Thursday, May 5, 2011

Liberals Are Cute When They're Bloodthirsty

In deference to Eric, whose criticism of my cheerleader choice was spot on, I give you the true face of cheerleading in America, & I give it to you in tandem.
Any doubts, go see for yourselves.


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humblenotry said...

To be peppy is the way. To invigorate others and be filled with life. To pelt with pep shots of briskness and verve. Examples of this variety of vitality found on Facebook and other sources:

recently heard on the news that Osama was un-armed when shot. Guess what? We dont care!!!

May he rot in hell. He will not have 72 virgins. He will have eternal fire!

For 10 years America has hunted down Osama Bin Laden to pay for the countless lives lost in as many years. The President announced that he was killed and that we took custody of his body. I lost countless friends in those towers. I can’t help but think that this was the right thing not for revenge purposes but justice.

...blah. blah. blah.


The underground black market terrorist network is as vital as ever. The pure Islamic State soldiers and protesters are cleaning house. Pakistan is a potential US ally. The exoteric martyrdom of the spiritual leader legitizes the edification of the future Islamic empire. It's mostly economics and politics. blah.blah..

trillions and billions of $$$

It's fun to be a microdust speck on earth, as long as one doesn't admit that one is a microdust speck. Just because bin Laden officially offered to stand trial for 9-11 twice is meaningless, and forget about the strong ties that the Bushies have with the bin LaLaLadens and the Hinckpealinkleys. The intelligence torture elements involved with the location of bin Laden is meaningless. How the fuck do we know if torture needed to be applied?

I'm damn tortured by this worthless insanity. Why should one stand on the sidelines anymore? Enlist in the military. Liberals and Conservatives are equally acceptable. Just like Froggy in a suitcase. Bye, bye soldier. Say hello to the Middle East!

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sorry weak link above...