Friday, March 15, 2013

A wealth research group called Spectrem Group announced that 300,000 people have joined the status of millionaires.

&, once again, I'm not one of them.

Hey, there's always tomorrow.

I find it best to stay positive.

To keep a stiff upper lip.

To always turn that frown upside down

& always remember that

when life hands you a bag of lemons

you need to go & make some lemonade.

I try to be thankful

& humble

& contrite

I LOL whenever possible

& I S(hit)M(y)P(ants)L(aughing) at ever opportunity

like the recent bar shooting in Mexico

that was a rib tickler

& yeah yeah yeah

I know that there are homeless people

but they're homeless cause they want to be

plain & simple

God doesn't give you more than you can handle

He loves us too much

Did you know that He sent His only Son

To die for our sins

You should thank Him

Right now


This minute

Do it


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