Wednesday, March 13, 2013

While driving to work on Sunday morning I happened to glance at the marquee of a Catholic Church I was passing. Sunday's sermon title was posted. It said:

"Why God thinks we're special."

Wow, isn't humanity great?

Not only are we massive egoists who have managed to decimate the planet,  most of the other animal species on the planet, along with any group of humans who disagree with us, but we also need to know that "God thinks we're special."

What a fucking hoot.

We're like sociopaths suffering from insecurity issues.

Or, better yet, a giant tumor with low self esteem.

WILL IT NEVER FUCKING END?????????????????????

On & on it goes, like a taped looped bowel movement...


Anonymous said...

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just_another_dick said...

Would like a tissue with your issue?
Are you, by any chance, from Spamelot Mr. Anon E Mouse?

Coincidentally my only boyhood friend was a can of Spam name Gordie.

Man, we did everything together.

We spent many a night basking in the moon glow reflecting off of his pop top lid, sharing our deepest secrets & our fondest wishes.

Sadly, once puberty hit he became obsessed with a slutty little can of sardines that lived on the next block, eventually sinking into a morass of depression, drug addiction & eventual suicide.

I still remember the day he did it.
Perched on a highway overpass, weeping pathetically about slutty miss sardine pants, Gordie managed to pop his own top & spill his innards onto the highway below.

A sad sad day for all.

Belliosto's Garbage said...

I am the tiny worms

Dick, I am ashamed that I have not posted this link to your blog post earlier. Ah, church. The time shared there have brought me the fondest of feelings. Especially after that thing that happened in New York. I can barely remember it now. Peoples screaming and crying. In a state of disbelief. I felt part of something whole then.

When I was in church my shivering was placated. I could be a man that had more purpose and responsibility. Our support for the troops had a holiness to it. Strength. The country was eliminating a greater evil that plagued humanity to our very core. Islam. The women looked so much sexier back then and they meant it. Speaking in tongues was real. I know we helped a lot of soldiers with our hours long sessions of prayer. Those were the good old days. They are gone now.

All it seems like after the years have gone by is a self-conceited proclamation by people who act like they really are concerned about this war. They are not. They make themselves look responsible, but the self importance cannot be hidden. I've given up and know that the bastards in the Middle East will win. Back in the day I used to sneak back into my parent's house and go into their basement when they were out and play this tune over and over again. But we stopped. We are actually pulling out. There is no hope left, Dick.

Your blog makes more sense as the days linger. I try to be a realist. That's the reason why I've read your posts and contributed my personal writings to it. I want to be mature about things. The inevitable attacks on US and Israel will change the world. It's a question of when and not if.

Over and over again I listened. Believed. All in vain. We will lose.

just_another_dick said...

Mr. B., contrary to popular opinion, the world ended long ago.
There isn't anything left to lose.

BTW, I was completely unaware that Stephen Hawking fronted a black metal band.


Although this is closer to my mindset:

"There's somethin' about that fist
that I can't resist...."

Or maybe this on an endless tape loop blasting out over our planet sized graveyard:

Belliosto's Garbage said...

It is incredible how an individual who suffers from palsy can be successful as a rock musician. He is fucking evil.

Never have heard of the bands that you have listed. Most enjoyable. Makes me want to punch my testicles over and over until I collapse. Thanks, man.