else to call them pal. 10 speeds seemed soooooo 70s.

I'm not really up on my street pedaling lingo.


To my untrained eye, mountain pedal pushers look exactly like urban pedal pushers. Y'know, wheels, gears, pedals, funny hats, spandex, upscale white guys who think they're Lance Armstrong when they're really just urban speed bumps.

Morocco Bama said...

Why are you calling me pal?

Morocco Bama said...

Would that include me, Richard? I ride a mountain bike, but I in no way fit your description aside from the fact I'm white, although I see quite of few of them who do fit your description, and they make me laugh. I have no gear and I have a cheap bike ($280) that I bought online. I use my son's helmet and I don't have a bike rack for the CRV...I just fold the seats up and put it in the back.

I understand your point, it's well taken, but why the fuck are you getting defensive with me? What the fuck is that shit about? I ask you a simple fuckin question, and you take it the wrong fuckin way. Chill the fuck out!!!

just_another_dick said...

Bad day at blood butte MB.


I have a cheap bike also.

I used to do 10 miles a day.

Then I had 4 kids.

& time contracted into a tiny pimple point on my asshole.

Occasionally it all makes me really really cranky.



On the plus side, at least my spouse didn't run me down for not voting.

Morocco Bama said...

I did laugh at your juxtaposition of these Lance Armstrong Fan Boys and the folks standing in line for a free breakfast. I see these guys on the trail all the time when I bike, and they look like a bunch of douchebags. And yes, they have the $2,000 bikes and the water bottles strapped to their backs with a tube running up over their shoulder to their chin so they don't have to stop to drink....but they always stop anyway. I can't understand why they wear all the silly and expensive gear. There's no need for it, so you know it's just for their BMW's. If you think about it, they get their breakfast for free, as well, they just don't have to beg for it....because I can assure you, these guys do not earn their money. There are so many making so much more than they are possibly brother included. I visited him in Houston several weeks prior and it was all I could take. It's really gone to his head. He makes half a million as a salesman for a Fortune 500, and it's going to his head. My wife noticed it this summer when we vacationed with him and his wife down at the GOM. We barely scrape by and the place we stayed was my wife's sister's husband's brother's house....he's a wealthy Gulf Shores developer so he lets family stay at the house as a freebie.....otherwise, we couldn't afford it. Well, anyway, my wife nearly lost her mind after the first day....they were so obnoxious. They had to keep telling us how much they have sex. We did a lot of drinking, but still, I don't want to hear about their sex life. That didn't stop them, though, and apparently they do this with about their sex life. Bizarre. People have always been insane.....but shit is going over the top, or so it seems.

just_another_dick said...

Well MB, the more I thought about it, the more I did question their sanity. The North Side of Shitsburgh isn't exactly a nice place.

Oh they've tried, with some success, to gentrify the place. This means you get crack hos mixing it up with white yupoids. But I've been down there in the wee hours waiting for clients & it isn't odd to hear the muffled POP POP POP of gunfire.

If I were these white boys, I wouldn't be caught exercycling after dark.

Morocco Bama said...

These maroons will be the first to be sacrificed when the race war gets stoked with the assassination of Obama. I think it's in the pipeline, and that's why Petraeus so eagerly got the hell out of CIA command. He doesn't want to be seen as being associated with it when a coup is attempted later on in its aftermath. Obama never saw his resignation coming, and it's why he was hesitant and delayed in accepting it. The CIA no longer has Obama in the loop, just as JFK was no longer in the loop before they offed him. Obama had no clue about Benghazi, and I believe he still doesn't. Whereas, I do believe he's always been the creation of the CIA, he may very well be their sacrifice, as well, for the greater good of a purposely destabilized world where warlords and mafia thugs rule the masses and the Plutos are tucked safe and secure in their highly protected enclaves adjacent to the most pristine wilderness left on the planet.

Belliosto's Garbage said...

“There are times when an abortion is necessary. I know that. When you have a Black and a White …. Or a rape.” -President Richard Nixon

I guess an abortion is to be expected. A black and white president and a raped American public. We are living in abortive times. But the U.S. is a fully matured country. This time it would not be an abortion but a homicide. America as a monstrosity that needs to be rid of is as the near perfect model that poses for Maxim Magazine. It's not her baby but herself that needs to die.

Sorry, bout me blubbering.

Quite a few African Americans consider many African Americans in administrative positions to be self-absorbed and corrupt. As in lovely and beautiful Detroit city. The Detroit Federation of Teachers are suing the Detroit Public Schools at the moment for example. I think that if the president was taken out most African Americans would rally against racial violence. This community would lead a constructive cause that would be showcased internationally. Why should our country choose to go backwards in this cause of equality?

