Friday, May 13, 2011

My Ejaculate Is Myrrh Like In Its Rarity, My Feces Frothy As The Finest Meringue

Standing in my local grocer's checkout line tonight I saw Osama's mug staring back at me from the Globe.

One of the headlines read "Navy seals send him to Hell."

Right next to Osama, Katy Holmes was "confirming" that her "bump" was really a baby rather than a new found side effect of Twinky addiction.

Underneath Osama, Jillian Michaels' man face stared out over her cut abs.

Since Osama was Hell bound, I couldn't help wondering if he hit Jillian in the head on his way down.

Next to Osama, Us/People/OK had a daring photo expose showing "the stars" sans makeup.

All around me, harried nobodies scurried about clutching bits of overpriced eatables.

Earlier, in the fresh fruit section, an old lady engaged me in a conversation about rising food prices. It was easy to see the fear in her eyes.

So, who gets to go to Hell for that bit of terrorism?

I suppose the short answer is "no one."

Some bits of thuggery are frowned on here.
Others, not so much.

A few weeks back 900,000 people were turned away from McDonalds.



I came home to find my 13 year old watching some VH1 rock history time waster where a bunch of barely famous yoo-hoos were slobbering over Kurt Cobain's corpse.
Bandying about phrases like "game changer" & "voice of our generation" as if they actually had meaning.

The real "voice" of each new "generation" isn't some suicidal rocker. The real voice is the marketer & adman who tells these dipshits who to love & who to kill.

The songs are just jingles gestating in their pre-jingle phase. The musicians, if they live long enough, will prove this by eventually pushing beer & Escalades on their dedicated fan base.

It is all so amazingly pointless.

Yet it never changes.

We've built a completely hollow illusion here in the West. An empty house filled with nothing much at all. The really bad thing is that, while constructing our particle board & wood glued "reality," we've been neglecting reality as if it had leprosy.


Anonymous said...

humblenotry said...

Television and the internet are leprosy that viewers love to absorb. This is the addiction that cannot be denied. I see us as being unable to keep our eyes off the lepers.

Been reading old time horror stories especially the works of Lafcadio Hearn in his work Fantastics. The story All In White cracked me up so much I am fried to a crisp. Americans could start to read stories taken from Fantastics to their families. We can start get togethers and listen to each other read stories of fiction and non fiction in our houses.

Musicians are here to entertain us. During a wedding the musicians are not put on a pedestal as much. They are as minstrels in a gallery. Putting a musician on a pedestal is putting a dupe on a pedestal. Saul heaves the javelin at David. If we do not like the entertainment on television, internet or radio we are as mad as hell and can't take it anymore. Like the Old Romans we have musicians play for us and eat grapes purchased from the local market.

What is the next decent DVD we can watch?

America the Beautiful.

ericswan said...

Yes..Someone please wax elequent on the virtues of the U.S. of yore.

Morocco Bama said...

Can you believe the shit they are pulling on Lupercal in the "IMF Director Gets Arrested" thread over at RI? He isn't showing enough compassion for the alleged victim of the alleged rape, and he is sensitive to all the "survivors" who seek sanctuary at RI as a "safe haven."

That's exactly why I don't post to that forum. If you're a Damaged Survivor, you're an idiot to be hanging out at a place like RI. It's like an Alcoholic hanging out a bar as a safe haven.