Obama does have excellent cover as president. He carries himself well in public. To take him out may assure that the next elected president should be black too. A kind of acceptable reverse discrimination in the executive office that would last for the next hundred years. The most powerful commander-in-chief in the history of the civilized world should then be usually African American. U.S.A. would hang on as an international representative of worthy freedom and human rights that cares for African Americans and liberalism in the classical sense. The voters would elect the person that moderately represented that.

Certain racist Caucasians would go on a bloody rampage if Obama was murdered as well. Following the adage that the best defense is a good offence. Nobody wants a racially-charged violent war on the streets of the United States again. I believe that African Americans would step up and demonstrate quality leadership abilities if Obama was slain.

Morocco Bama said...

I no longer use the term African-American. If I'm to be considered "White," then they're to be considered "Black." And let me tell you, the "Blacks" in my neck of the woods are as "American" as any Cracker ever was, and is. They're way more "American" than me, and it's racist thinking to consider them all helpless victims in this bullshit parade. The "Blacks" who have made it don't care any more for the "Blacks" left behind, than the conservatards. It's about class.....and race in that context is a very real thing....a tactic and tool to keep those of the lower classes pitted against one another for long as it's the first thing people see....RACE. And what an interesting term that is...RACE. It's a race alright......and the abyss is the finish line, unless the Transhumanists get their way....then the race goes on...forever and ever, Amen.

Belliosto's Garbage said...


I've been fortunate that I hardly hear the president or a black referred to as a "nigger". From what I hear, though, a multitude of whites here in suburban America think poorly of black people. To me it's just general feeble-mindedness as usual coming from everywhere. In this case whites, as places where the sun does not shine, conversing as retarded pieces of shit. And as frightened effeminate individuals with brains the size of my passed kidney stone.

I still can't help thinking about how the Nazis propagated the Volk to accept that their society was diseased. And that the Nazi racial final solution was stealthy anyway. A secret that the German masses discovered after the war.

Poor people have been with us since the beginning of civilized society and always will be. When one least expects it an individual can lose everything. I think blacks realize this more than whites and certain whites are always eager to cater to the race card played. This to assist a black in achieving his goals. There is clearly a fine line there. A desperation to be somebody like the song that has been sung by Blackie Lawless of WASP.

Hail to the Fuhrer. I want to be somebody.

I apologize for any inconveniences that I may have caused to the reader of this post.

just_another_dick said...

Y'know MB, I actually feel the same way. If you can't call the kettle black you probably shouldn't be talking about kettles.

I really don't know what came over me.

Like I really care about a crew of black folk in a soup line.
Like I really care about a crew of biking yuppies & their expensive rides.

I think that I was having a flashback to the days when I was as annoying as the RI forum crew.

Not that I'm not annoying now, but it's a completely different flavor of annoying.

So MB, are you trying to say that the JFK Kill The King Ritual has passed its sell by date?

Morocco Bama said...

Yes, Richard. A revival is in order....and, I think I've stumbled upon a suicide cult out here in the blogosphere. I've never seen anything like it. And, they're all white. Their permaculture movement hasn't been desegregated yet. It's here. Hang around and observe awhile. It's freaky...really freaky, but not at first. I don't know why I care....maybe I don't...maybe I'm just bored and find it intriguing. I know that's disturbed..but isn't that the be disturbed? What would CNN and FOX and MSNBC report on if we didn't have disturbed?

just_another_dick said...

MB, you know they're eventually going to kick you off, don't you?

They seem like a humorless lot while you've got that razor blade in your pocket.

Good luck.

Morocco Bama said...

I can't believe I haven't been kicked off already. You are correct, they have no humor...whatsoever. I have a knack for turning mobs against me. If only I could get paid for this shit. I'd be rich. Instead, I'm in a pseudo soup line of my own.

just_another_dick said...

You're lucky that haven't figured out how to translate pitchforks & flaming torches into binary code.

Instead they just metaphorically encircle your text with
text filled with outrage.

Although, I suppose that outrage filled text can be scary if you're a lonely period or exclamation point.

But, from what I've seen, most of your detractors tend to bring a banana to a nuclear war.

Morocco Bama said...

This shit goes back to early in my childhood. I remember when I was in 5th grade, I made a point of getting to know some people in the other 5th grade class. I was a leader in our class, but apparently it was taboo to make any form of contact with the other 5th grade my class ganged up on me and rejected me. At one point, one of them kept taunting in me a line for something or other, and I hauled off and belted him in the face. They stopped, and several weeks later they all came to me and apologized. My family was no different. They ganged up on me numerous times, and they would always blame shit on me. They called me the militant midget. Oh well, what can I do? It's who I am, and I can't escape it. Can you imagine me in Corporate World? It was no different. How the hell I lasted as long as I did, I have no idea. I guess that explains why I had ten jobs in 20 years. This is why I never registered at RI. I would be gone in 60 seconds, or less.